Aleister Crowley commands adepts use “Back masking”

In order to be a disciple of “Aleister Crowley” he commanded an adept must use  back masking  in which he stated “let the adept learn to walk and talk backwards”.  So using this technique lets revisit some of the Zodiac killer Cards and letters.

Remember at the time of these murders there was 100+ members of the Manson family loose. That number has significantly grown. This could well have been the reason the Zodiac was “Crack proof”.

In the Dripping Pen letter as stated earlier in the blog this was a reference to how the” Cloven Hoof” and “Book of Satan”                      ( Book of the Dead) was being published in 1969. Washing is a symbol of rebirthing or Baptism. I believe the Dripping pen letter was an announcement of the Church of Satan and it’s writing.

Again if you count the lines and dots after the words” do my thing” it forms 666. In the 340 word cipher it is an excellent example of back masking.

I have found “Cloven Hoof” spelled  and also there” initials” and also “Book of the dead” and “Book of Satan” spelled very clearly using  this technique.

So all of this was a huge advertisement for “the Church Of Satan” that only followers of Aleister Crowley and” Sex magick” could understand. How they must have mocked the police and also law enforcement.

I wonder to if a lot of these so called people who are involved with the ‘Zodiac Killer” aren’t plants to divert away from this.

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In back masking there are no rules as a lot is picked up subliminally. Also they go backwards and sideways. Below is a 340 word cipher with Cloven Hoof spelled clearly using these techniques. I have inverted it to show clearly how this is spelled.

Michael Aquino wrote the ‘Cloven Hoof” for the Church of Satan and again this was an advertisement for the News paper.

Michael Aquino would have known codes from his military career.

Starting with first letter sent on June 25th 1970 lets use this process

06 26 1970        first off there is 3 6’s      06=6    26    =6    and 19= 9 reverse =6       666 that leaves

7+1+2=10=C  on upper original Illuminati cipher maybe for Church so church of 666 or Satan

notice there is a  -12 > 12 is for A maybe Anton ? if you turn 12 backwards you get 21 2 is L and 1 is M on original Illuminati cipher.

or if you count 12 on

above is recent Illuminati cipher count 12 goes to M

count 12 starting from A on Alphabet is L maybe for levay


1 man shot dead =1 or A=1 on alphabet

gun was a .38   add 3+8+1=12

or 1 also =M on original Illuminati cipher

If you go to do my thing on the dripping pen letter and count the lies and dots there are 6 each 666

and if you add together the months Dec July Aug and Sept and Oct there is 5+7=12

12+12=24 24 is Z on original Illuminati  cipher code maybe a reference to how these 2 are Zodiac killer

also there wasn’t a murder in the Zodiac killings in August but there was in the Tate la Bianca so this proves again Manson was involved.

So Charles Manson, Anton levay and Kenneth Anger were the heads of the Church of Satan and all of there murders were an elaborate form of back masking taught to them from there affiliation with Aleister Crowley.

And in case no one believes Michael Aquino’s link to the “Cloven Hoof” Church of Satan Journal a picture is worth a thousand words.