The Bleeding knife of Zodiac


“Peek through the pines” Zodiac Killer Card solved

March 22 1971 “Peek through Pines” card sent to Chronicle newspaper. Above under card  Illuminati Cipher Alphabet

First off there is a 12 in Card    1+2=3

ab  c  defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

uv xyzabcdefghijklmnopqrst 

Zodiac alphabet cipher  C for Charles     reverse w=M  Manson

also if you count down 12 on Illuminati cipher=M for Manson

The Family considered Charles Manson to be a victim

The pines was a reference to there ATWA organization and the new head of the family Squeaky Fromme or Red for the Redwoods. This well could have been radical environmentalism and since the family was into alignment with underground organizations a bid to align with all the different organizations. The radical environmentalist’s were at odds with the logging and real estate development of these prime Tree areas.

Please also see how Howard Davis has linked Manson Family to  victim Donna Lass.

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it was sent on March 22 deliberately

03 22 1971

the 03 see above

22 if you count 22 down on the Illuminati cipher goes to W with an X beside it reverse the W

reverse w=M the x was a reference to the Aryan brotherhood and the families extensive involvement.

Charles Manson

71   7+1=8 if you count 8 left  starting backwards from T  last letter in zodiac alphabet cipher it goes to M for Manson

in the card there are people in the snow a reference to the Manson Family.

Solution for Zodiac Killer Dragon Card

To usher in the age of Aeon took the implementing of “Cell groups”.  This formation of “Cell groups” had a variety of jobs that they fulfilled. It helped in the flow of the drug trade in both providing the sale of drugs and the managing and if necessary violent force needed to police it. The criminal underground formed into different cells that hid under conspiracy theories.  The Zodiac killer is a good example of a conspiracy theory because it hid under being one person when in reality it was always more than one person..Ronald Stark who was rumored to have been the brains behind

this ” Cell group structure” for the formation of the LSD trade speaks.

“Organization must be no larger than necessary — never recruit anyone merely because he wants to join. As to basic structure, a revolution starts as a conspiracy; therefore structure is small, secret and organized as to minimize damage by betrayal — since there are alwaysbetrayals. One solution is the “cell system”  and The Professor goes on to propose a mandala of three-member cells, all reporting through a single Leader node back towards the center. This compartmentalized approach allows the founders to both monopolize information flow and insulate themselves against exposure. The concept is simple and effective, and it has been proven here in the real world for decades, from terrorist networks to intelligence agencies to evangelical Christians. It is staggering to think of how much Ronald Stark was connected to, assuming he rigorously pursued the Professor’s blueprint, as Art for Art’s sake. It is sobering to realize that the long, wide trail of covert history I’ve outlined here was just a couple of cells that got exposedbusted, part of a larger picture that is gone completely here in 2010.o far nothing better has been invented.”
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Charles Manson was always wooing the Motor Bike Gangs to help form into this underground Mafia.
Here is the Cell Group Structure notice how it is formed from triangles and Pentagrams. Maybe a reason why the “Church of Satan” was called the “Order of the Trapezoid”. A reference to “Cell Groups”
In the Zodiac Killer Dragon Card there is a Dragon. Satan is known as the “Dragon” and again would be a symbol of the “Church of Satan”.
In the newspaper clipping note sent in 1970 look at how the date is spelled. Mon Oct 5 1970 this was done deliberately. If you add the numbers it comes to 22. This is the same amount of years from the Zodiac murders 1968 to the 1990 Christmas Card. 22 years. On the Zodiac alphabet cipher   count from right 22 letters it goes to the letter P
uvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrst   maybe for Priest
If you count down on Illuminati cipher it goes to w which also has an X beside it remember on 1990 Christmas card that w=C and if you turn W over it is an M maybe the X is also his Symbol and is affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.
Charles Manson?
If you count on the alphabet  starting at right13  letters it goes to an ” M” maybe for Manson?
on the newspaper clipping sent on 1970 it also deliberately has part of the section starting at “There are reports” turned upside down. beside it is a cross if you turn it upside down this is down to show another symbol of the “COS” an upside down cross.
on the “SLA” letter it is more apparent.
SLA is an anagram for Anton Szandor LaVey and from all of the reports he was a killer and the ‘COS” was very involved with Norse philosophy. Notice also how he calls himself a “Friend”. A reference to “Your Secret Pal”





Zodiac cipher code

ab  c  defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

uv xyzabcdefghijklmnopqrst 

Zodiac symbol cipher W=C or C=W

C Manson



PAL could it be an anagram for priest Anton levay? PAL Priest Anton levay the spokesman for the Church of Satan.

