Solution for Zodiac Killer Dragon Card

To usher in the age of Aeon took the implementing of “Cell groups”.  This formation of “Cell groups” had a variety of jobs that they fulfilled. It helped in the flow of the drug trade in both providing the sale of drugs and the managing and if necessary violent force needed to police it. The criminal underground formed into different cells that hid under conspiracy theories.  The Zodiac killer is a good example of a conspiracy theory because it hid under being one person when in reality it was always more than one person..Ronald Stark who was rumored to have been the brains behind

this ” Cell group structure” for the formation of the LSD trade speaks.

“Organization must be no larger than necessary — never recruit anyone merely because he wants to join. As to basic structure, a revolution starts as a conspiracy; therefore structure is small, secret and organized as to minimize damage by betrayal — since there are alwaysbetrayals. One solution is the “cell system”  and The Professor goes on to propose a mandala of three-member cells, all reporting through a single Leader node back towards the center. This compartmentalized approach allows the founders to both monopolize information flow and insulate themselves against exposure. The concept is simple and effective, and it has been proven here in the real world for decades, from terrorist networks to intelligence agencies to evangelical Christians. It is staggering to think of how much Ronald Stark was connected to, assuming he rigorously pursued the Professor’s blueprint, as Art for Art’s sake. It is sobering to realize that the long, wide trail of covert history I’ve outlined here was just a couple of cells that got exposedbusted, part of a larger picture that is gone completely here in 2010.o far nothing better has been invented.”
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Charles Manson was always wooing the Motor Bike Gangs to help form into this underground Mafia.
Here is the Cell Group Structure notice how it is formed from triangles and Pentagrams. Maybe a reason why the “Church of Satan” was called the “Order of the Trapezoid”. A reference to “Cell Groups”
In the Zodiac Killer Dragon Card there is a Dragon. Satan is known as the “Dragon” and again would be a symbol of the “Church of Satan”.
In the newspaper clipping note sent in 1970 look at how the date is spelled. Mon Oct 5 1970 this was done deliberately. If you add the numbers it comes to 22. This is the same amount of years from the Zodiac murders 1968 to the 1990 Christmas Card. 22 years. On the Zodiac alphabet cipher   count from right 22 letters it goes to the letter P
uvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrst   maybe for Priest
If you count down on Illuminati cipher it goes to w which also has an X beside it remember on 1990 Christmas card that w=C and if you turn W over it is an M maybe the X is also his Symbol and is affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.
Charles Manson?
If you count on the alphabet  starting at right13  letters it goes to an ” M” maybe for Manson?
on the newspaper clipping sent on 1970 it also deliberately has part of the section starting at “There are reports” turned upside down. beside it is a cross if you turn it upside down this is down to show another symbol of the “COS” an upside down cross.
on the “SLA” letter it is more apparent.
SLA is an anagram for Anton Szandor LaVey and from all of the reports he was a killer and the ‘COS” was very involved with Norse philosophy. Notice also how he calls himself a “Friend”. A reference to “Your Secret Pal”