Was Darlene Ferrin killed because of her birthdate?

There seems to be an underlying thread of the number 11 in the Zodiac killings. Could it be a connection to the

“Angel of death” Joseph Mengeles?

Darlene Ferrin birthdate

03 17 1947    4+7=11

Josef Mengeles

03 16 1911

Morgan Dana Harrington

10 17 2009     2+9=11

Michael Aquino

10 16 1946 birth date    difference of 1 day  same as with other death dates

2011 would have been Mengeles 100th birthday

Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short who had same name as Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin

At age 19, Short travelled toVallejo, California to live with her father, who was working nearby at Mare Island Naval Shipyard on San Francisco Bay. The two moved to Los Angeles in early 1943, but an altercation resulted in her leaving there and finding work in the post exchange at Camp Cooke (now Vandenberg Air Force Base), near Lompoc, California. Short next moved to Santa Barbara, where she was arrested on September 23, 1943, for underage drinking. Following her arrest, she was sent back to Medford by the juvenile authorities in Santa Barbara. Short then returned to Florida to live, with occasional visits back to Massachusetts.


Elizabeth Short

03 17 1947 death date   4+7=11

Josef Mengeles

03 16 1911

in the” Knights kadosh Symbol cipher” 0=A …. B=1

so it would make everything 1 ahead. So if that is the case 16 would be 17.


was Paul Stine a Satanic hit?

There is lot’s of information out there about Paul Stine victim of the Zodiac killer. He was murdered on

October 11, 1969.

Aquino lived at 2430 Leavenworth
St. San Francisco,
this address is 373 ft from Washington st Sanfrancisco
Interesting is that atty Robert E Tarbox (DOB: Sep 8th, 1927) and satanist Michael A Aquino share the same address in San Francisco.


Remember Aquino was a priest with the Church of Satan

Robert Tarbox claimed the Zodiac confessed to him and was a merchant Marine.


We are not accusing any person of being the Code killer just pointing out how dates seem to fit which is mathematically impossible. Unless of course it was premeditated.  One has to remember that a Priest’s name and birth date might have been used to offer a sacrifice.

Did the code killer leave a clue in  Paul Stine  Death date?

Kenneth Anger was born in 1927 as well as Robert Tarbox. What happens when we put Michael Aquinos birthdate with Paul Stine death date?

Church of Satan hit squads

the COS ran death squads or hit squads


they are also linked to the Hells Angels and Pagans.

David Berkowitz andCharles Manson are believed to have been involved in providing hits for the elites that ran this group

The Four Pii Movement

Four Pi” or “Four P” movement, the cult originally boasted 55 members, of whom fifteen were middle-aged, the rest consisting of young men and women in their early twenties. The group’s leader — dubbed the “Grand Chingon” or “Head Devil” — was said to be a wealthy California businessman of middle years, who exercised his power by compelling younger members of the cult to act as slaves and murder random targets on command. The central object of the cult was to promote “the total worship of evil.” Organized in Northern California during 1967, the Four Pi movement held its secret gatherings in the Santa Cruz mountains


Four Pi Movement, a secret contingency within the Process. One inside source claimed of the Four Pi Movement that:

The ceremonies involved use of a portable crematorium to dispose of the bodies, a wooden altar adorned with dragons and a wooden morgue table. There were as many as forty people in attendance at these sacrifices. The instrument of sacrifice was a set of 6 knives welded into a football shaped holder. The heart was eaten…”

Ellis goes on to link the Four Pi Movement with:

…a group called “Kirke [or Circe] Order of Dog Blood.” This group allegedly met on the full and new moons on secluded beaches outside of Los Angeles to sacrifice black animals of all sorts, cats and dogs included.”

These organizations, including the Process and the Manson Family, are allegedly linked through this ritual of drinking animal blood. The Circe Order of Dog Blood, however, may have had the distinction of performing human sacrifice as well. According to Gorightly:

This mysterious ‘Circe’ also brought property adjacent to a location reported as being a site where satanic rituals involving human sacrifice were performed. In 1985, law enforcement officials dug up the site, discovering ritualistic paraphernalia, although no evidence of murder was uncovered. Shortly before the police raid, the occult shop in Toledo closed and ‘Circe’ disappeared.


