Arlis Perry connection

Arlis and Bruce Perry grew up in Bismark, North Dakota. They were high school sweethearts and devout born again Christians. When Bruce graduated high school he went off to collage at Stanford. While he was gone that first year, Arlis visited a Process cult area and tried to convert the members to Christ.

At the end of the year when she graduated high school Arlis and Bruce married and she joined him at stanford, where he was studying to become a doctor. They lived in a dorm for married couples. With his studies and working, he didn’t have a lot of time for her and she was restless until she got a job as a receptionist at a law firm.

It is interesting how close her name Arlis is to Aleister. Was Arlis a sacrifice to Aleister Crowley to pay homage for his 100th birthday?

Arlis loved to take walks on the Stanford campas at night, but quit when Bruce advised her it might not be a good idea. One night she wrote some letters and decided to mail them. He went with her and they got into an argument about who was going to put air in a tire of their car. So Bruce went back to the dorm and Arlis continued on, stopping to pray at the Stanford Memorial Church. Several people saw her there, and when the security guard advised that it was almost midnight and time to lock the doors she did not leave as the others did. As the last people walked out the door they saw a sandy haired man walk inside.

By and by, when Arlis didn’t return home, Bruce got worried and went to look for her, couldn’t find her, and reported her missing.

Terry says:

She was found lying on her back, with her body partially under he first pew in the left side of the alcove, a short distance from where she had been seen praying. Above her was a large carving which had been sculptured into the church wall years before. It was an engraving of the cross. The symbolism was explicit.

Arlis head was facing forward, toward the main alter. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she was nude from the waist down. The legs of her blue jeans were spread eagled upside down across her calves, purposely arranged in that manner. Viewed from above, the resulting pattern Arlis’s legs and the inverted blue jeans took on a diamond-like shape.

Arlis blouse was torn open, and her arms were folded across her chest. Placed neatly between her breasts was an alter candle. Completing the desecration, another candle, thirty inches long, was jammed into her vagina. She had been beaten and choked. Death was due to her an ice pick being rammed into her skull behind her left ear, the handle protruding grotesquely from her head.

At her funeral a co worker was confused when he saw Bruce, who did not look like the man he thought was Arlis’s husband. At work he had noticed a man come in to speak with her and they got into a heated argument. He figured it was a tiff between the newlyweds. Actually, that was not Bruce, but the man did fit the description of the sandy haired man seen entering the church the night Arlis was brutally murdered.

It has been speculated that the killer was a member of the Bismark Process cult and that he had stalked her to Stanford to killer her because she had tried to convert his members to Christ.

Or was it possible that Arlis perry was an homage to Aliester Crowley who was turning 100 yearsold in 1975

I will let you make your own opinion

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  1. Maybe a coincidence. But on the other hand, maybe not. It’s it’s not, it wouldn’t surprise me. Strange tho. If it was a cult killing, pre-planned, the perp was pretty stupid to get into an argument before the fact.

    Satanists are big on symbolism and codes. They like to “brag” leaving clues hidden in plain view so that only those who dig into codes notice them, while others, (in the matrix) totally miss the symbolism.

  2. If he would get the exposure he needs and they didn’t laugh at him on maenitrsam media, then maybe more people like you would listen to what he says and look at his record and know he’s the only choice. Why do you think the establishment is against him. He wants to end the Federal Reserve, CIA, wars, etc Do you think any of the Illuminati want this. Oh yeah, it’s just a myth. Do a little more research and reading. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  3. I hope you are talking about Manson…or are you talking about Aleister Crowley? if you are talking about Crowley how could any one think that a man who killed children and drove his wife insane by forcing her to have sex with dogs is someone to be idolized?

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