Charles Manson link to Smiley face murders

In radical environmentalism animals and trees , plants become more important than people. They could care less about suffering or pain of loss to a family and in there Psychopathic narrow view on life create violence and perpetuation of violence  instead of solution. The solution to the worlds problem with destroying nature is not depopulation and Eugenics but education.

The Manson Family through ATWA has grown to a point now where I am sure even the FBI does not know the number.

In revisiting the “Smiley Face Murders” which the police have largely discredited instead of solving one clearly sees the “Code Killer” at work.

This time it is clear this is “Radical Environmentalism”

So in the Zodiac murders they claimed they like hunting humans and killing them. ALl of these unsolved cold cases have this thread in common whether rape or murder. Is the Smiley face murders a way of killing done in Cold water to delay and remove forensic decomposition and also hide what would have killed them?

Whether poison or rope? Rope would tie into Witch craft and the Witches cradle….and would be impossible to find after time in frozen or cold water.

This was taken from God Like Productions blog I have placed a star beside what I added to show link to Manson Family.

There are several micro-patterns that appear within the Smiley Face killer map pattern. One of these appears in the lower lip of the face. Three of the victims in this lip died or vanished in 2005 and each had a father who was a police officer. This lower lip pattern also spells COP backwards.

Columbus, OH – Anthony Luzio Jr, 25 (father was cop)            cope

*TURN P  UPSIDE DOWN   CODE>>>> Code killer

Oakwood, IL – Ryan Katcher, 19 (father died before son)
Peoria, IL – Keith Ryan, 22 (father was cop)
East Dubuque, IL – Matt Kruziki, 24 (father was cop)

The following is a list of towns represented on the map as suspected Smiley Face victim locations. Many of these towns have had multiple similar deaths that fit the victim profile.

Duluth, MN
Hinckley, MN
Marshall/Taunton, MN
Minneapolis Metro Area, MN
Moorhead, MN
New London, MN
St. Cloud/Collegeville, MN
Eau Claire, WI
La Crosse, WI
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Ames, IA
Chicago, IL
East Dubuque, IL
Oakwood, IL
Peoria, IL
South Bend, IN
East Lansing, MI
Ravenna, MI
Athens, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Toledo, OH
Bellevue, KY
Ridley Township, PA
Albany, NY
Canton, NY
Cortland, NY
Ithaca, NY
Kingston, NY
New York, NY
Potsdam, NY
Middlebury, VT
Beverly, MA

Word Patterns

One thing that accidents don’t do is spell out words. The following is a list of words spelled out by the Smiley Face killers. The words are spelled by using the first letters in the names of the towns where the victim died or vanished and go in order by date.

ARM:            *In the “Zodiac Killer Halloween Skeleton” Arm is K. K is the symbol in Aleister Crowleys realm of “Magick”. K is a sacred number and since this is obvious that they are using “ Magick” in their blood sacrifice this aligns to  Aleister Crowley and his teaching’s.
ALBANY, NY – Josh Szostak, 21 (12-23-2007)
RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, PA – Thomas J. Booth, 24 (01-20-2008)
MIDDLEBURY, VT – Nicholas Garza, 19 (02-05-2008)

A smiley face was found in all three of these cases. Notice that the first letter in the names of the towns spell out the word ARM. This was the location of suspected Smiley Face victim Brian Shaffer’s tattoo. Shaffer vanished from Columbus, Ohio in 2006. The ARM word begins in the exact town (Albany) that was crypticly linked by street names (Pearl, (Jam)es, Columbia) to the Pearl Jam tattoo on Brian’s arm. The Pearl Jam group once mentioned the Shaffer case at one of their concerts


CHICAGO, IL – Brian Welzien, 21 (12-31-1999)
OAKWOOD, IL – Ryan Katcher, 19 (11-05-2000)
LACROSSE, WI – Patrick Runningen, 23 (03-01-2001)
DULUTH, MN – Ken Jason Christiansen, 19 (04-13-2001)

One repeated pattern of the Smiley Face killers is that the killer takes various details from newspaper articles about his victims and incorporates it into other deaths and cryptic clues. On 04-13-1999 Jeffrey Geesey (age 21) died in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The very next day Nathan Andrew Edberg (age 21) vanished from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and is still missing. On 07-16-1999 the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on Edberg’s disappearance. The following is the first line of the story:

“A bartender at Decoy’s Bar and Grill remembers the cold, drizzly night Nathan Edberg vanished.”

The very next suspected smiley face death in December of 1999 happened in Chicago and is the beginning of the COLD word.


PEORIA, IL – Keith Ryan, 22 (04-12-2005)
ITHACA, NY – Dan Pirfo, 19 (04-24-2005)
RAVENNA, MI – Todd Geib, 22 (06-12-2005)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Josh S nell, 22 (06-12-2005)


pire (using Raguileo Alphabet)

  1. snow             >>>>>>                                                                                 SNOW
  2. hail


COLUMBUS, OH – Anthony Luzio Jr, 25 (07-04-2005)
AMES, IA – Jacob B. Hobson, 27 (07-19-2005)
MOORHEAD, MN – Patrick Kycia, 19 (09-23-2005)
POTSDAM, NY – Albert Campbell, 22 (10-07-2005)

The very last victim in the CAMP word has the name Campbell. The Smiley Face killer has left repeated similar partial names in his clues. This is more evidence that the killer sometimes stalks his victims and even knows their names.

*If you take Camp and remove M and A that leaves CP reverse  P C Priest Charles  Priest Charles Manson

And if you add the MA to the word Nemec by removing the N it spells Man>>>Snow Man

Which we have proved spells Manson.

This leaves CM EE that could be environmental and Eco system

Charles Manson Eco system and enviroment                                                                                                           Man

NEW LONDON, MN – Daniel Lee Newville, 18 (08-01-2002)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Craig Burrows, 23 (09-29-2002)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Chris Jenkins, 21 (10-31-2002)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Michael Noll, 22 (11-06-2002)
COLLEGEVILLE, MN – Joshua Cheney Guimond, 21 (11-09-2002)

using initials of first letter of Towns of suspected murders I found

Charles Manson Secret Pal I’m back