lafferty is a fraud

Well the big news this past week has been the release ofFormer CHP Officer Lyndon Lafferty of Vallejo  new book, “The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up: AKA the Silenced Badge,”

Big problem with his suspect William Joesph Grant  from Fairfield  who was93  and is now deceased . He was cleared years ago that includes with DNA.

By Lyndon lafferty making these false claims he should be charged with obstruction of justice.  We have it on good authority that Mr. Lafferty is impossible to talk to and is prideful and stubborn.

He pays off the women he uses as witness’s and falseley accuses those who go against his theories.

It is almost to the point of being obsessive .  Hmmm maybe a bit of a mental illness manifesting?It also destroys and puts up false flags that detour away from the real killers.

This though seems to be very typical with the Zodiac murders. It becomes about pride instead of helping the real victims in this…. the families of the murdered victims.

And if any of you are stupid enough to pay $45 dollars for his book than you deserve it. Just another Zodiac superstar wanna be in an endless stream of people seeking fame at these poor families expense.


Bruce Mcgregor Davis Enforcer for the Manson Family and Zodiac Killer on Charles Manson’s Orders

Bruce Mcgregor Davis Enforcer for the Manson Family and Zodiac Killer on Charles Manson’s Orders.

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Clay street link to 1978 Zodiac letter

 I am in control of all things letter 1978

I am the ZODIAC and I am in control of all things. I am going to tell you a secret.I like friction tape. I like to have it around in case I need to truss someone up in a hurry….I have my real name on a small metallic tape. You see, while you have it in your possession, I want you to know it belongs to me and you think I may have left it accidentally. I am athletic. It could be swim fins, or a piece of scuba gear. But maybe you play chess with me. I have several cheap sets in closets allover. I have my name on the bottom of the lid with the scotch tape….My tape is waiting for me all over California. Do you know me? I am the ZODIAC andI am in control.

Is it possible that the small metallic tape they are talking about is Teflon?

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene was discovered on April 6, 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett at the DuPont research laboratories (Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey). Plunkett was working with gases related to Freon® refrigerants when upon checking a frozen, compressed sample of tetrafluoroethylene, he and his associates discovered that the sample had polymerized spontaneously into a white, waxy solid to form polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE.

PTFE was first marketed under the DuPont Teflon ® trademark in 1945. The molecular weight of Teflon can exceed 30,000,000, making it one of the largest molecules known. The surface is so slippery, virtually nothing sticks to it or is absorbed by it. No wonder Teflon was choosen to be used on non-stick cooking pans.

Chemical Description of Teflon
Teflon is a colorless, odorless powder, a fluoroplastic with many properties which give an increasingly wide range of uses.

PTFE is used in manufacturing plastic chess sets.

1978: Teflon-coated fiberglass developed in the 1970s as a new fabric for astronaut spacesuits has been used as a permanent roofing material for buildings and stadiums worldwide. (By the way, contrary to urban myth, NASA did not invent Teflon.)

It also is used in Scuba suits and gear.

it also was used for motorbikes and in motor bike helmets and also riding gear. Teflon Tapes, Gaskets & sealants.

SO how Does this link?

the Original magic lantern circle for the Church Of Satan  met at

630 Clay st

remember there was a “Hood” used in Lake Berryassa  Slaying that also was used in Black mass ceremony with the COS

on the car door of the 1970 lake berryassa it reads


If you reverse the lettering of 2769 it spells Clay st which is the address of “The Magic lantern meeting”

this is similar to the Exorcist letter  and seems to be part of the “Code Killers” tricks


SO there also is an Freemason  element to this.

Henry Clay( Clay ST Magic circle meetings) was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and Grand Orator for the G.L. 1806-09. Very good friends to the Illuminati Dupont’s which of course is behind Teflon.

Paul Stine was killed on the corner of Maple st and Mason st.

The house Kenneth Anger( Magus to the Church of Satan) lived at time was the Russian Embassy which was designed by “Willis Polk” another high level Freemason.

