Is the Scottish Rite involved with EARONS?


The UGLE Angel’s son is known among men by the names of Nyphilim God, Apollo, Apollion,the Baphomet, and He Goat Nyphilim King Of Greece. This deity is head of Scottish Rite, the Italian Mafia, and also the brother of Michelle Bowling. All of these secrets were revealed to me in 1996 when I made their acquaintance through the UGLE and Scottish Rite. These secret degree initiates worked with Anton Lavey in order to build a cocaine pipe line and distribution network that encompasses the globe. The first Church of Satan intentionally located its pipeline near the Mexican border to enable the pipeline.

They have established a pawn tiered system that includes:

Tier 1: Secret 100th Degree Masters

Tier 2: Mafia

Tier 3: Prince Hall Black Freemasons

Tier 4: The common class street dealer

I was introduced to Gambini family friends in 1996 while mastering secret degrees 96 through 100. Many are told for protection in distribution that they will need to make tax deductible donations to the Church of Satan. Donations to a non profit are another way they launder the drug money from their  cocaine network. Michelle Bowling and her brother Apollo/George were the sales people who pitched these deals to me. “Don’t dance in darkness”…. Ronnie James Dio

in the witness statements of the Earons one of the 2 men seen in Maggiore shooting had a brown coat with a dragon on it. It was rumored on Military base that Maggiore was an drug  informant. It was also rumored there was a $300 million dollar heroin ring in operation with Mathers Airforce base.

Lyman Smith who was one of the shooting victims also ran a business called the Bull-Shippers that used planes to transport Bulls to and from other countries.. Could they also have been smuggling drugs?

There is a thread running through the Zodiac of drugs too. David Faraday was a rumored drug informant. Darlene Ferrin rumored to have been involved with drugs and selling of drugs. Paul Stine was rumored to have witnessed something on his taxi runs maybe heroin smuggling?

Notice in Earons sketch the Dragon on collar of Earons costume. It is also on Military police badges as shown below. Notice the armour of the Scottish Rite


Symbols of the Illuminati and organizations that form the Illuminati