The link of Rainbows to MK Ultra


Location: Montauk, Long Island

(Electronic multi-directional targeting of

select population groups)

Targeting: Medium range

Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated

Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt

Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off

geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population

programming for sensitized individuals

Pseudonym: “Rainbow”, ZAP

In the 1999 movie Eyes wide shut is a symphony of MK ultra Illuminati symbolism

The MK-ULTRA mind-control slaves have reported extensive programming and conditioning based upon The Wizard of Oz, and rainbows obviously play a huge role in that story. Rainbows play a huge role in the mind-control conditioning that is based upon that story and that symbolism. L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) was himself an occultist and a member of the Theosophical Society, and this is why there is so much occult content in the fourteen Oz books, which were published between 1900 and 1920. Baum claimed that a spirit had given him the ‘magic key’ to write the first Wizard of Oz book, which was the one made into the infamous 1939 movie starring Judy Garland.

“It was pure inspiration,” Baum wrote in The Annotated Wizard of Oz. “It came to me right out of the blue. I think that sometimes the Great Author has a message to get across, and He has to use the instrument at hand. I happened to be that medium, and I believe the magic key was given to me to open the doors of sympathy and understanding, joy, peace, and happiness.”

Incidentally, in the 2002 film “Dragonfly” starring Kevin Costner, yet another rainbow plays a prominent role. After Emily, the wife of Dr. Joseph Darrow, dies in a violent bus crash, a young boy tells him that his wife wants to meet with him inside the rainbow. The dragonfly theme was artistically rendered as the cover art for the progressive rock group YES, for their House of YES CD and DVD titles, a group that writes and performs music related to spiritual ascension. The dragonfly is also featured in Ted Andrews’ wonderful book Animal Speak, where it is said to represent the ascension of the soul and deliverance of the soul to the light.


Part 2> connections

Was the “Finders” group a CIA sponsored group to find Special civilians for there Projects?

Suppose you have a thirty-year cult, run by a southern eccentric with ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Suppose that cult raised children in austere surroundings combined with advanced education, perhaps to be used by said intelligence agency?

Suppose that cult was investigated for child abuse/neglect but the investigation was shut down for “National Security” reasons?

Sound like something out of a movie? Young “Jason Bournes” being created, nurtured and trained for future use? Well, something like that seems to have happened in “The Finders” cult.

The unraveling of “The Finders” case brought to the forefront many long-rumored stories about possible child trafficking as well as those about children being trained for use as spies and assassins.

In February 1987, a tip to the police led to the arrest of two “well dressed men” in a park in Tallahassee Florida. The men appeared to be “supervising” a group of six disheveled and hungry children. The men, who were based out of Washington D.C., were charged with child abuse. The D.C. police raided a house and warehouse, where they found many items that implicated “The Finders” cult in international intrigue and what appears to be ritual sacrifice of animals. The children were temporarily moved to an undisclosed location under armed guard due to threats to authorities.

China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) California – primary MK-Ultra Monarch Prog’mg center in U.S. where children are brought in by car, rail, plane and programmed by top neurosurgeons, behavioral scientists, psychiatrists for different roles in society.

When you get to a place like China Lake Naval Air Naval Air Weapons Station we find a different main purpose. The subterranean base structure beneath the surface base is again quite massive. The last I heard that base goes 8 levels underground with huge tunnels systems connecting it to southern bases described above as well as places like Mount Shasta, Death Valley subterranean bases and even the major base under Las Vegas. The China lake base is packed with horrible mind control projects revolving almost solely around children from infancy to puberty. Cages stacked upon cages from floor to ceiling containing children who are in absolute misery. They are starved, ignored, drugged, beaten, tormented and tortured; some are even systematically raped daily to break their minds and cause severe cases of disassociation. Many die during this violent process. The cages are wired and can be electrified which in turn electrocutes the babies and children inside. This stacking hot wired system is called the “Woodpecker Grid”. Children and babies are shipped into the base via planes, vehicles, trains and of course subterranean tunnel systems coming from all over the place. When you talk about an average of 2,000 babies in one delivery through the child abduction network it may seem like quite a lot. But if you compare that to the amount of infants given up by low income or drugged out parents, bred through satanic cuts, brought with illegal immigrants who cannot keep the children, and many other situations where children are literally abandoned in the streets of cities and towns, we can see how easy it can be for the three letter agencies to find such an amount to ship to such facilities as China Lake.

