Church of Satan found on 340 word Cipher

Found book of Satan in 340 word cipher. In 1969 Anton lavey released the Satanic Bible through Avon publishing.

Charles Manson and Kenneth Anger were far more involved than Kenneth Anger publicly admits.

In the upper left hand corner of 340 word cipher Angers name is spelled using Caesar shifting by 1 letter. B=A H=G he would have been the corner stone founder of the Church and was moving from Pasadena.

There initials are spelled all the way through it too. Priest of Satan is POS Book of Satan…

Kenneth Anger High priest KA

Anton lavey High priest  AL

Charles Manson light bearer. CM

Michael Aquino Priest MA

Robert Tarbox Priest  T

there were lawyers police officers and judges involved in the COS. And also newspaper men and also publicists.

So was the 340 word cipher an advertisement for the Satanic Bible that was released in 1969. The cipher was released in Nov 1969. We also found “Invocation of my demon brother” Angers movie in code in it that we will release at a future date. The original can be found at