The RH in Desk Top Poem solved

The intial “rh” were found on the desk poem, “Robert lee Hardy” was a alias of Bobby Beausoleil In the Kenneth Anger movie “Invocation of Demon Brother” there is a watch is this a reference to the watch in the Cherri Jo Bates murder?

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1970 Dragon card

“Is the 1970 Dragon Card a reference to a Mule Motor Bike” An Ass is a Mule In 1970 they were converting Truimph motor bikes into twin engine ‘Drag Bikes” there also was a world famous “Dragon Rally”. Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider” was making choppers out of vintage motor bikes. Dregon could be a […]

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The Made up Myth of the Zodiac Killer

“zodiac”, comes from a greek word meaning “The circle of Animals” – “Animals” referring to all living creatures. was this a reference to it being involved with ATWA and the Eco terrorist groups of this time. The Zodiac was never one person. It was a series of events that was staged. An interesting phenomena was happening at […]

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Hells Angels

All of the murders happened within location of the “Hells Angels” clubhouse in Vallejo. Notice mural on wall and it’s symbols Knights of Malta logo Is Rocky Graves found on Halloween Card? the Hells Angels in San Francisco were originally organized in 1953 by Rocky Graves, a Hells Angel member from San Bernardino

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The Aryan Brotherhood Connection

Names for White supremacists  SAC-Soldiers of the Aryan Culture SAW-Silent Aryan Warriors 4R-4th Reich KV-Krieger Verwandt American Peckerwood Aryan Brotherhood The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as The Brand, the AB, or the One-Two, is a white supremacist street gang and organized crimesyndicate in the United States with about 20,000 members in and out of prison.[5][6] According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), although the gang makes up less than 1% of […]

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