Is James Holmes a Manchurian Candidate?

From Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Marcus Wayne Chenault, Seung-Hui Cho to Sirhan Sirhan, the government cover story is always the same, the act of political murder, mayhem and violence in America – it was a Lone Nut Wolf.

 Throughout his life, Holmes had been quiet and shy, and academically brilliant. He was an outstanding honor student, Phi Beta Kappa graduate in neuroscience, and member of Golden Key Societies.[24]

James Holmes had mastered neuroscience, an interdisciplinary that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology in the study and science of the human nervous system.[25] Nothing would touch him, neither things deeply buried in his subconscious or conscious mind. So, he thought.

Aurora is a key military town linked to the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force. Buckley Air Force Base is a U.S. Air Force base directly located in Aurora, Colorado, that was established by the U.S. Army in 1943. The base was named in honor of the World War I Army pilot, LT John Harold Buckley.[29]

During the Cold War years, Buckley AFB had been the U.S. Navy Air Station Denver. During America’s Wars of Aggression around the globe, Buckley AFB was vital to various military operations such as Operation Desert Storm, Operation Northern Watch, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.[30]

Today, the U.S. military industry operations at Buckley AFB are expanding in an unprecedented amount of new construction and modernization.[31]

The Phillip Anschutz Medical Campus is located on a portion of the former Fitzsimons Army Medical Center. After the base was decommissioned in 1999, the campus became known as the Fitzsimons Medical Campus, or simply “Fitzsimons.”[32]

Nevertheless being decommissioned, the Army Medical Center and military operations are still deeply imbedded within Anschutz Medical Campus. In fact, the U.S. Veteran’s Department is constructing an $800 million hospital within the Anschutz Medical Campus Complex in Aurora.[33]

Undoubtedly, it was Phillip Anschutz and the university’s trade-off for the U.S. Army Medical campus grounds. Phillip Anschutz and modern and even more secret, powerful, ruthless and clandestine Scottish Rite KGC is only interested in more POWER, MONEY and CONTROL. Anschutz Medical Center is highly influenced by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, and clandestine Scottish Rite KGC.

Additionally, CIA’s National Resources Division spent about $20 million to relocate its employees to the Colorado Badlands in Denver.[34]

Who was James Holmes working for at the Anschutz Medical Campus? My guess from the secrecy and cover-up surrounding his employment and tenure at the university campus, it was the U.S. Military.

he Holmes Family is from an elite tran-generational military family.


When Robert Holmes’ employer HNC was launched in 1986, it focused on U.S. Military Industry defense-related research and development.[48]  Well, it gets deeper.

HNC is in an area that scientists still know very little about: the human brain. HNC is working on a long-term research project launched in 1998 that is jointly funded by HNC and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the U.S. Defense Department, to investigate ‘cortronic neural networks,’ a concept originally proposed by Robert Hecht-Nielsen, HNC’s co-founder and chief scientist.[49]

In other words, Robert Holmes works for a firm, HNC, which is into developing for the military industrial complex artificial intelligence systems-transhumanism. HNC scientist like Robert Hecht-Nielsen is developing through enhanced biology, artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks to advance human beings into a post human age called transhumanism.[50]

Scientist Terrence McKenna the developer of the “Novelty Theory,” believed brain enhancement through Technological Singularity will enable transhumans to contact other dimensional being, entities, unseen intelligence, and communication with dead people, spirit guides, angels and extraterrestrials.[51]


Non Lethal Weapons Testing Symbols

notice similarity to Zodiac in symbols fro non lethal weapons…Was this what they were referring to on  map? Is magnetic north where the Haarp Station was  to be built in Anchorage Alaska? They say that Haarp is used for weather but many believe it is used as a Military weapon and microwaves and Electro magnetism are used for mind control.

notice Mare Island Military base on this above map.  Was the map a reference to the Mt Diablo military radio station?

Microwave radio relay stations atop Mt Diablo and Mt Vaca, built for the Army in the 1950s and once used to relay traffic between 6th Army HQ at the Presidio of San Francisco & the Army’s West Coast (HF) Radio Relay Facility

For most of the 20th Century, the San Francisco area had a strong US Navy presence — the very first permanent installation on the West Coast being Mare Island in the 1850s. The cessation of Soviet Cold War hostilities — and the ongoing political hostilities by enemies from within — local Congressional beasts like Ron Dellums, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi caused the US Navy to flee the Bay Area starting in the 1990s. Today, about the only major presence the USN has in the Bay Area is the US Naval Radio Transmitter Facility, Dixon (callsign NPG).