Eureka’s Pacific coastal location on Humboldt Bay adjacent to abundant Redwood forests provided a rich environment for the birth of this 19th-century seaport town.




The inside of the card read:



Solstice is the height of the Satanic calendar and was the original holiday for Christmas.

If you look at the zip code 94103


19 34 Manson’s birth year

were the 2 keys zerox picture  found on card? a symbol of how Manson and Levay were the 2 key figures in the Zodiac murders. Or it could possibly be a figurative for the Keys of Solomon which are the very basics of Aleister Crowleys             “Sex Magick”

The Key of Solomon is divided into two books. It describes not the appearance or work of any spirit but only the necessary drawings to prepare each “experiment” or, in more modern language, magical operations.

Unlike later grimoires such as the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (16th century) or the Lemegeton (17th century ), the Key of Solomon does not mention the signature of the seventy-two spirits constrained by King Solomon in a bronze vessel. As in most medieval grimoires, all magical operations are ostensibly performed through the power of God, to whom all the invocations are addressed. Before any of these operations (termed “experiments”) are performed, the operator must confess his sins and purge himself of evil, invoking the protection of God.

Elaborate preparations are necessary, and each of the numerous items used in the operator’s “experiments” must be constructed of the appropriate materials obtained in the prescribed manner, at the appropriate astrological time, marked with a specific set of magical symbols, and blessed with its own specific words. All substances needed for the magic drawings and amulets are detailed, as well as the means to purify and prepare them. Many of the symbols incorporate the Transitus Fluvii occult alphabet.

I also asked Occult Expert William Ramsey of Occult911 and he said. It could refer to two books of vital importance to Crowley: The Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon and/or the Key to the Mysteries, by Eliphas Levi. The Enochian Calls, used by John Dee and Edward Kelly, were also referenced by Crowley as “keys:”

After choosing a spot where I was not likely to be disturbed, I would take this stone and recite the Enochian Key, and, after satisfying myself that the invoked forces were actually present, made the topaz play a part in not unlike that of the looking-glass in the case of Alice. Confessions, p.618

He also believed there to be a secret key in the Book of the Law, the number 31, trebles equals 93. Perhaps it is that Aiwaz in Greek Cabala equates to 418, and in Hebrew is 93.

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Notice the Tattoo on Manson Family member. It is a pentagram with an X for the Aryan brotherhood. This also was a sign of the” Enforcer” or “Demon Slayer”.

Investigation of the Church of Satan links to the Manson Family

This is an investigation into the church of Satan and its connections  to the suspects and evidence that points to there cult. 

The church of Satan was formed in the spring of 1966, April 30th 1966.


Present at that first meeting were Manson family members ,
 Susan Atkins 
    • b05-07-48, Susan Denise Atkins, d09-31-09, aka “Sadie Mae Glutz“,
      Type of Satanism: independent (formerly part of “The Witches of Mendocino”; formerly independent, well known as a murderer in association with Charles Manson and his ‘Family’)
      “Atkins” came into contact with “LaVey” in San Francisco after being released from the hoosegow, and danced in a show he organized called the” Witches’ Sabbath” as a blood-swilling vampire. It was a precursor of things to come for the ruthless girl.