With all the levels at China Lake the main purpose of this subterranean base is to create vast amounts of highly mind controlled slaves which can be shipped to other subterranean bases for a short lifetime of slave labor until death. The infamous Charles Manson was a product of China Lake. Remember he lived less than 50 miles to the northwest of this base.

project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:


Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB


Targeting: Short range, in person


Frequencies: ELF Modulation Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies


Purpose: Top security personnel debreifing, programming, insure security and loyalty


Pseudonym: “Dreamland”



Location: Montauk, Long Island

(Electronic multi-directional targeting of

select population groups)

Targeting: Medium range

Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated

Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt

Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off

geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population

programming for sensitized individuals

Pseudonym: “Rainbow”, ZAP

Charles Manson family called

The Order of The Rainbow

Kenneth Anger favorite expression “ZAP” THATS WITCHCRAFT

Michael Aquino was involved with him in the Church of Satan please read how there is a huge Military link in all of these Cold Cases.


Was the Manson family used for the same purpose…to find people that society thought were misfits and use them to be programmed?

Is this why they haven’t been solved becasue they are covering up civilian use of experimentation?

We seem to have all of these cell groups that have been joined. We have the mafia, the bikers  groups like the Manson Family the finders different military and secret organizations.  Different religious organizations that are run by MK Ultra programmers. They say they are all linked through the Illuminati but all roads seem to lead to Rome

The Mafia, The CIA, &

The Vatican’s Intelligence Apparatus

In 1991 William Cooper wrote a book titled Behold a Pale Horse.

In this book he predicted that

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

SO this begs the question…are many of these cold cases military programs tied into these higher level agenda?

Blood sacrifice and also civilian slavery for an elite few with an agenda of a New World Order?

Is this all part of a huge plan to undermine and destroy the United States of America?

Has it been going on  for decades and systematically been apart of a plan to create this New World order Government?

behold a pale horse


“The Finders” link part one

In the “Tavis Stock ” agenda the “word” Utopia appears. Utopia was the concept of a perfect society that could be controlled through “mind control”. A society totally devoid of freethinkers. One that would be allowed to believe it had free thinking but would be content to be controlled. Is this the agenda of the New World Order?

There is so much dis-information that has been spread by these elusive elitists to cover up there trail that one only has to stand back to see the damage that has been done in the cause of destroying society as we know it today.

Especially with the removal of critical thinking in every level of society now. And the Mass dumbing down of everyone using the media.

So to follow the agendas of the Illminati and Nazism they have to be selected for dissassociative qualities and genetics.

A commonality all of these groups have in common is they take people that the world would think as being losers..drug addicts, mentally challenged, teens and children who are victims of family break up and they put them into groups.

John B Alexander and Michael Aquino were very involved in creating “Mind controlled” warriors. John B Alexander wrote a book called “Warrior’s Edge”. The idea behind it being to create a super soldier that lacked a moral conscious to be a perfect killing machine.

Of course they used Tax payer money to accomplish this.

SO of course we can look at this on a different level. If they were training super soldiers for the Army why not the mafia and the Church of Satan..the possibilities are endless.

After all isn’t this the commonality of all of them? Whether a “Christian” cult , ” Scientology” they use all of the same mind control and brainwashing that has been used in Psyops and also Mk ultra programs that came from Germany after the second world war.

The Manson Family was collected by Charles Manson  himself a trained “Programer”and through the use of drugs and mind control taught to be an efficient killing machine. The Manson Family was collecting weapons and was going to be a small army. It doesn’t matter that Charles Manson is in Jail. His “2 head” commanders are free and just as involved today as they were back in the time.

And now with the World being behind there “Atwa”‘ does any one even know how many are in the Manson Family today?

Charles Manson likes being in jail he is free to command his army and we the Tax payers pay for his room and board.

