Richard Helms was head of the CIA and MK Ultra and phoenix programs

Was the CIA and Military targeted by the Family?

Charles manson biological father was Colonel  Walker Scott, it was rumored Charles Manson  was involved with the MK Ultra programs and also Phoenix programs through prison.

Was the murders of lake Berryassa and Paul Stine  a lashing out at the fact Manson had been arrested?

Was Manson programmed for this? so if there is more than one Zodiac killer could there have been CIA involvement .

Lake Berryassa was a hood like the CHurch of Satan and was wearing military wing walker shoes. maybe a reference to the military involvement with Church of Satan. Colonel Micheal Aquino( COS) and Colonel John b Alexander( non lethal weapons)

Paul Stine murder police sketch  Zodiac picture  looks like Richard Helm’s. Was a member of the Family dressed like him tho threaten him. There was a rumor that the  Tate la Bianca murders were a hit. Manson did not get the full amount of money.

was this a form of black mail? a threatening to expose the Military and CIA programs? A lashing out because Manson and family members had been arrested? Was there a military CIA connection?

Sharon Tate daughter of  LT Colonel Paul Tate high level intelligence CIA

Betty Lou Jensen father Lt Colonel Vern Jensen Navy

Darlene Ferrin father ex Marine  Darlene Ferrin’s ex-husband, James Phillips. military

Paul Stine killed within vicinity of U.S. Army base at Presidio. Paul Stine was a reporter for the military