Naval Radio communications on the West Coast of the United States dates back to 1904, with a radio facility located on Mare Island. By 1917, due to high-power output and multiple frequencies in use, the Navy created a separate receive annex and communication center on Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay. In 1920, the communications center moved to the 3rd floor of the Federal Building in downtown San Francisco, and as the US Naval communications mission continued to expand, a larger HF receive facility was established a few miles South — Naval Radio Station South San Francisco (located where the Genentech Corporate campus is now). In 1942, the NAVRADSTA SSF receiver facility closed and was replaced by a new facility in a more rural area with more space and fewer sources of local radio interference — Skaggs Island. Wartime communications needs in the 1940s, and continued expansion of Naval facilities in the San Francisco Bay area, caused the establishment of Naval Radio Station (Transmit) Dixon, located on a large parcel of land about 10 miles SE of the community of Dixon, California. The several hundred acre facility housed numerous high-power, high frequency radio transmitters, as well as a housing & recreation facility for assigned personnel & their families on the SW section of the complex.

In 1952, due to Cold-War era concerns (San Francisco would be targeted by the Soviets), NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco relocated from the SF Federal Building to new facilities aboard a Navy depot on Rough & Ready Island, and eventually became known as US Naval Communications Station Stockton, continuing to use the NPG callsign on some circuits.

The Mare Island transmitter site was decommissioned sometime in the 1960s or early 1970s. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, NAVCOMMSTA Stockton would have utilized their Dixon transmit annex to communicate with US Navy and allied warships and aircraft operating in the Eastern Pacific area, using single-sideband clear and encrypted voice as well as ciphered radioteletype (CRATT) modes for Fleet Broadcast. Similar transmit stations on Hawaii and Chollas Heights (San Diego) were also operational, with NRTF Chollas Heights & it’s receiver facility at Imperial Beach closing in the mid-1990s.

Due to both budget constraints as well as advances in technology (satellite communications, and networking), NAVCOMMSTA Stockton was disestablished circa 1997, and Naval Radio Transmitter Facility Dixon, by now operated by a civilian contractor firm, is the last major vestige of a proud US Navy history in the San Francisco Bay area. Rome Research Corporation, a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corp, has had the operations and maintenance contract since the Navy crew and their families left, while the former Navy housing area is now an “migrant housing center” operated by Yolo County. Microwave radio relay stations atop Mt Diablo and Mt Vaca, built for the Army in the 1950s and once used to relay traffic between 6th Army HQ at the Presidio of San Francisco & the Army’s West Coast (HF) Radio Relay Facility near Davis were turned-over to the US Navy in the 1970s to link NRTF Dixon with NAVCOMMSTA Stockton and other Naval facilities in the Bay area. The Mt Vaca structure was sold to a private venture, and the Mt Diablo facility, no longer used by the Navy, was turned-over to another federal agency.

MK Ultra used music to program killers

These two items tie the Beatles to both Manson and the Zodiac killings. Fritz’s book confirmed my suspicion that Beatles lyrics were used to program killers.

CIA is even written on envelope on Zodiac letter

  • The lyrics to “You Never Give Me Your Money” were written on that door BEFORE the White Album was released.

  • The Z letter clandestinely quotes the same verse of the song.

  • The Beatles were programmed with “Alice in Wonderland” and Lewis Carroll. John’s fascination with him is well documented

    for more information on Monarch programming

Manson Family link to Satanism

there is overwhelming evidence that Charles Manson is a Light bearer with the Church of Satan

here out of Aquino’s own mouth is what he really believes

does Non Lethal Weapons include making a person susceptible to Demon Possession?

Could the Smiley face murders be Eagle (Experiment for Accurate Gamma, Lepton and Energy Measurements)


Common versions of the tale have the researchers’ initial proposals rebuffed by the United States Congress due to fears over the potential dangers of the research. Instead, the researchers bypassed Congress and receive support from the Department of Defense, after promising the development of a weaponthat could instantly trigger psychotic symptoms. The conspiracy theory relates that the funding came from a large cache of Nazi gold found in a train by U.S. soldiers near the Swiss border in France. Proponents allege that the train was destroyed, and all the soldiers involved in the discovery were killed as part of a coverup.[citation needed]

After funding was in place, work allegedly began at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) on Long IslandNew York under the name of the “Phoenix Project”, but the project soon required a large and advanced radar dish. The United States Air Force had a decommissioned base at Montauk, New York, not far from BNL, which had a complete SAGE radar installation. The site was large and remote, with Montauk Pointnot yet a tourist attraction. Water access supposedly allowed equipment to be moved in and out undetected. Key to the Montauk Project allegations, the SAGE radar worked on a frequency of 400 MHz – 425 MHz, providing access to the range of 410 MHz – 420 MHz signals said by theory proponents to influence the human mind.[citation needed]

Ok John B Alexander and Michael Aquino are involved in a project called “The Atlas Experiment”the call it other names but it is the same project or

or we know it as “Harp” it is the mass weapon of destruction they have been working on in Anchorage Alaska.