The Manson Family before it’s mission of “ATWA “was involved with doing killing  hits,  drug running, prostitution, child pornography and snuff films. Why would any one think they all the sudden are “Nice”. They use codes and messages and also are just as active today as they were in the time.

SO why would any one not be surprised that a Utopia concept like “The Finders” would be any different.

After all the one line the group is taught to believe is the Aleister Crowley’s ” Do What Thou Wilt” shall be the whole  of  the Law”. And because few of them ever think individually they do not have the ability to rationalize that this is a statement of Anarchy and cannot be the foundation of a peaceful society.

Whether ” The Order of the black Cross” or ” the finders” they are all the same. People who have had the simple right of freedom of thinking and speech taken away from them so they can be controlled by others.

Remember also that Lying is a desirable trait and in order to be a Aleister Crowley member you have to lie. So can we believe anything they say about themselves?

And does it even matter if they are Black Magicians or Preachers? Mysticism has entered the Church and even Jewish mysticism and it is all the same. Collective thinking that is controlled by few who have learned the Technics of “Mind Control”. It was the Jesuit Priests who started it because they are the base members of the Illuminati and there founding member was a’ Witch”. Using information collected from there closest allies the ‘Roman Catholic Church” from the spanish inquisition and there fun history of collectively killing in the same format. All in the name of perpetuation of the New World Order.

Drugs have been a huge reason why they have lost there ability to think rationally. If any of them actually rationalized that they are being used by a small group of Elitists who have an agenda of making the world population” 500 million” people they would see that these Elitists will kill them too. After all they do not fit into the  ” Luciferian” concept of perfection. They are freaks and are only being used by the “Elist’s” to do there dirty job so they don’t have to. So sad they are all deceived. In the end though they will find out the real truth.

The history of ” The Finders”

The Tavis stock agenda:

Unpacking each association reveals widespread effects encompassing Intelligence, Military, Government, NGOs, Economics, InfoTech, Mass Media, Philosophy, Occult, Religion, Science, Academia, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine and Zeitgeist (Worldview). Co-opting ancient occult principles, Tavistock took the healing genius of Freud and Jung and aimed it at mass psychology in a controlling way. 

The means mirror the early relationship of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, who wound up with a six-year nervous breakdown when Freud essentially brainwashed him. Freud displays a pattern of turning his ‘heretical’ followers into mental cases, even suicides — Jung in 1913, Victor Tausk in 1919, Herbert Silberer in 1923, and Wilhelm Reich in 1927. 

Freud broke their personalities down providing a model his ‘magical child’ Tavistock used as a modus operandi on many social fronts. Tavistock began with research on “shellshock” or post-traumatic stress, propaganda and applied mind control. They have broken down our whole country with collective ego death. They have used Jung’s metaphysics to remythologize and “spiritualize” society, using the memes of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ as dope for the New Age.

Civilizations need a myth to live. Irrespective of national sovereignty, Tavistock’s foundation ideology orchestrates archetypal battles of ‘good and evil’ by futuring in all cultural domains toward totalitarian ends. Arguably in doing so, they have distorted civilization, morals, psychology, history and religion. They have seized a monopoly on human judgment. The equivalent Russian program is “Psychoecology” from Psychotechnology Research Institute.

Futuring includes six synergetic aspects: 1) mapping acceleration, 2) anticipating, 3) timing and 4) deepening the future, 5) creating alternatives to the present and 6) transformation. Aspirational futuring and analysis includes environmental scanning, forecasts, scenarios, visions, audacious goals and understanding change and strategic issues.

Trends identify key forces shaping the future. Environmental scanning includes global, local, political, economic, technological, environmental and social trends. Roadmaps help us visualize strategies and collaborative foresight. Paradigms underpin the assumed truths of our logic.

The beginning’s of this group called “The Finders” seems to be in Virginia and Washington but as we all know they could be anywhere.

Since a lot has been written about the finders I will focus on some key elements.

First off the name says it all. I would think they have been used as a front group to organize the agenda.

1. They need people to fill different roles in the groups. Whether to be trained to kill, trained as a PSIonic psychic warrior with Remote viewing which all of our guys seem to be linked with.

