“My name is Cipher “solved

The secret with the” My name is Cipher” is separating the O’s from X’s the X’s than become 666

maybe why the Manson family wore X on there pentagrams and why it is the sign of the demon slayers.

666 the sign of the “Great Beast 666”.

It says that 0 is set to Mag north if you look at Z on Illuminati cipher Z=N the reason why they had 3 and 6 and 9 on map over Mt Diablo ( the symbol of Lucifer the great beast) if you count on Illuminati  3 goes to C which is the same C as on Halloween card. 6 goes to F which is again C. 9  goes to lowercase i and a triangle. Triangle is S symbol cipher alphabet so it is COS or Church of Satan

Kenneth Anger and Anton levay and Charles Manson were the Zodiac.

The Order of the Trapezoid than turned into the 4 PII or 4 pieces of the Pi who were the main rulers of the counsel of 9 they had a counsel of nine

So the bleeding knife is a diagram of the infiltration of the “Church of Satan” into the Government and politics movies and music.

As Adolph Hitler said another devote follower of the Aryan philosophy and Aleister Crowley right of “Sex Magick” and “black Magic”. ( Hitler was also a high level magus and priest and adept of Crowleyian Philosophy)

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler

The Zodiac was never one person but a group of people operating under the guise of a Church.

They have hit squads that have brutally murdered and killed people. Any one who has investigated them or publicly spoken out against them has been brutally murdered.

It is rumored Anton levay has personally sacrificed over 500 innocent babies in the ritual  Satanic blood  sacrifices to summon high level demons .  And this is what century? Innocent men, women and  children and a few brain washed ones. And what about all the innocent animals? after all they have suffered too at there hands. Mass amounts of deceived people who help to perpetuate this sick philosophy. I wonder how they would have felt if there families were murdered and destroyed. Would they have liked it? Would they have liked the pain and suffering? horrible people who have performed heinous atrocities against the human race in the name of Lucifer.

How do we fight back. By telling the truth the more you tell the truth the more Justice will be done. Tell everyone there is strength in numbers.  Get the word out.

The funny thing is that Lucifer hates the human race so even though they might get away with it in this life the next one they get to spend eternity being tormented by him and his demons. The very ones they talk to and think are there friends. So really the last laugh is on them. Yup you might have got away with it in this life but you won’t the next. So I would be very afraid of dying if I were all of  you. Very Very AFRAID!!! Hell is very real and it is not a giant party but eternal torment. A mans life is very short compared to eternity. So really the last laugh is on all of you who have participated in being involved with this.

There is overwhelming evidence of this. It is not a coincidence but a well planned out  series of event’s from a group of people. We are not saying any one person  has killed but all have participated. One only has to look at there histories and the evidence is overwhelming.

This will be our last post. The rest is up to you get the word out. The Justice system is corrupt but the more people stand up against this the more it will change. Get the word out….. tell everyone.

It is now in your hands……