According to reports from self-styled members of the Four Pi cult, its victims were mainly hitchhikers, drifters and runaways, with an
occasional volunteer from the ranks. One such, a young woman,
reportedly went to her death with a smile in November 1968, near
Boulder Creek, but even sacrifice of willing victims is a risky
business, and the cult was said to mount patrols around its rural
meeting places, using guards with automatic weapons and attack trained dogs to guarantee privacy.

In early 1969, the cult reportedly moved southward, shifting
operations to the O’Neil Park region of the Santa Ana Mountains, below Los Angeles. The move produced — or was occasioned by — a factional dispute within the group, one segment striving to de-emphasize Satanic ritual and concentrate wholeheartedly on kinky sex, while more traditional adherents clung to Lucifer and human sacrifice. The group apparently survived its schism and expanded nationwide, with author Maury Terry citing evidence of a thousand or more members across the country by 1979. One hotbed of activity appears to be New York, where 85 German shepherds and Dobermans were found skinned in the year
between October 1976 and October 1977.

Along the way, the “Four Pi” movement has apparently rubbed shoulders
with a number of notorious killers, feeding — or, perhaps, inspiring
— their sadistic fantasies. Serial slayer Stanley Baker, jailed in
Montana for eating the heart of one victim, confessed to other murders perpetrated on orders from the “Grand Chingon.” Recruited from a college campus in Wyoming, Baker remained unrepentant in confinement, organizing fellow inmates into a Satanic coven of his own, but his
testimony brought lawmen no closer to cracking the cult.

Satanic Hand of Death cult

according to Lucas’s account, there were several  hundred students at the Hand of Death training camp,  coming from six different countries; over half of them  were women. The camp provided unlimited access to all  kinds of drug-taking, which was encouraged recreational  activity. Liquor was available, and after evening  ritualistic sacrifices, there would be a drug/sex orgy  involving all the campers.
The daytime part of the program included a full  curriculum of training courses in murder, rape, car  theft, drug trafficking, and every other form of  organized criminal activity. Each student had already  been assigned a partner and a sponsor, who paid the  cost of the training. Lucas’s training lasted for seven  weeks. After leaving the camp he was assigned to work  on kidnaping operations run by the organization.
He and Toole were instructed to kidnap three babies and  deliver them to a ranch located in the Mexican state of  Chihuahua, which was a four-hour drive from Juarez.  Next they kidnaped two young girls, approximately 11  and 13 years of age, who were to be used as porno  actresses in a snuff movie. Over a10-month period, the  Lucas-Toole team traveled around fourteen states in the  United States.
The Hand of Death is also in league with organized  crime in drug-trafficking operations. In part, the  members of the Hand themselves are regular drug users  and therefore need their personal supplies. Lucas  describes carrying out drug deliveries between Midland  and Stoneburg, Tex. (in the north central part of the  state).
Order of the Black Cross

The group itself relies on different names from place to place, with
New York members meeting as “The Children,” while Alabama hosts “The Children of the Light” (suspected of involvement in 25 murders since
1987). A faction called the “Black Cross” is said to operate as a kind of Satanic Murder Incorporated, fielding anonymous hit teams for cultists nationwide, disposing of defectors and offering pointers on the fine art of human sacrifice. If law enforcement spokesmen are correct, the cult is also deeply involved in white slavery, child pornography , and the international narcotics trade.

Charles Manson and his “family” reportedly had contact with the Four Pi movement, prior to making headlines in Los Angeles. Ed Sanders
reports that some of Manson’s followers referred to him — in Sanders’
presence — as the “Grand Chignon,” distinguished from the original
article by his age and the fact that Manson was jailed while the real
“Chignon” remains at large. Likewise, “family” hacker Susan Atkins has
described the sacrifice of dogs by Manson’s group, and searchers
digging for the last remains of Manson victim Shorty Shea reported
finding large numbers of chicken and animal bones at the family’s
campsite — a peculiar form of garbage for a group reputedly comprised
of vegetarians.

