Tom needs Our help

The good news: An expensive twelve-month effort by Napa investigators has resulted in a couple of area cold cases finally being solved via DNA. The bad news? Zodiac’s attack at Lake Berryessa was not one of them. Now, funds have run out. Napa’s cold case unit is no more.
We all know the best chance to solve the Zodiac case is for an agency like Napa to invest the funds necessary to use modern technology to test the evidence and snag Zodiac’s DNA. Well, it almost happened, and now we just need to keep the case from being forgotten until another opportunity exists.
That’s where you come in.
Please consider sending a PayPal donation of any size. My promise is to obtain and share all the Zodiac-related nuggets I can get (or buy), as well as bust my rear to keep the case alive and well in the media…just like I have since 1998. That way nobody can forget, especially law enforcement.
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