      Multiple convictions. Confessed murderer. Died in prison of brain cancer.
      Even if they weren’t officially CoS members (most Satanist aren’t), it proves criminally minded, violent people are attracted to Satanism. Susan Atkins actually appeared with LaVey and a couple of other girls in a corny strip club act. She played a vampire, not surprising when you consider she licked the blood stained knife she killed Sharon Tate and her unborn child with. Bobby Beausoleil appeared in the movie by fellow Church of Satan member Kenneth Anger, Lucifer Rising. During the Tate/Labianca murders, Beausoleil told his terrified vicitms, “I’m the Devil, and I’m here to do the Devil’s business!” A fourth killer/cannibal, Stanley Baker, who actually ate his victims, was caught en route to meet LaVey. 
Bobby Beausoleil 
Two of the Manson family members convicted of murder were recruited directly from LaVey’s Church of Satan: Susan “Sexy Sadie” Atkins and Bobby “Cupid” Beausoleil, who is said to be a former lover and roommate of Kenneth Anger. LaVey in fact provides one of many connections between killers and victims. He had formed a close association with Roman Polanski shortly before the murders, when he served as the technical consultant for Polanski on his film Rosemary’s Baby, in which he also made a cameo appearance as – who else? – Satan. Newspaper accounts at the time of the slayings were rife with claims that the Polanski’s were Satanists who hosted drug and sex orgies. 
picture of Bobby in front of Kenneth Angers house. “Do what thou wilt spellt on door. Homage to there idol Aleister Crowley
Charles Manson
According to Stanton LaVey  Charlie was there the night  the church had its first meeting the night he met his god father Kenneth Anger , and Bobby
Beausoleil. That night they formed the COS with Anton LaVey.    
Kenneth Anger satanic film maker

The Hippie Movement and Invocation of My Demon Brother (1966–1969)

The mid 1960s saw the emergence of the hippie scene and the increasing use of the mind-altering drugs that Anger himself had been using for many years. In particular, the hallucinogen LSD, which at the time was still legal in the United States, was very popular, and in 1966 Anger released a version of his earlier film,Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome entitled the “Sacred Mushroom Edition” which was screened to people while taking LSD, thereby heightening their sensory experience.[53] By this time, Anger had become well known throughout the underground scene in the United States, and several cinemas across the country screened his better known films all in one event.[54] With this growing fame, Anger began to react to publicity in much the same way as his idol Aleister Crowley had done, for instance describing himself as “the most monstrous moviemaker in the underground,” a pun on the fact that Crowley had been labelled “the wickedest man in the world” by the British tabloids in the 1920s.[55]Anger’s fame on the underground circuit allowed him to increasingly associate with other celebrities, including Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan; despite their differing philosophies, the two became good friends and would remain so for many years. However, Anger also held a resentment towards certain celebrities, namely Andy Warhol, who at the time was achieving success not only in the art world but also in the underground film scene.[56] In 1980 Anger threw paint over the front door of a house that Warhol had recently moved out of.[57]

In 1966, Anger moved into the ground floor of a large nineteenth century Victorian house in San Francisco known as theRussian Embassy] Around this time he began planning for a new film, which he planned to title Lucifer Rising and which would echo his Thelemite beliefs about the emerging Aeon of Horus. He had the name of Lucifer tattooed upon his chest and began searching for a young man who could symbolically become Lucifer, “the Crowned and Conquering Child” of the new Aeon, for Lucifer Rising. He met various young men who could fit the position, inviting each to live with him at the Russian Embassy, although eventually he settled upon a man named Bobby Beausoleil.[ Beausoleil also formed a band, the Magic Powerhouse of Oz, in order to record the music for the film. Then, in 1967, Anger claimed that the footage which he had been filming for Lucifer Rising had been stolen, and he placed the blame upon Beausoleil, who would deny the claims, later telling Anger’s unofficial biographer Bill Landis that “what had happened was that Kenneth had spent all the money that was invested in Lucifer Rising” and that he therefore invented the story to satisfy the film’s creditors. Beausoleil and Anger fell out, with the former getting involved with Charles Manson and his cult, the Family, eventually carrying out Manson’s bidding by torturing and murdering Gary Hinman.

Anger subsequently decided to publicly reinvent himself. In the October 26, 1967 issue of Village Voice he placed a full-page advert declaring “In Memoriam. Kenneth Anger. Filmmaker 1947–1967”. He soon publicly reappeared, this time to claim that he had burned all of his early work. The following year he travelled to London where he first met J. Paul Getty, who would subsequently become Anger’s patron, and where he also met and befriended Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, members of The Rolling Stones, as well as Richards’ drug addicted girlfriend Anita Pallenberg. Anger then decided to use much of the footage created for Lucifer Rising in a new film of his, Invocation of My Demon Brother, which starred Beausoleil, LaVey, Jagger and Richards, as well as Anger himself, and the music for which had been composed by Jagger. It was released in 1969, and explored many of the Thelemic themes that Anger had originally intended for Lucifer Rising.