Convicted killer David Berkowitz — more famous as the “Son of Sam”
who terrorized New York in 1976 and ’77 — has also professed
membership in the Four Pi cult, revealing inside knowledge of a
California homicide allegedly committed by the group.

In 1979,
Berkowitz smuggled a book on witchcraft out of his prison cell, with
passages on Manson and the Four Pi movement underlined. One page bore
a cryptic notation in the killer’s own handwriting: “Arlis Perry.
Hunted, stalked, and slain,followed to California.” As researched by Maury Terry, the Berkowitz note points directly to an unsolved murder committed at Stanford University in mid-October 1974.
On October 11 of that year, co-ed Arlis Perry was found in the campus chapel at Stanford, nude from the waist down, a long candle protruding from her vagina. Her blouse had been ripped open, and another candle stood between her breasts. Beaten and choked unconscious by her assailant, she was finally killed with an ice pick, buried in her  skull behind the left ear. In subsequent conversations and
correspondence, Berkowitz alleged that Perry was killed by Four Pi members as “a favor” to cultists in her hometown Bismarck, North Dakota, whom she had apparently offended in some way. Her slayer was named by Berkowitz as “Manson II,” a professional killer “involved with the original Manson and the cult there in L.A.”

Arlis Perry connection

Arlis and Bruce Perry grew up in Bismark, North Dakota. They were high school sweethearts and devout born again Christians. When Bruce graduated high school he went off to collage at Stanford. While he was gone that first year, Arlis visited a Process cult area and tried to convert the members to Christ.

At the end of the year when she graduated high school Arlis and Bruce married and she joined him at stanford, where he was studying to become a doctor. They lived in a dorm for married couples. With his studies and working, he didn’t have a lot of time for her and she was restless until she got a job as a receptionist at a law firm.

It is interesting how close her name Arlis is to Aleister. Was Arlis a sacrifice to Aleister Crowley to pay homage for his 100th birthday?

Arlis loved to take walks on the Stanford campas at night, but quit when Bruce advised her it might not be a good idea. One night she wrote some letters and decided to mail them. He went with her and they got into an argument about who was going to put air in a tire of their car. So Bruce went back to the dorm and Arlis continued on, stopping to pray at the Stanford Memorial Church. Several people saw her there, and when the security guard advised that it was almost midnight and time to lock the doors she did not leave as the others did. As the last people walked out the door they saw a sandy haired man walk inside.

By and by, when Arlis didn’t return home, Bruce got worried and went to look for her, couldn’t find her, and reported her missing.

Terry says:

She was found lying on her back, with her body partially under he first pew in the left side of the alcove, a short distance from where she had been seen praying. Above her was a large carving which had been sculptured into the church wall years before. It was an engraving of the cross. The symbolism was explicit.

Arlis head was facing forward, toward the main alter. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she was nude from the waist down. The legs of her blue jeans were spread eagled upside down across her calves, purposely arranged in that manner. Viewed from above, the resulting pattern Arlis’s legs and the inverted blue jeans took on a diamond-like shape.

Arlis blouse was torn open, and her arms were folded across her chest. Placed neatly between her breasts was an alter candle. Completing the desecration, another candle, thirty inches long, was jammed into her vagina. She had been beaten and choked. Death was due to her an ice pick being rammed into her skull behind her left ear, the handle protruding grotesquely from her head.

At her funeral a co worker was confused when he saw Bruce, who did not look like the man he thought was Arlis’s husband. At work he had noticed a man come in to speak with her and they got into a heated argument. He figured it was a tiff between the newlyweds. Actually, that was not Bruce, but the man did fit the description of the sandy haired man seen entering the church the night Arlis was brutally murdered.

It has been speculated that the killer was a member of the Bismark Process cult and that he had stalked her to Stanford to killer her because she had tried to convert his members to Christ.