There is a huge connection between the Freemasons and Church of Satan.

So in the 1978 Zodiac letter was he referring to how there was a huge alignment of all of these underground allegiances.

1978 was the time when everyone was gearing up to The Computer Era. This ultimately aligned into gambling and the sex trade ( pornography) etc…

Interesting fact Magnesium is an important element in the computer industry. Many people feel the real reason behind the Afghanistan war is  because it is the worlds largest supplier of Magnesium.

Magnesium/Teflon/Viton (MTV) is a pyrolant. Teflon and Viton are trademarks of DuPont for polytetrafluoroethylene, (C2F4)n,

it is explosive and is used in Missile defense in the explosive aspect of the Missiles…..John Whiteside Parsons was one of the original rocket designers in California and one of the original NASA. JPL or Jet Propulsion lab’s. Interesting how it could tie into the 1978 letter. I am in control of all things? maybe a reference…..





Bobby Beausoliel was Kenneth Angers room mate and rumored lover

Kennth Anger was a head magus with Church of Satan






AKA: Cupid, Jasper, Cherub, Robert Lee Hardy, Jason Lee Daniels


Prisoner ID: B28302 or 11100535

Prison: Oregon State Penitentiary



rh was left on a bottom of a desk  December 1966







Robert Kenneth “Bobby” Beausoleil (born November 6, 1947, inSantaBarbara, California) is a convictedAmerican murderer and associate of theCharlesManson “Family” who is serving a life sentence. He killed music teacher and fellow associateGaryHinman on July 27, 1969, and has been imprisoned since his arrest for that crime. He was an aspiring musician and actor at the time that he murdered Hinman. In San Francisco, Beausoleil began playing with a band called The Outfit, but eventually dropped out and started his own band called Orkustra. The group played gigs in the Bay area from 1966 to ’67, and as the group was in the process of breaking up, Bobby met filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Anger and Beausoleil worked together on the film Lucifer Rising, in which, Bobby played the part of Lucifer, and helped compose the score. At that time Beausoleil was living at Anger’s “Russian embassy” house. 

Susan and Bobby had been members of the COS since 1966. Susan had parts in COS films acting in satanic rituals with church founder Atone LaVey.It was some time during the filming in1966 at the Russian Embassy  that the Church of Satan had there first meeting.

Present was church founder Atone Lavey, Kenneth Anger high priest, Manson Family members Susan Atkins , BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL, and Charlie Manson head of the Manson Cult struck a deal made a blue print. It was that night that Bobby meet Charlie .According to Staton LaVey the Russian Embassy became a place where secrets will be forever kept. From BOOK MANSON NOW

Bobby also played Lucifer in My Demon Brother, a Kenneth Anger film made in 1966 released in 1969.  While filming this film Bobby struck a deal with the Devil that he never returned from.



Picture of the Zodiac found in My Demon Brother. This is lucifer  Bobby Beausolei .

Family member Susan Atkins also had a parts in the Kenneth anger short film.



Door at the Spahn Ranch where Charles Manson resided, had “nothingness” written on it

“The man who avoids the Bridge to Total Freedom will be eventually be swept along and tumble into nothingness.”…………………..quote by L Ron Hubbard


1234567 all good children go to heaven


REVERSE IMAGEOF THE ENVOLOPE      Manson was influnced by the Beatles music .

Door same as Zodiac envelope

1234567 all good children go to heaven


1234567 AGCGTH

Zodiac spent time at Spahn Ranch.

Family Member Bruce Davis.


BRUCE DAVIS                                                                  Zodiac killer composite

BRUCE DAVIS                          BRUCE DAVIS NOW                ZODIAC KILLER TODAY

Bruce Davis.

The Zodiac was perhaps a 2 man team, or maybe a group. Where one would do the killing, and the other do the writing. In this case, Bruce Davis could have done the killing and one of the other Manson family members do the writing. Bruce Davis does look like the composite and apparently matches the composite of the man that was stalking Darlene Ferrin. However his handwriting is very different from Zodiac’s. So if Davis is Zodiac, either he disguised his writing or perhaps one of the Manson family member’s wrote it.