Aleister Crowley whom kenneth Anger obcessively honors in his movies and life philosophy.

Crowley’s magical title in the O.T.O. was Baphomet, the master magician (Octinomos) the eightfold name. Baphomet is also elevenfold, as revealed by the Baphometic Cross. It symbolizes not only the eleven Sephiroth (i.e. the ten Sephiroth plus Daäth) but also the One beyond Ten that pervades the system from Outside (Nuit/Kali).
In summation Crowley was the herald adept of the “End Times”, and insisted himself that “Al, the term for God, Great, Almighty, referred to as The Book of the Law, will effect the total destruction of civilization as we know it”. Same source reference.

Crowley himself felt that he was the Great Satan, the Chosen Prophet, who would inaugurate the New Age, but not before the violent bloody overthrow of the old Aeon.
Crowley pimped, yes, I said pimped, the 93 magical formula to achieve such ambitions he himself desired knowing full well that shakti, the goddess Venus, is expressed through the higher polarity of occult intelligence, emotional will, and selfless being, against the lower polarity of occult intelligence, emotional will, and selfish being, sexual immorality, lust, and abused love.
Crowley clearly chose the latter polarity, yet, the forked tongued serpent spoke of lofty

From the mouth of the disciple Kenneth Grant, “this book contains a critical study of Aleister Crowley’s system of sexual magick and its affinities with the ancient Tantric rites of Kali, the dark goddess of blood and dissolution represented in Crowley’s Cult as the Scarlet Woman.” From Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God.
“Lilith, is one of the 17 names of Kali; enemy of infants, bride of the evil angel Sammael(Satan). Lilith is drawn from the lili, female demonic spirits in Mesopotamian demonology, and known as ardat lili”. A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.
Back to Grant then disciple and head of today’s O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis); Kali in the form of the letter “k”, which is a glyph of the yoni and the letter attributed to sexual magick, which is one of the reasons why Crowley terminates magick with a “k”.
More from the mouth of the disciple; ” I have evolved a method of dream control for contacting extra-terrestrial and non-human entities. This method is described in relation to the mysteries of Kundalini, the supreme magical power symbolized by the sleeping Fire Snake at the base of the spine which, after its awakening, activates the subtle power-zones in the human body”. From the same source book as referenced above.
Fire Snake and kundalini determine the vital force/shakti, representing the sexual energies, and potencies of the human unconscious mind. The 93 magickal formula – love/sex under will is the law – awakends and activates the Fire Snake by way of the Ophidian (satanic) 93 current magickal current.
Back to the disciple Grant; “Aleister Crowley, Austin O. Spare, Dion Fortune and the German occultist Eugen Grosche were among the first Adepts in the West to teach the use of the psycho-sexual energies, the Ophidian Current that informed the most ancient arcana of Africa and the Far East.
The letter “k” is the eleventh letter of several magor alphabets and is symbolic of magick power (sex) in its feminine aspect; it is the symbol of that gigantic Power whose colour is scarlet, who has affinity with Capricorn (Baphomet), or Babalon, and the goddess Kali, whose vehicle is blood”. 

(Is this maybe why they chose young women to murder and kill?)
The blood refered to is the female menstruation cycle, the time of purging, purifectation, dissolution, and disintergration, before a new cycle begins.
Our ancient ancestors feared that menstruating women were susceptible to demonic possession, which is why sex with women during their ‘period’ was forbidden, and they were housed together outside the community, until the danger was past.
Back to Grant; in the Book of the Law, the goddess Nuit (‘Kali’) exclaims: “My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us”. Same source reference.
Dion Fortune said herself; “11, is the number of the Qliphoth”. The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune.
Grant defines Qliphoth; “the name given to a region inhabited by soulless entities, the shells or mouldering vehicles of perverted and aborted desires that prolong their twilight existence by preying on the vital fluids of the living. It is the region of vampires, ghouls, demons, and evil spirits, as well as being the habitation of the phantom forms generated by sexual desires and morbid cravings constantly produced by dwellers on earth. Each sphira of the Tree of Life has its corresponding qliphoth which is the reflection of the energy which it represents, and these averse sephiroth form what is known as the Tree of Death. Only the well-armed Initiate, the Adept, in fact can use these power-zones with impunity”. Same reference source.