Or was it possible that Arlis perry was an homage to Aliester Crowley who was turning 100 yearsold in 1975

I will let you make your own opinion

Satanic High days Celebrated

Fixed Ritual Days celebrated ANNUALLY
Santanic rituals

we have added in the names and dates of victims

Dec. 21 Winter Solstice
Dec. 22 Feast Day (blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice, dismemberment)
Dec. 24 Demon Revels
Dec. 24 Grand High Climax
Dec 26h Donna Richmond Visalia ransackerDec 30th Marina HabiDec. 31, 1999 TIffany Drew last seen alive. Dec 30th Manning and Offerman earons
Jan. 7 St. Winebald Day (blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice, dismemberment)
Jan. 13 Satanic New Year
Jan. 17 Satanic Revels
Feb. 1 Olmelc
Feb. 2 Candlemas, Satanic Revels feb 5th Manuella Wituhn earons
Feb. 14 St. Valentine’s Day (the shedding of blood and infant sacrifice)
Feb. 25 St. Walpurgis Day (blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice, dismemberment)
Mar. 1 St. Eichatadt Day ( Bood communion ) March 13th Smiths earons
Mar. 16, 2001. Yvonne Boen last seen alive. 
Mar. 20 Equinox Feast Day (blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice, dismemberment)
Mar. 21 Spring Equinox
Mar.24 Feast of the Beast ( Mock wedding for “brides of satan”)
April 17, 2001 Heather Bottomley last seen alive. FOUND MURDERED between this date and Feb. 5, 2002
April 17, 2001, Ruby Hardy last seen alive. Aug 19th harringtons earons
April 19th Pat Tan

Apr. 21 to 29 Preparation time for sacrifice
Apr. 26 Grand Climax
Apr. 30 Beltane
Apr. 30 Walpurgisnacht ( St. Walburga)- rituals to ward off evil in their eyes, celebrates the end of winter
Apr. 30 Solstice
May 1 Grand Climax 
may 12 th the witches feast Nicki Bennidictmay 18th Rose Tashman full moon ( newmoon)Jun. 21 Feast Day ( summer solstice ) June 21 rst Hood Garcia murders
June 22, 1983, Rebecca Guno last seen alive.
June 25,1997 Janet Henry last seen alive.  June 27th Cheri Domingo earons
Jul. 1 Demon Revels
Aug. 1 Lammas
Aug. 3 Satanic Revels
Aug. 22, 1991, Nancy Clark last seen alive.
Sep. 6 Marriage to Satan ( Donna Lass)
Sept.7 Feast of the Beast ( Satan )
Sep. 20 Midnight Host
Sep. 20 to 23 Fall Equinox Celebrations
Sep. 22 Equinox Feast Day (blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice, dismemberment) 
Sep. 23 Fall EquinoxCecilia Shepard Paul Stine
Oct. 13 Continuous High Holiday
Oct. 19, 2001 Diane Rock last seen alive. FOUND MURDERED between that date and Feb. 5, 2002 

        Cherri Jo Bates Dec 30th
        Oct. 31 Halloween ( All Hallows Eve – MOST cults have sacrifice )
        Nov. 1-6 Days of ritual drama    Jeniffer Amour Visalia ransacker
        Nov. 4 Satanic Revelsbr>

 Dec. 17, 1983 Leigh Miner last seen alive. 

        November 15th Robin Graham Full moon
        Nov 24th Doreen Gaul and Sharp
        Dec 11 th Leona Roberts
          Dec. 21 Winter Solstice
                Dec. 22 Feast Day (blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice, dismemberment)
                Dec. 24 Demon Revels
                Dec. 24 Grand High Climax

May 1 Initiation Night ( involves human sacrifice in most cults ) 
May 1 Beltane fertility festival ( for the purpose of providing cults with children ) 

Earons poem connection

Was The east Area rapist linked to the Manson Family? remember there were 95+ members loose  with Squeaky Fromme head as well as connections to the Mafia and Church of Satan and Aryan Brother- hood

EARONS poem says wife of a Mafia Lord

Excitement’s Crave

East area rapist Poem this was submitted to the newspaper from the East Area Rapist

All those mortal’s surviving birth
Upon facing maturity,
Take inventory of their worth
To prevailing society.Choosing values becomes a task;
Oneself must seek satisfaction.
The selected route will unmask
Character when plans take actionAccepting some work to perform
At fixed pay, but promise for more,
Is a recognized social norm,
As is decorum, seeking lore.

