Who is really behind all of this?

In Levi’s picture of the Tetragrammaton the true symbols of who is behind the hand gesture is made apparent.

The Horned God or Baphomet.  Aleister Crowley as Baphomet XI° OTO  also Aleister Crowley used the symbolism of 777 which is in reference to the Horned God Baphomet.

It is the symbol that what is apparent in the natural really shadows what is truly behind the meaning which is the great Horned Beast or Baphomet. So in other words the deception is really about Lucifer or Satan or the Horned God Baphomet. That is the spirit behind the meaning of the hand gestures and the groups. WHenever you see the hand gestures it is showing this Luciferian oath.

How the whole group of cold cases including the Zodiac killer  symbolizes this is because it has been made to be a serial killer when it is really about a group that has been influenced by Aliester Crowley.  There has always been more than one killer but they link through Aleister Crowley. I would speculate that all but a few of these cold cases were Satanic sacrifices. As you see below in the hand gestures and how the shadow is the Baphomet. A symbol of the great deception that is falling upon mankind through music, media world events and a group of high level politicians who serve the Luciferian agenda.





The tetragrammaton as seen in Transcendental Magick.

the pentagram is first and foremost a sign of the five elements, fire, water, air, earth and spirit. It represents man, and the microcosm, while the hexagram represents planetary influences and the macrocosm. The elements are represented on the pentagram with the wand, cup, sword/dagger, and disk symbols. There is a theme of the union of opposites present with the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine uniting. This theme is carried out with the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, representing all of existence, the squaring of the circle from sacred geometry, and the Venus and Mercury conjoined. The Venus and Mercury are very interesting here because one would think of Venus and Mars being together because of the traditional masculine and feminine from Greek/Roman myth. The use of Venus and Mercury is thus removed from myth mostly and I think hinting toward its use as a pathworking, being the 27th path and the uniting of fire (netzach) and water (hod). Interestingly enough hod, typically thought of as male, is water, while netzach, being female to hod, and female in other senses, having the element of fire thus giving the sense of motion, and not a sense of being static. (The male being the female and the female also being the male.) I also noticed the three darkened Ts, which I found related to the triple Taus in masonry. The A for Alpha also looks like a Masonic compass.

The Hebrew letters are intriguing. I spent a lot of time looking through them and at one in particular which I found made no sense at all. Ill consider the three that made sense first. ADM, PChD, HVH. ADM = Aleph Daleth Mem is quite overtly referring to mankind, not first man. Aleph being the air that breathes life, and DM the blood that receives it. PChD = Peh Cheth Daleth. Pachad is fear or terror.http://amamariesimard.tripod.com/id11.html

Aleister Crowley has undoubtedly been the most prolific influence behind all of the modern groups that attain to his instructions. The below link is to a group that was influenced by Aleister Crowley .

Aleister Crowley who labeled himself the Beast 66, a trickster, 33rd Degree Freemason and a charlatan who may well have hoaxed the Stele of Revealing and his own “Law of Thelema” has misled many with his dictum “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law”. See just one of the results of following his views of moral relativism.



Before Aleister Crowley there was a group called the Hell fire club .The club was originally called The Friars of St Francis of Wycombe, but over time the term The Hellfire Club stuck . After a short period frequenting the cellar of a pub called The George and Vulture the group moved their ‘ meetings ‘ to a ruined abbey called Medmenham . There were originally twelve members named after the twelve apostles, and Sir Francis played Jesus .

At the meetings the group worshipped Satan and Black Masses were held . Sir Francis Dashwood had the abbey redecorated to his tastes with pornographic fresoes and stained glass windows were made which showed the original twelve members in indecent poses . At the entrance to the abbey, there was an inscription which read Fay ce que voudras – do what thou wilt – a term which Aleister Crowley borrowed nearly 200 years later . There are no real details of the Black Masses but what is known is that the chapel was draped in black and crude parodies of the scriptures were used . To be fair to the group there were not any rumours of sacrifice or paedophilia .


Gnosticism has totally infiltrated the Modern  Church as per instructions from Aleister Crowley listed at below link