There was only 1 person ever seen as the Zodiac. The 2 surviving victims of each attack Mageau and Hartnell, never saw more than one person. However they were both severely wounded so they’re account of what happened afterwards would be compromised because of this. During the Stine killing, only one man was seen leaving the cab. And only one man was seen when the cops apparently talked to the Zodiac. Would the Manson family have allowed Davis to go alone? Perhaps the other members were hiding in the tance, waiting in case something went wrong.

The Zodiac Manson connection website

has a letter were one of the family members implicates Davis and reveals who apparently sewed the Zodiac costume used in the Lake Berryassa attack.

White Rabbit          


White rabbit named Bruce Davis as the Zodiac.  According to White Rabbit Manson Family member Sandra Good made the Zodiac Hood . Rabbit has a letter from Charlie Manson

threatening his life if he don’t stop talking about the families involvement in the Zodiac killings.




Stanton LaVey stated in the book Manson Now that the killings were hits by the Church Of Satan and that his Grandmother Diane LaVey has the Zodiac’s name in a safety deposit box.  The Zodiac killer would stop a the black church before, and after the killings.

The Stine Murder is only 3.5 miles from the Church of Satan.


Date of Birth

1942,Chicago, Illinois, USA


Birth Name

Diane Hegarty

Mini Biography

Diane LaVey was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1942. After Diane’s father died, her mother brought the family to San Francisco, and later remarried. Diane lived and went to school in Pacifica, California. The striking blonde beauty was spotted byAntonLaVey when the SeaVue theater manager took his employee, “usherette” Diane, to Mori’s Point, a restaurant and roadhouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean. LaVey later left his first wife for Diane. They lived at the famous “Black House” and Diane became hostess for his early Magic Circle meetings, and was partner in creating the Church of Satan in 1966. During this time Diane knew many celebrities who were involved with the Church, such asSammyDavisJr.,JayneMansfield, andKennethAnger, the grandfather of Indy filmmaking.

She did most of the Church’s administrative, press and member relations work. She appeared in many documentaries of Church rituals, and scenes of home life, and with their pet lion, Togare. She raised Anton LaVey’s eldest daughter Karla, then their own daughterZeenaLaVey, born in 1963.

As Church of Satan founding High Priest and High Priestess, Anton and Diane LaVey hit the front pages around the globe and network TV news with the first (public) Satanic wedding, and then with the first (public) Satanic baptism for 3 year old daughter Zeena. She was a close collaborator withAntonLaVey in formulating policy and in running the Church.

Diane is the editor and silent co-writer of The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, The Complete Witch (aka The Satanic Witch) and The Devil’s Notebook. As a preschooler, then as an older child, grandson Stanton LaVey lived with her for many years.

After leavingAntonLaVey in 1984, she resumed use of her birth name, Diane Hegarty, and went on to a career as a handwriting expert.

Since Diane Lavey has divorced Atone Lavey Head of the COS she has changed her name.  Which I cannot release for her safety.

Person of interest in the Zodiac case .


Kenneth Anger

The Hippie Movement and Invocation of My Demon Brother (1966–1969)

The mid 1960s saw the emergence of thehippie scene and the increasing use of the mind-altering drugs that Anger himself had been using for many years. In particular, thehallucinogenLSD, which at the time was still legal in the United States, was very popular, and in 1966 Anger released a version of his earlier film,InaugurationofthePleasureDome entitled the “Sacred Mushroom Edition” which was screened to people whilst taking LSD, thereby heightening their sensory experience.[53] By this time, Anger had become well known throughout the underground scene in the United States, and several cinemas across the country screened his better known films all in one event.[54] With this growing fame, Anger began to react to publicity in much the same way as his idolAleisterCrowley had done, for instance describing himself as “the most monstrous moviemaker in the underground”, a pun on the fact that Crowley had been labelled “the wickedest man in the world” by the British tabloids in the 1920s.[55] Anger’s fame on the underground circuit allowed him to increasingly associate with other celebrities, includingAntonLaVey, the founder of theChurchofSatan; despite their differing philosophies, the two became good friends and would remain so for many years. However, Anger also held a resentment towards certain celebrities, namelyAndyWarhol, who at the time was achieving success not only in the art world but also in the underground film scene.[56] In 1980 Anger threw paint over the front door of a house that Warhol had recently moved out of.[57]