Achieving while others lifting

Should be cause for deserving fame.
Leisure tempts excitement seeking,
What’s right and expected seems tame.”Jessie James” has been seen by all,
And “Son of Sam” has an author.
Others now feel temptations call.
Sacramento should make an offer.To make a movie of my life
That will pay for my planned exile. Squeaky Fromm planned her attack against the president to draw attention so it was a planned exile
Just now I’d like to add the wife 
Of a Mafia lord to my file.     hmmm maybe talking about being the head of the Manson Family!!!!!!!

after all Charles Manson was with the Lucchese family. Was this from Squeaky Fromme?

Your East Area Rapist
And deserving pest
See you in the press or on T.V.

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme served her time for trying to kill President Ford

Manson disciple Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme free after three decades
Chris Ayres in Los AngelesLynette “Squeaky” Fromme, the waifish, red-headed Charles Manson follower who once tried to assassinate President Ford, was granted her freedom yesterday after spending more than three decades behind bars.Fromme — who is said to have got her nickname from Manson himself after the noise she made when she was pinched — was 26 when she pointed a semi-automatic .45 pistol at the President in 1975. The assassination attempt took place in Sacramento, California, as Ford was strolling from the State Capitol building to his hotel.Fromme, dressed in a nun-like red robe, drew the weapon from a holster on her thigh and aimed it at the President as he shook hands with supporters. She was disarmed by Secret Service agents and members of the public before the President could be hurt — although it was later found that the gun had no bullet in the chamber. It did, however, contain a clip of ammunition.Fromme’s motive was never clear, although it is thought that she was trying to gain attention to lobby for a new trial for Manson.


please study the lyrics of the Manson family and notice the simularities      even to the Zodiac                                       http://www.charliemanson.com/art-manson-3.htm

next “The east Area rapist Connection”

Who is “My Secret Pal”?

If you reverse secret pal it forms the word



noun /tərs/
terces, plural

  1. A service forming part of the Divine Office of the Western Christian Church, traditionally said (or chanted) at the third hour of the day (i.e., 9 a.m.)

Web definitions
  • the third canonical hour; about 9 a.m.
  • Tercé is a commune in the Vienne department in the Poitou-Charentes region in western France.
  • Terce, or Third Hour, is a fixed time of prayer of the Divine Office of almost all the Christian liturgies. It consists mainly of psalms and is said at 9 a.m. Its name comes from Latin and refers to the third hour of the day after dawn.
    • The fourth hour of prayer, said late morning


    OR P if turned backwards forms 9 WHICH IS A SACRED NUMBER IN WICCCAN and in the GREEK
    the 9 also could have been for the counsel of “9”

    The Greeks believed in the sacredness of the number nine. They had nine muses, nine principal deities, nine oracles, etc. The Romans believed in the mystic three, the Egyptians in twelve, etc. The Jews revered the number seven and its recurrence throughout the Bible is remarkable. Seven days of creation, seven lean years, seven fat years, seven stars, seven times bathing in the Jordan, seven years followed by a year of jubilee, etc. This number according to Kabala was obtained by adding the letters of Man and God together.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6927745

    So what if” P” is for priest of Satan than pal would be Priest “Anton levay”…… PAL
    and the anagram would be
    M= Michael    L= A zodiac cipher   F=A Zodiac cipher or in the Aryan Live forever
    or it could be for Manson
    was this than an homage to 3 magus’s or high priests in the Church of Satan?
    there counsel of 9 ruled and made decisions.