In review, remember that because many of these organizations are controlled by the Illuminati; an Illuminati slave may often work for one of these front groups, while the Illuminati maintain control over the base-program.

The intelligence networks were started by and run by the Illuminati. They are Illuminati fronts.  The use of slaves crosses many organizational boundaries within the overall Network. If a slave is to be used as a Delta model (assassination), they may be selected for strength and dexterity. The Delta Force is the army’s elite unit made up of Monarch slaves.  If they are to operate as a Beta model (sexual slave), they will be chosen if they can master technique. Occasionally they might in some circumstances be selected for how pretty the programmers expect the child to become. Some parents have produced good looking children and are actually sought-after to bear children to sell into the Mind Controlled Slavery “Freedom Train” System.

However, vastly more important for Beta Sex Slaves are their ability to be programmed to have charm, seductive skills, charisma, and creativity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the programmers can put almost any kind of body to use as a sex slave.  Almost any sex slave can fit somewhere into the script of the Illuminati/New World Order/crime syndicate “porn” movies. (I place porn in quotation marks–because what they call porn doesn’t resemble what the public thinks of porn–we’re not talking Playboy type porn, we’re talking ghastly horrible atrocities that are as sick as anything done in the Nazi concentration camps).

here are some essays written by ex programmed children who were trained for ritual abuse.

As one of the Jobs these programmed slaves  was to do was to infiltrate into different areas of Churches and high level politicians and through black mailing by filming sex acts was to be used as a control for the CIA and FBI. Whom it is reported have used there services and even trained them.

Look out Mountain was rumored to be used for filming porn in high level blackmail.

SO is this a multi billion dollar industry world wide? and are these so called front groups involved in “finding” people for these elite organizations. Are they all covertly involved and used in order to satisfy customers who are willing to pay money for these services?

Part 2: some connections in the cold cases

Charles Manson link to Smiley face murders

In radical environmentalism animals and trees , plants become more important than people. They could care less about suffering or pain of loss to a family and in there Psychopathic narrow view on life create violence and perpetuation of violence  instead of solution. The solution to the worlds problem with destroying nature is not depopulation and Eugenics but education.

The Manson Family through ATWA has grown to a point now where I am sure even the FBI does not know the number.

In revisiting the “Smiley Face Murders” which the police have largely discredited instead of solving one clearly sees the “Code Killer” at work.

This time it is clear this is “Radical Environmentalism”

So in the Zodiac murders they claimed they like hunting humans and killing them. ALl of these unsolved cold cases have this thread in common whether rape or murder. Is the Smiley face murders a way of killing done in Cold water to delay and remove forensic decomposition and also hide what would have killed them?

Whether poison or rope? Rope would tie into Witch craft and the Witches cradle….and would be impossible to find after time in frozen or cold water.

This was taken from God Like Productions blog I have placed a star beside what I added to show link to Manson Family.

There are several micro-patterns that appear within the Smiley Face killer map pattern. One of these appears in the lower lip of the face. Three of the victims in this lip died or vanished in 2005 and each had a father who was a police officer. This lower lip pattern also spells COP backwards.

Columbus, OH – Anthony Luzio Jr, 25 (father was cop)            cope

*TURN P  UPSIDE DOWN   CODE>>>> Code killer

Oakwood, IL – Ryan Katcher, 19 (father died before son)
Peoria, IL – Keith Ryan, 22 (father was cop)
East Dubuque, IL – Matt Kruziki, 24 (father was cop)

The following is a list of towns represented on the map as suspected Smiley Face victim locations. Many of these towns have had multiple similar deaths that fit the victim profile.

Duluth, MN
Hinckley, MN
Marshall/Taunton, MN
Minneapolis Metro Area, MN
Moorhead, MN
New London, MN
St. Cloud/Collegeville, MN
Eau Claire, WI
La Crosse, WI
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Ames, IA
Chicago, IL
East Dubuque, IL
Oakwood, IL
Peoria, IL
South Bend, IN
East Lansing, MI
Ravenna, MI
Athens, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Toledo, OH
Bellevue, KY
Ridley Township, PA
Albany, NY
Canton, NY
Cortland, NY
Ithaca, NY
Kingston, NY
New York, NY
Potsdam, NY
Middlebury, VT
Beverly, MA

Word Patterns

One thing that accidents don’t do is spell out words. The following is a list of words spelled out by the Smiley Face killers. The words are spelled by using the first letters in the names of the towns where the victim died or vanished and go in order by date.

