Dan Decarlo

Danny Decarlo
Danny, a member of the outlaw biker gang the Straight Satans, was involved with Charles Manson and stayed at the Spahn ranch to fix manson’s 3 wheeler motorcycle. Like Bobbie beausuliel, he stayed at the ranch because of all the pretty girls and free sex and drugs.

After working on the three-wheeler he converted several carsinto dune buggies. Charlie wanted to align himself with the Straight Satans to keep the public away from the ranch. However the Straight Satans didn’t like Charlie and wanted to claim Danny back to their club. Once they rolled into the ranch and threatened to rape and kill everyone if Danny didn’t return to Venice with them. Charlie offered his life in exchange for them to leave. The bikers were so freaked out by Charlie’s death wish they left the ranch without raising hell.

The Straight Satans

The Straight Satan’s who are based out of San Francisco helped Charles Manson run his stolen auto parts business. They also ran and supplied drugs and worked with him with his prostitution and snuff film business. In San Francisco they were rumored to be involved with Darlene Ferrin in her laundering drug money out of “Terry’s IHOP” restaurant.  They also had ties to the Mafia through drugs and stolen auto parts. Most notably through Frankie Carbo who was a soldier with the Lucchese  family.

Danny DeCarlo who was the head  treasurer of the Straight Satan’s  hung out at the Ranch after the breakup of his girlfriend. He was given free sex and helped Manson work on his vehicles. He was good friends with Manson and Bobby Beausliel who was Kenneth Angers lover.

Kenneth Anger was a high up Magus with the Satanic church with which Manson and Beasaliel were involved. Kenneth Anger was also good friends with Timothy leary and Frank Reynolds of the Hells angels. Anger has admitted many times he experimented with drugs as part of his ceremonies in Black Magic.

Danny DeCarlo was charged with three separate charges and made a deal with the State to turn on Manson. Susan Atkins was paid $150,000 dollars to turn States evidence against Manson.

Mae Brussells quote:

So when the lead article came out “The CIA is Involved to this Mystery Case” — and I’ve claimed for years that the CIA was behind the SLA, Charles Bates, the Patty Hearst kidnapping, Donald DeFreeze, the Manson Family, and the whole schmear, I have a list of what is it now 30 or 40 California violences. These people had more information than they need to know. And they had to get it from either Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, or DIA, or the IRS, or the FBI, or the CIA — if there’s any difference. All that kind of information in advance of their operation was found up in Canada, and what would their operation — if they wanted to send weapons to El Salvador — what would they have to know about the schools that these children go to, or anything about these children? So it is a known fact in California — I’m not talking about other states, but I’ve studied other states — the former criminals and murderers are released from prison by the police departments who are members of the Nazi party and the Klan — I’ve verified this over and over again. [Members of] white racist organizations are released; they’re allowed to leave.

http://www.maebrussell.com/Transcriptions/482.html  quote from Mae Brussells

in the 1970s and 80s  a man called

Joly West started the UCLA Violence Project
which was going to be at Vacaville which was where Donald Defreeze
was. He recruited a brain electrode implant psychiatrist who was part
of a brain electrode team at Harvard, Frank Ervin, to be part of the
UCLA Violence Project.


Charles Manson was involved with the Esalen group which was known to have labs experimenting with drug use and MKULTRA with Timothy Leary. You could not have dealt in drugs in the 1960’s without being involved with the CIA because they were the dealers. Especially with the manufacture and sale of LSD.

How did Danny DeCarlo walk away without getting charged in the Hinman Muder? It was his Biker gang that helped arrange the drug deal. It was his sword that was used to kill Hinman.

Was the CIA and Navy linked to the 4 the reich behind these series of violent events to do work on their MK ULTRA projects. Was there too much and too many other people in high places who would have been exposed if the truth came out about the Manson Family and Tate murders. Like say CIA involvement in drugs. Like the truth about the Bobby Kennedy murder? Exposing the truth about a CIA film studio in the canyon that was supposed to be filming Atomic bomb film footage studies from Nevada but was rumored to have been filming porn films.

If you were going to make a hit to move into a drug scene you could not have picked a better area than this. It was the heartland of intrigue and pedophilia and Hollywood’s dirty secrets. If you were say Joseph Bonanno and you were relocating from the east coast to the west coast into the drug scene what better place to make a hit and stage an event? It was a genius move because it created a situation where  creative lawyers like Vincent Bugliosi, and Belli and Shipley had to creatively come up with a way to cover up the fact that Sharon Tate , Robert Evans and Roman Polanski had dinner with Robert Kennedy the night before his death. It had to cover up the covens and the drug use, porn and rumored snuff films. Helter Skelter was a great ruse. It was fabricated very well. It was a half truth covering up a philosophy that was already staging into a hidden underground. The 4 th Reich was alive and well and spreading like a hidden virus into every aspect of social norm. Music, art, film, morality and the end of the hippie movement.

After all Hollywood had a squeaky clean image. Nobody wanted to know that there favorite actors and actresses were drug addicts involved in covens that practiced dark ideologies?

In 1968 Charles Manson after stealing a camera from a film crew began to film porno on Spahn ranch. Another movie filmed there was with Catherine Share called “Ramrodder”

With a man named Van Guylder

links to Manson and Bobby Beasulio through

Catherine Share

Share began doing small roles in low-budget movies, mostly porn movies. During the filming of the porn movie, Ramrodder, she met Bobby Beausoleil and Share moved in with Bobby and his wife. It was during this time that she met Manson and became an instant follower and family member.

Guess what movies Van Guyler did after working with Manson on porn and snuff movies?



Van Guylder worked with Kenneth Anger on the Hollywood Babylon movies

Hollywood Babylon (1972)87 min  –  Drama  This is like a documentary on the scandals in the Golden Age of Hollywood during the 1920’s. Contains many reenactments of major scandals.Director: Van GuylderWriters: Kenneth Anger (book), L.K. FarbellaStars: Roger GentryMyron Griffin and Ashley Phillips

DANNY DECARLO is seen in every picture of Family at Spahn ranch. He was far more involved than was admitted. I highly doubt the story he made up about Manson was barely true.


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