In 1966, Anger moved into the ground floor of a large nineteenth centuryVictorianhouse inSanFrancisco known as theRussianEmbassy.[58] Around this time he began planning for a new film, which he planned to title Lucifer Rising and which would echo his Thelemite beliefs about the emergingAeonofHorus. He had the name of Lucifer tattooed upon his chest and began searching for a young man who could symbolically become Lucifer, “the Crowned and Conquering Child” of the new Aeon, for Lucifer Rising. He met various young men who could fit the position, inviting each to live with him at the Russian Embassy, although eventually he settled upon a man namedBobbyBeausoleil.[59] Beausoleil also formed a band, the Magic Powerhouse of Oz, in order to record the music for the film.[60] Then, in 1967, Anger claimed that the footage which he had been filming for Lucifer Rising had been stolen, and he placed the blame upon Beausoleil, who would deny the claims, later telling Anger’s unofficial biographer Bill Landis that “what had happened was that Kenneth had spent all the money that was invested in Lucifer Rising” and that he therefore invented the story to satisfy the film’s creditors.[61] Beausoleil and Anger fell out, with the former getting involved withCharlesManson and his cult, the Family, eventually carrying out Manson’s bidding by torturing and murderingGaryHinman.

Anger subsequently decided to publicly reinvent himself. In the October 26, 1967 issue of Village Voice he placed a full-page advert declaring “In Memoriam. Kenneth Anger. Filmmaker 1947–1967”. He soon publicly reappeared, this time to claim that he had burned all of his early work.[62] The following year he travelled toLondon where he first met J. Paul Getty, who would subsequently become Anger’s patron, and where he also met and befriendedMickJagger andKeithRichards, members ofTheRollingStones,[63] as well as Richards’ drug addicted girlfriend Anita Pallenberg.[64] Anger then decided to use much of the footage created for Lucifer Rising in a new film of his,InvocationofMyDemonBrother, which starred Beausoleil, LaVey, Jagger and Richards, as well as Anger himself, and the music for which had been composed by Jagger. It was released in 1969, and explored many of the Thelemic themes that Anger had originally intended for Lucifer Rising. (WIKIPEDIA).

It was during this time period Kenneth Anger meet Charles Manson According to

Stanton LaVey. (Manson Now )   This was also during the Making of his film. my Demon Brother. Hidden in frames of his movie is BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL in the Zodiac hood; Zodiac symbols were found in one of his recent movies. Kenneth Angers films need to reviewed as evidence.

Kenneth Anger was contacted by Howard Davis from the Zodiac Manson Conection about

the new evidence but to this date he has not responed to Howard’s email.

Anger film zodiac symbol hidden in frame. Missoni 2010 fall add campaign.

Red = 1…2…7….9

1927 Kenneth Angers birth year

Blue =2 and 3 Kenneth Angers birth day is feb 3

Purple Tate murder 08 07 69

666 is the number of SATAN

4 is the tarot card the emperor

Vallejo spells Kenneth

Howard Davis had Marlin Marynick Manson ask questions about the


Charlie became angry and has not talked to Marlin .


BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL was contacted by Investigators . He has not responded to our emails.



The Los Angeles DA office say the Manson Family had no Involvement.

I believe this was done to save the tax payers the expense of new trials., since many of the members of the family are serving life sentences.

There have been many doubters to the Manson Zodiac Theory and Howard Davis but in my review of Howard’s claims and in light of new evidence I found There is no doubt a Manson Family occult connection to the Zodiac killings.