ARM:            *In the “Zodiac Killer Halloween Skeleton” Arm is K. K is the symbol in Aleister Crowleys realm of “Magick”. K is a sacred number and since this is obvious that they are using “ Magick” in their blood sacrifice this aligns to  Aleister Crowley and his teaching’s.
ALBANY, NY – Josh Szostak, 21 (12-23-2007)
RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, PA – Thomas J. Booth, 24 (01-20-2008)
MIDDLEBURY, VT – Nicholas Garza, 19 (02-05-2008)

A smiley face was found in all three of these cases. Notice that the first letter in the names of the towns spell out the word ARM. This was the location of suspected Smiley Face victim Brian Shaffer’s tattoo. Shaffer vanished from Columbus, Ohio in 2006. The ARM word begins in the exact town (Albany) that was crypticly linked by street names (Pearl, (Jam)es, Columbia) to the Pearl Jam tattoo on Brian’s arm. The Pearl Jam group once mentioned the Shaffer case at one of their concerts


CHICAGO, IL – Brian Welzien, 21 (12-31-1999)
OAKWOOD, IL – Ryan Katcher, 19 (11-05-2000)
LACROSSE, WI – Patrick Runningen, 23 (03-01-2001)
DULUTH, MN – Ken Jason Christiansen, 19 (04-13-2001)

One repeated pattern of the Smiley Face killers is that the killer takes various details from newspaper articles about his victims and incorporates it into other deaths and cryptic clues. On 04-13-1999 Jeffrey Geesey (age 21) died in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The very next day Nathan Andrew Edberg (age 21) vanished from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and is still missing. On 07-16-1999 the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on Edberg’s disappearance. The following is the first line of the story:

“A bartender at Decoy’s Bar and Grill remembers the cold, drizzly night Nathan Edberg vanished.”

The very next suspected smiley face death in December of 1999 happened in Chicago and is the beginning of the COLD word.


PEORIA, IL – Keith Ryan, 22 (04-12-2005)
ITHACA, NY – Dan Pirfo, 19 (04-24-2005)
RAVENNA, MI – Todd Geib, 22 (06-12-2005)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Josh S nell, 22 (06-12-2005)


pire (using Raguileo Alphabet)

  1. snow             >>>>>>                                                                                 SNOW
  2. hail


COLUMBUS, OH – Anthony Luzio Jr, 25 (07-04-2005)
AMES, IA – Jacob B. Hobson, 27 (07-19-2005)
MOORHEAD, MN – Patrick Kycia, 19 (09-23-2005)
POTSDAM, NY – Albert Campbell, 22 (10-07-2005)

The very last victim in the CAMP word has the name Campbell. The Smiley Face killer has left repeated similar partial names in his clues. This is more evidence that the killer sometimes stalks his victims and even knows their names.

*If you take Camp and remove M and A that leaves CP reverse  P C Priest Charles  Priest Charles Manson

And if you add the MA to the word Nemec by removing the N it spells Man>>>Snow Man

Which we have proved spells Manson.

This leaves CM EE that could be environmental and Eco system

Charles Manson Eco system and enviroment                                                                                                           Man

NEW LONDON, MN – Daniel Lee Newville, 18 (08-01-2002)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Craig Burrows, 23 (09-29-2002)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Chris Jenkins, 21 (10-31-2002)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Michael Noll, 22 (11-06-2002)
COLLEGEVILLE, MN – Joshua Cheney Guimond, 21 (11-09-2002)

using initials of first letter of Towns of suspected murders I found

Charles Manson Secret Pal I’m back


“Truth” Ritual Abuse is real and needs to be stopped

With all of the disinformation out there about how ” Satanic ritual abuse” doesn’t exist and how we are violating there rights under freedom of religion. Well the average Satanist is very evil and because they have to be secretive and  they have to balance out there magick by doing good besides evil they are often found now hiding in the Church. Just like in Hitler’s time the church was operating while the concentration camps were exterminating people> so now the church  hides Satanists.

