“Peek through the pines” Zodiac Killer Card solved

March 22 1971 “Peek through Pines” card sent to Chronicle newspaper. Above under card  Illuminati Cipher Alphabet

First off there is a 12 in Card    1+2=3

ab  c  defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

uv xyzabcdefghijklmnopqrst 

Zodiac alphabet cipher  C for Charles     reverse w=M  Manson

also if you count down 12 on Illuminati cipher=M for Manson

The Family considered Charles Manson to be a victim

The pines was a reference to there ATWA organization and the new head of the family Squeaky Fromme or Red for the Redwoods. This well could have been radical environmentalism and since the family was into alignment with underground organizations a bid to align with all the different organizations. The radical environmentalist’s were at odds with the logging and real estate development of these prime Tree areas.

Please also see how Howard Davis has linked Manson Family to  victim Donna Lass.

For more extensive information please go to this link


it was sent on March 22 deliberately

03 22 1971

the 03 see above

22 if you count 22 down on the Illuminati cipher goes to W with an X beside it reverse the W

reverse w=M the x was a reference to the Aryan brotherhood and the families extensive involvement.

Charles Manson

71   7+1=8 if you count 8 left  starting backwards from T  last letter in zodiac alphabet cipher it goes to M for Manson

in the card there are people in the snow a reference to the Manson Family.