other members of the COS

Michael Aquino

Patricia Sinclair or Lilith Aquino

In the 1960s Anton LaVey formed a group called the Order of the Trapezoid, which later became the governing body of the Church of Satan. The group included: “The Baroness” Carin de Plessen, Dr. Cecil Nixon, Kenneth Anger, City Assessor Russell Wolden, Donald Werby,[1][2] and Michael Harner. According to the Church of Satan historiography, other LaVey associates from this time include notedScience Fiction and Horror writers Anthony BoucherAugust Derleth, Robert Barbour Johnson, Reginald BretnorEmil PetajaStuart PalmerClark Ashton SmithForrest J. Ackerman, and Fritz Leiber Jr.[3] The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San FranciscoCalifornia, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the Church’s High Priest until his death in 1997

Past & present Church of Satan High Priesthood

  • Anton LaVey — Founder & High Priest 1966–1997
  • Diane Hegarty — Co-Founder & High Priestess 1966–1984
  • Zeena LaVey – High Priestess and Public Spokesperson 1985-1990, Daughter of Co-Founders LaVey & Hegarty
  • Blanche Barton — Anton’s Assistant, High Priestess 1997–2002, now Magistra Templi Rex
  • Peter H. Gilmore — High Priest 2001 – Present (5th Degree, Magus)
  • Peggy Nadramia — High Priestess 2002 – Present

Who is really behind all of this?

In Levi’s picture of the Tetragrammaton the true symbols of who is behind the hand gesture is made apparent.

The Horned God or Baphomet.  Aleister Crowley as Baphomet XI° OTO  also Aleister Crowley used the symbolism of 777 which is in reference to the Horned God Baphomet.

It is the symbol that what is apparent in the natural really shadows what is truly behind the meaning which is the great Horned Beast or Baphomet. So in other words the deception is really about Lucifer or Satan or the Horned God Baphomet. That is the spirit behind the meaning of the hand gestures and the groups. WHenever you see the hand gestures it is showing this Luciferian oath.

How the whole group of cold cases including the Zodiac killer  symbolizes this is because it has been made to be a serial killer when it is really about a group that has been influenced by Aliester Crowley.  There has always been more than one killer but they link through Aleister Crowley. I would speculate that all but a few of these cold cases were Satanic sacrifices. As you see below in the hand gestures and how the shadow is the Baphomet. A symbol of the great deception that is falling upon mankind through music, media world events and a group of high level politicians who serve the Luciferian agenda.





The tetragrammaton as seen in Transcendental Magick.

the pentagram is first and foremost a sign of the five elements, fire, water, air, earth and spirit. It represents man, and the microcosm, while the hexagram represents planetary influences and the macrocosm. The elements are represented on the pentagram with the wand, cup, sword/dagger, and disk symbols. There is a theme of the union of opposites present with the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine uniting. This theme is carried out with the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, representing all of existence, the squaring of the circle from sacred geometry, and the Venus and Mercury conjoined. The Venus and Mercury are very interesting here because one would think of Venus and Mars being together because of the traditional masculine and feminine from Greek/Roman myth. The use of Venus and Mercury is thus removed from myth mostly and I think hinting toward its use as a pathworking, being the 27th path and the uniting of fire (netzach) and water (hod). Interestingly enough hod, typically thought of as male, is water, while netzach, being female to hod, and female in other senses, having the element of fire thus giving the sense of motion, and not a sense of being static. (The male being the female and the female also being the male.) I also noticed the three darkened Ts, which I found related to the triple Taus in masonry. The A for Alpha also looks like a Masonic compass.

The Hebrew letters are intriguing. I spent a lot of time looking through them and at one in particular which I found made no sense at all. Ill consider the three that made sense first. ADM, PChD, HVH. ADM = Aleph Daleth Mem is quite overtly referring to mankind, not first man. Aleph being the air that breathes life, and DM the blood that receives it. PChD = Peh Cheth Daleth. Pachad is fear or terror.