10000 CULTS

There are an estimated 100,000 or more Satanic cults in America. Those numbers sadly are out-dated and from the 1980’s. The numbers are much higher now of course. But it’s not a priority of the F.B.I. to track anymore. Police are NOT allowed to call a ritual murder done to someone as so. There are certain codes for these type Satanic murders. This is a fact, ask any police officer. The F.B.I. Learned long ago when they mention “Satanic cult” in the news people go ape shit over it.

So most cases are hidden as just murders by crazy people. But they never mention the Satanic cult involved or the actual ritual. When kids come up missing, investigate case workers, day-care workers even teachers as well. Guaranteed someone close to the child knows’s just who exactly. The child was scoped out for ceremonies I bet. I know this is hard if you lost a child. But chances are these people had something to do with arranging it, not some drunken pirate as the media will spin it.

Dig into some of these people that work with children, and you may find other cases of missing children they knew. Then figure the odds of it. The reason they do not find most missing people is they don’t consider other options as potential leads. Or they don’t want to find them and are covering up for these groups. After all Satanic cults tell you what they do and what believe in so why not beat on their doors first when people come up missing prior to the ceremony dates? Not that hard to do and create a profile on these assholes is it?

Remember Satanists have rights to practice their religion under Federal Laws protecting freedom of religion. Most nations now have the same laws put in place since the early 1980’s. Uniformity and Globalism are great huh?

Each Satanic/Wicca cult has 13 people. You do the math with the chart on this link as to how many people they each kill yearly. This is not an “option” for them, this IS their religion keep this in mind. The 100,000 mentioned are just Satanic cults. Those numbers does not include Luciferians, Nazi death cults, JRS Jewish ritual sacrifice (Talmudic -Jews only) Mexican Santeria, Voo Doo, gang initiations or serial killers.

Thou Satanist dabble with spells and conjure demons during ceremonies, they often can’t control demons nor send them back. Remember if they were not getting what they want out of these ceremonies they would quit in time. So this means it is real and they are getting things they desire. Luciferians actually control demons and consider Satanist as very dangerous to them. Luciferians are ancient bloodlines. Satanists are like grunt soldiers for Luciferians. Either way they all kill people and serve the same master. You can watch “Eyes Wide Shut” for an idea of who Luciferians are.

Don’t assume the Million missing people every year in America were stupid or easily tricked. But if you keep your guard up with everyone in time these people will show themselves and trip up, just as a Tiger can only hide it’s stripes so long.

Always be careful of new people you meet until you know them well enough. In fact make that very well and always test people to be safe. If not, you or someone you love could become a victim to these Satanists. They almost always choose their victims long before hand. That’s a fact. Real Satanist always look normal. They will try to get you to try new things, go to new places all to build trust to get you off guard when the time comes.


Remember it’s the normal looking ones that will harm you. Keep in mind the real Satanists are pure evil. This is real and understand they will have no pity on killing you or your children. How these cults create monsters is simple, sad and very disturbing. All Satanic families are programmed by SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). This is mind control. Horrific abuse fragments the human mind and causes multiple personalities. Out of shock the human brain creates compartments or places to hide. I am talking about REAL trauma here, not just beatings. The worse things you can think of aren’t even bad compared to what their offspring are subjected too. This is needed to fragment their minds early in childhood.

Once fragmented they then get into the child’s mind by getting them to go into another personality then they abuse that one. In time the child has no safe place to go, even in his/her own mind. This violation of their minds is complicated but once it’s done the children do not even dare think about revolting. Each personality is found then programmed for different tasks. Most MPD do dot even know they have other personalities. The level of physical abuse children of Satanic cults is sickening not to mention the mental torture needed to create the next generation.

In these cults they have breeders and use the babies for rituals. Also all members are one complete family. So all children are violated sexually by most members. Some children do not comply to programming, or refuse to kill animals, are then killed by other toddlers as commanded. By 5 these children have to kill another children then remove their organs. This is when they split personalities in order to deal with the commanded task.

