Is Sandy an Anagram for Satan?

Sandy seems to be a name that comes up a lot this last while is there a coincidence?

Is it possible that Sandy has always been an Anagram for Satan or Lucifer?


I have used a technique of going between the ciphers as there are no rules in there game.

That means that Sandy could well be an Anagram for Satan or Lucifer whom the number 13 represents.


At the Sandy Hook school brutal massacre last week that destroyed the lives of so many innocent people there was an interesting coincidence

The Date besides the name.

12 14 2012

1+2+1+4+2+1+2=13  13 is the number of Lucifer and also the 13 Illuminati families.

There also was a man who attacked and stabbed children in China the same day

on the 11 th there was a mall attack in Portland Oregon on another important occult day…11.

It was rumored that The COS worked for the Illuminati and also the Zodiac killings were staged as part of the ongoing campaign of Fear and staged events for the ongoing proliferation of there NWO agenda.

Michael Aquino and John b Alexander were involved in proliferating warrior children and have long had the technology to create and use mind control….it is rumored there are 4.5 million people already programmed world wide in this end times agenda. All of these high level Satanists have access to all military weapons from DARPA and including HARP.

It has now been determined that both of the men involved in these heart breaking tragedies of Sandy Hook and also the movie theater shootings also have a link. The Libor scandals and both’s fathers  are in line to testify? any coincidence?


And you might call this a conspiracy theory but unfortunately the technology is there for this to happen.

So one should be asking why?