Aleister Crowley has undoubtedly been the most prolific influence behind all of the modern groups that attain to his instructions. The below link is to a group that was influenced by Aleister Crowley .

Aleister Crowley who labeled himself the Beast 66, a trickster, 33rd Degree Freemason and a charlatan who may well have hoaxed the Stele of Revealing and his own “Law of Thelema” has misled many with his dictum “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law”. See just one of the results of following his views of moral relativism.



Before Aleister Crowley there was a group called the Hell fire club .The club was originally called The Friars of St Francis of Wycombe, but over time the term The Hellfire Club stuck . After a short period frequenting the cellar of a pub called The George and Vulture the group moved their ‘ meetings ‘ to a ruined abbey called Medmenham . There were originally twelve members named after the twelve apostles, and Sir Francis played Jesus .

At the meetings the group worshipped Satan and Black Masses were held . Sir Francis Dashwood had the abbey redecorated to his tastes with pornographic fresoes and stained glass windows were made which showed the original twelve members in indecent poses . At the entrance to the abbey, there was an inscription which read Fay ce que voudras – do what thou wilt – a term which Aleister Crowley borrowed nearly 200 years later . There are no real details of the Black Masses but what is known is that the chapel was draped in black and crude parodies of the scriptures were used . To be fair to the group there were not any rumours of sacrifice or paedophilia .

Gnosticism has totally infiltrated the Modern  Church as per instructions from Aleister Crowley listed at below link

The Free Masonry link to witch craft

Doc  Marquis is a former Illuminist Witch, he brings a unique expertise and viewpoint to this entire subject.   We think you will find it highly instructive, and you will have even more reason to understand that Freemasonry is Illuminized Witchcraft at its very core.   listed examples, below, of known Satanists and/or Occultists who were also Freemasons in good standing.  Do not be deceived by any Masonic Propaganda that says these people were “rogue Masons”; on the contrary, they were Masons in good standing throughout their lives.  In fact, what these occultists who were also Masons represent are the very few Illuminated Masons who had gone all the way to the “Light”, to discover what the final great secret of Masonry truly is, i.e., dedicated Satanists working to achieve the New World Order of Antichrist.

here are excerpts from the article the link can be found below

a)  Arthur Edward Waite, occult writer and historian — In free12 and free13 , we quote Waite continuously, noting that his books are always published by a known and established Masonic publishing house.

b)  Dr. Wynn Westcott — member of the Rosicrucian Society and founding member of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn .  The Order of the Golden Dawn is one of the most Satanic of secret societies, and is highly active in the establishment of the coming New World Order of Antichrist.  Don’t you find it extremely “illuminating” that its founder is also a Mason?

c)  S. L. MacGregor Mathers — co-founder of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn — Thus, we see that both founders of this Satanic secret society were Freemasons.

d)  Dr. Gerard Encausse — member of the Illuminati and leader of the occult group known as ‘Martinism’.  According to Albert Mackey, a 33rd Degree Mason, “The degrees of Martinism abounded in the reveries (pleasures) of the Mystics.” [Albert Mackey, Encyclopedia of Masonry”, p. 552]  The “pleasures” of the Mystics is a euphemism for sex.  We have already noted that Freemasonry utilizes the symbolism of sex in their circle with a dot [free13 for full details].  In free07 , we also note the sexual symbolism inherent in their writings.  Freemasons “worship the creature rather than the Creator” just as much as do any of the pagan groups in world history.  Again, this fact is one of the reasons they insist upon absolute secrecy, rightly fearing public scrutiny.

e)  Aleister Crowley — infamous Satanist who founded the occult religion of Thelema.  So debased and foul was he, that his contemporaries referred to him as ‘Mr. 666’, and his mother referred to him as ‘The Beast’ of the Book of Revelation.  
While Crowley did not found the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.], he did control the organization for many years.  The O.T.O. is an extremely Black Magick secret society, very Satanic.