In an Arctic compound 200 miles east of AnchorageAlaska, the Pentagon has erected a  Known as Project HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research


The ATLAS collaboration, the group of physicists building the detector, was formed in 1992 when the proposed EAGLE (Experiment for Accurate Gamma, Lepton and Energy Measurements) and ASCOT (Apparatus withSuper COnducting Toroids)

could the smiley face murders be them using this weapon to target are own citizens to Instantly trigger pyschotic symtoms? maybe make someone suicidal or want to kill themselves. The common thread of the smiley face killers seems to be that they were Eagle Scouts? Afterall an Eagle scout would be someone very trackable and also
if you change the word ASCOT it becomes scoat. Eagle Scoa(u)t Maybe they have a weapon that they can trigger onto people to make them disorientated and ‘Stoned”. like Morgan harrington. She was acting extreemly strange at the concert and had blood on her face because she fell and left the building and was acting erratic. Also she was dumped at Anchorage farms. maybe a reference to the harp facility in Anchorage Alaska?
Is this an experiment on our own citizens for say “Crowd Control”? or Warfare? what kind of fighting is this?
Cyclotronic resonance is the ability of very low strenght electromagnetic fields to produce significant biological effects by spinning or rotating particles within living cells. One military application described in The Final Rerport on Biotechnology Research Rewuirements For Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000, Vol. I, Southwest research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, 1982, is the introduction of a small amount of chemical or biological weapon to enemy soldiers or populations. By using a harmonizing or resonance frequency of a poison existing in minute or undetectable concentrations, lethal effects can be achieved. The U.S Naval Medical Research Center used the technique of cyclotronic resonance on the lithium ion that occurs naturally in the brain to sedate the brain as if a large dose of lihium had been administered. By resonating naturally occuring chemicals, you amplify their potency, creating the same chemical changes as would have occured with a massive dose of the chemical. These weapons change the porosity of the blood barrier, allowing these lethal substances to go where thy normally would be excluded. These experiments are ongoing using the DOJ to fund these programs as “crowd-control” to avoid being caught in violations of international treaties against the use of biological and chemicalweapons.
so if we take alcohol

Your body sees alcohol as a poison, or at least as something it doesn’t actually want inside it. To fight back, and sober you up, humans produce an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase.

That enzyme gets its shot at your alcohol when it attempts to pass through the stomach lining, and when it reaches your liver, primarily. On contact, it snatches a hydrogen atom off the ethanol molecules in your drink, rendering it into non-intoxicating acetaldehyde. Humans can then use aldehyde dehydrogenase as a kind of clean-up crew, breaking down the acetaldehyde that’s sometimes considered a cause of hangovers, along with dehydration.

Alcohol dehydrogenase (AD) is, for reasons not wholly understood, more effective in men than in women. Young men, in fact, may have up to 70 to 80 percent greater enzyme activity in the presence of alcohol. But men’s AD effectiveness also drops off with age at a faster rate than in women, such that, by around 55 or 60, men may find themselves able to handle less alcohol than their female counterparts, all other factors being equal.
more research

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

By Marshall G. Thomas

Alcohol is a common factor with Smiley face murders
There are many who claim the “Aids” in Africa today was a scientific project that got out of control. They were experimenting on the African people. Maybe to save money they do it on us now. I mean how non lethal can you get….just pull a trigger and the gun emits a frequency of magnetic pulses that triggers a person to kill themselves or get so disorientated they kill themselves??????

Was the Aurora Colorado shooting staged to aid in the Obama government implementing the removal of guns from the United States public?

Was the Aurora Colorado shooting staged to aid in the Obama government implementing the removal of guns from the

United States public?

Aurora is home to a large Defence Department satellite intelligence operation at Buckley Air Force Base.

Was this man even who was the real shooter? or was he a Patsy like so many used by the CIA and Military to cover up  there real agenda’s’

Tom needs Our help

The good news: An expensive twelve-month effort by Napa investigators has resulted in a couple of area cold cases finally being solved via DNA. The bad news? Zodiac’s attack at Lake Berryessa was not one of them. Now, funds have run out. Napa’s cold case unit is no more.
We all know the best chance to solve the Zodiac case is for an agency like Napa to invest the funds necessary to use modern technology to test the evidence and snag Zodiac’s DNA. Well, it almost happened, and now we just need to keep the case from being forgotten until another opportunity exists.
That’s where you come in.
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