By 5-6, they are weeded out. By 10 they are seasoned in killing. In SRA the only time their children are shown attention and love is on ceremony days. In time these children look forward to ceremonies. This is when they are let out of isolation, get fed well, and shown actual love and affection. Afterward they are isolated again from the world. Again starved, deprived of water if they ask or cry for it, often for days.

This makes them hard and callous in nature. By the time these children of Satanist/Luciferians are 8 or 9 they get used to killing other children usually play mates from school or the neighborhood. Then they are ready to “recruit” or bring playmates from school to kill. And they will do this for acceptance and love. This is how they groom their children. This is also how these people keep secrets in the family.

So you see these people are not playing games here and this is very serious stuff. Remember it’s not what your religion is, or lack of that’s theirs that matters as killing you is their religion . Warn others and always keep both guards up always, trust no one new especially the least likely ones you’d suspect such as clergy, church members.

Many Satanist are active church members. Fact are Freemasons and Satanists donate the most money in most churches all to gain positions of power and trust. From there they can guide the flock onto what passages they want you to learn and not others. These are all facts from retired F.B.I Ted Gunderson Agent (Google videos of him available, just type into key search in Google and watch) .

Be wise as serpents! – See more at:

See more at:


Witches Cradle link to Smiley Face Murders

The Witches Cradle is a source of power that opens up a portal to the Spirit realm.

Maya Deren who worked with Curtis Harrington and Kenneth Anger did a movie called ” The Witches Cradle” 1944 with Marcel Duchamp who was a member of the Los Angelos coven. He is listed with the Los Angelos Church of Satan.

Kenneth Anger formed Creative Film Associates In 1944, the Anglemyers moved to Hollywood to live with their grandmother, and Kenneth began attending Beverly Hills High School. It was here that he met Maxine Peterson, who had once been the stand-in for Shirley Temple, and he asked her, alongside another classmate and an old woman, to appear in his next film project, which he initially called Demigods but which was later retitledEscape Episode. Revolving partially around the occult, it was filmed in a “spooky old castle” in Hollywood and was subsequently screened at the Coronet TheatreAround this time, Anger also began attending the screenings of silent films held at Clara Grossman’s art gallery, through which he met a fellow filmmaker, Curtis Harrington, and together they formed Creative Film Associates (CFA). Harrington is said to have introduced Anger to the work of Aleister Crowley.[16] Crowley’s philosophy of Thelema would exert a profound influence on the remainder of Anger’s career. CFA was founded to distribute experimental films or “underground films” such as those of Maya DerenJohn and James Whitney, as well as Anger’s and Harrington’s.[17]

Maya Deren was into Voodoo and claimed she was a Voodoo princess.

In environmentalism there is a huge link to the Pagan community through Pagan Earth Worship.


Further information: Goddess (Wicca)

The Mother Goddess, or Great Goddess, is a composite of various feminine deities from past and present world cultures, worshiped by modern Wicca and others broadly known as Neopagans. She is considered sometimes identified as a Triple Goddess, who takes the form of Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes. She is described as Mother Earth, Mother Nature, or the Creatress of all life. She is associated with the full moon and stars, the Earth, and the sea.

Are the Smiley Face murders a form of radical environmentalism  Is who ever doing this casting spells? and creating openings to the spirit realm? In Moloch worship of the” Owl God” blood sacrifice is required.The Canaanite deity, Moloch, was worshiped in Greece, Babylon and later in Europe. It is normally symbolized by a bull or an owl, or some type of horned beast, and children, and older are sacrificed to it. It is the precursor of all modern death cults. There also is a huge coincidence of water at the sites which is a part of the sacrifices.

Are these innocent young men being killed because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Are they hiding this to look like drownings so they can get away with it?

the new radical enviromentalism 12

Charles Manson”Name” found in 1990 Zodiac killer card

In the Pagan realm Christmas is the celebration of Solstice. We have snowmen also in the” Peek through the Pines”

We found this on the internet an envelope that Charles Manson sent to a fan. Notice the stamp and smiley Face. Was he letting everyone know that this is him?




Also on second part notice the printing similarities to The Bates had to die Zodiac killer letters.