Was the Aurora Colorado shooting staged to aid in the Obama government implementing the removal of guns from the United States public?

Was the Aurora Colorado shooting staged to aid in the Obama government implementing the removal of guns from the

United States public?

Aurora is home to a large Defence Department satellite intelligence operation at Buckley Air Force Base.

Was this man even who was the real shooter? or was he a Patsy like so many used by the CIA and Military to cover up  there real agenda’s’

2 thoughts on “Was the Aurora Colorado shooting staged to aid in the Obama government implementing the removal of guns from the United States public?

  1. He was Postgraduate, PhD student of Neuroscience, there are two main sources of income that he would’ve had available as well as access to credit cards for borrowed funds. PhD students, especially in the field of Neuroscience are reuqired to perform academic research with which usually comes a research stipend from the school, some of which is allowed for personal use, secondly, he was most likely in a part-time job or supported by family members financially. Finally, credit cards are easily accessible and provide a reasonable amount of borrowed money to be used in a short period without a wait time, $20,000 plus roughly 12,000 (high estimate) for combined ammo and armor, can easily be covered by credit cards, personal savings, and partial income of a PhD student. Also, Neuroscience covers the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology, access to explosive and volatile compounds is easy and unquestioned by a PhD student, it is entirely within reason that Holmes had access to and could afford these weapons. The logical explanation for the events, given collected police and anecdotal evidence is that Holmes was indeed the shooter, rethink your conspiracy theory, it has little grounds to stand upon. In addition, the UN arms treaty is incomplete legislature and does not target American citizens, also it does not remove the right to bear arms, it’s purpose is to “establish common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms”. It is a move towards a more international standard for the legality of military arms and police armaments being sold to consumers. Furthermore, the United States has been critical of the treaty as less effective than national standards until recently (2009 as seen in a statement issued by Hillary Clinton, not Obama), the United States’ participation is necessary in the global Arms market as it supplies 40% of the global arms trade, the only effect on US gun owners would be that their weapon registration would be available to be viewed by other countries and that any guns imported or exported by the US would be registered as an exported or imported weapon and have registration data on who became the End User to prevent by observation a large gun amssment by individuals without the knowledge of regulatory bodies. To summarize both points; James Holes had the means to aquire and utilize weapons and the evidence suggests that he did so and perpetrated the shooting, and that the UN Arms Treaty does not prevent American citizens from owning weapons, it simply creates an international standard and regulatory system for the sale of conventional arms.

  2. This was posted to generate disscussion because too many think within the matrix. Many believe that contrary to what the United States publically releases there is an agenda to eventually give the Military grounds to help disarm US citizens in the event of declared martial Law and that is the underlying long term goal of this new arms treaty.
    As a post graduate of neuroscience yes Holmes had access to this. The problem as with all of these theories is that they follw the same pattern of couver up. They are all mentally ill and seem to be out of it at the time of the event. Please read some of the other posts that talk about this before you jump to conclusions about conspiracy theories as that is always the easy way out of the truth. In fact as with any time in history this always seems to be the way out of dealing with an issue is to label it. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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