f)  Dr. Theodore Reuss — Head of the occult order known as the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis).  He was such a prolific occult writer that he gave Aleister Crowley the reigns of authority of the O.T.O. in London.    This is an official logo of the O.T.O., taken off the web.  You are looking into the black abyss of Hell in this drawing.  This apparently is the entrance into Hell, with the Masonic-type columns on each side and the typically Masonic/occultic winged symbol above.  Two All-seeing Eyes oversee all who enter its gates.  Freemasonry is “identical with the Mysteries”, says Albert Pike; therefore, this scene of the Gates of Hell IS Freemasonry.

g)  George Pickingill — renowned master witch of 19th Century England and leader of the ‘Pinkingill coven’ .

h)  Manly P. Hall — a Rosicrucian, Masonic author, and founder of the Philosophical Research Society . Hall was world renowned as a Freemason, and one of its most prolific writers.  It was he who said that Fellow Craft Masons can expect to have the “seething energies of Lucifer in your hands” once he understands the deep secrets of the Craft. His books were published by prestigious Masonic Publishing companies.  Since Hall was simultaneously a Rosicrucian and a Freemason, we wish to show you the Rosicrucian Cross , so you can see the terrible blasphemies of Freemasonry.   Please closely observe how they have covered our precious Cross of Calvary with the deepest, most wicked, symbols of Satan!  You can see four (4) upright pentagrams, representing Lucifer and covering each of the four points of the cross; then, you can see a hexagram just below the center, on the downward arm of the cross, probably designed to cast a “HEX” on our Savior’s cross!  Folks, this is the true nature of Freemasonry.  Masonry reveres Rosicrucianism so very highly, they have an order dedicated to it, called, “Knight of the Rosy Croix”, the 18th Degree!  Once, more the true Satanic nature of Freemasonry becomes more clear.

i) Gerald B. Gardner — founder of the modern revival of Wicca, who had a style of witchcraft named after him known as the ‘Gardnerian Style of Witchcraft’.

j)  Alex Sanders — known as the “King of all Witches” in London,  he was one of the most influential witches after Gardner.  He also had a style of witchcraft named after him called, “Alexanderian Witchcraft”.

k)  Eliphas Levi — one of the most occult writers of the 19th Century . Doc really understates the case here.  Levi was known as “the foremost occult authority of the 19th century”. [Nuit Unlimited Imports, a New Age importer of witchcraft memorabilia]  Levi created the extremely obscene image of Baphomet to represent Satan. “Levi’s drawing of Baphomet shows his emphasis on sex, for he made Baphomet as an androgynous [both male-female] figure.  Satan, like Baphomet, is often pictured as a hermaphroditic deity, having a male phallus and the breasts of a woman.  The winged staff between Baphomet represents the phallus … In a book on witchcraft, The Complete Book of Witchcraft and Demonology, we find a picture of Baphomet.  The caption states that he is the ‘horned god of the witches, sex incarnate’.  This picture … shows Baphomet making the Devil’s triad with his right hand.” [Dr. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated ]

Levi’s Guiding Spirit took him to levels of an understanding of witchcraft that few men in history have ever experienced.  His illustrations are considered unequalled in the occult world, and he was not only contemporary with Albert Pike, he was very influential on Pike. [Arthur Edward Waite, Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism, Kila, Montana, reprinted by Kessinger Freemasonry Publishing Co.]  Arthur Waite said of Levi, “… undoubtedly one of the most distinguished of the Continental exponents of occult science which the 19th Century produced, and his writings attain an important position in the estimation of modern schools of higher magic.” [Waite, quoted in Levi’s book, The History of Magic, in Kessinger’s Catalog, attempting to influence you to buy Levi’s book]

Albert Pike (33rd Degree Mason, Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction) was, therefore, undoubtedly influenced by Levi in his views on Lucifer.  We have already quoted Pike in Morals and Dogma (p. 567, 28th Degree) where he identifies Lucifer as the Light-bearer of Freemasonry, the “Light” to whom all Masons pledge to work toward.  Listen to Levi talk about Lucifer. “XXXVIII:  What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil.  The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the paraclete [an advocate]; it is the Holy Spirit, where the physical Lucifer is the great angel of universal magnetism.” [Eliphas Levi, The Mysteries of Magic, A Digest of the Writings of Eliphas Levi]

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