High level Satanist’s the Dupont family link to Zodiac Killer

I am in control of all things letter 1978

I am the ZODIAC and I am in control of all things. I am going to tell you a secret.I like friction tape. I like to have it around in case I need to truss someone up in a hurry….I have my real name on a small metallic tape. You see, while you have it in your possession, I want you to know it belongs to me and you think I may have left it accidentally. I am athletic. It could be swim fins, or a piece of scuba gear. But maybe you play chess with me. I have several cheap sets in closets allover. I have my name on the bottom of the lid with the scotch tape….My tape is waiting for me all over California. Do you know me? I am the ZODIAC andI am in control.

Is it possible that the small metallic tape they are talking about is Teflon?

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene was discovered on April 6, 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett at the DuPont research laboratories (Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey). Plunkett was working with gases related to Freon® refrigerants when upon checking a frozen, compressed sample of tetrafluoroethylene, he and his associates discovered that the sample had polymerized spontaneously into a white, waxy solid to form polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE.

PTFE was first marketed under the Dupont name Teflon

Dupont is one of the 13 Illuminati Families and are high level Satanists. There are 13 eyeballs on Halloween card that we believe is a reference to the Illuminati families

They have been called Kings- and rightly so even if people have been unaware that they are a dynasty of Illuminati Kings. I do not know which particular men have served during the Satanic rituals. The family has always had a head of the family. It may be that the most powerful DuPont may also secretly serve as the highest Satanist.

They are highest level FREEMASONS

a connection to the Zodiac killer and the SAnfrancisco Freemasons

Remember we found Clay st spelled on door of car at Lake Berryassa

the Original magic lantern circle for the Church Of  Satan  met at

630 Clay st


Another important Mason who would visit the DuPonts was Henry Clay who was the American Secretary of State and head of the whig party.

Henry Clay was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and GranD Orator for the G.L. 1806-09. He was one of the Freemasons involved in a high level meeting that used the U.S. Senate Chambers on Mar. 9, 1822 for their meeting. If the duPonts were already one of the primary top families, it may well be Clay was coming to them for guidance on how to steer the nation. 


The family symbol for the Duponts is a Dragon. This would reference the Zodiac Killer dragon Card. The reason we believe the case has never been solved has been because of the Free mason Judges and lawyers who have acted for these families and covered it up so that it wouldn’t trace back to them as Satanists.