Aleister Crowley’s link to the Black Dahlia

Warning graphic post please look at own risk:

Everywhere that Aleister Crowley went crime followed him….most unsolved crimes could most likely be solved if they would finally realize how much of a Psychopath Aleister Crowley was…and if it wasn’t him directly I would say he influenced people like Manson. Crowley also influenced those around him in his covens and many did his dirty work for him. One only has to study this type of black magic to realize that to even be a “Magus” one has to kill animals and humans in sadistic and cruel ways. Torture is a big part of there agenda as is manipulation and fear. And since lying is considered a desirable trait for them to say otherwise  goes with that.

Some have linked Aleister Crowley to the curse of King Tut’s tomb which many blamed on a curse and not forensic evidence of foul play. This again shows the power of the media when incorrectly used. Here is a link where they have linked Crowley to the Curse and being behind it.

There is also something else more sinister to consider. On the Zodiac Halloween card is the letter 14 on the skeletons hand and also 4-teen on the second part of the card. Also the movie “Fireworks” was 14 minutes long. Was there hidden references to this movie hidden in the deaths of the victims?

Could this have been the age when they started to kill? There initiation into being a “Magus” just a thought.

there are those who think Aleister Crowley to be ” the Jack the Ripper” unsolved cold case in England.

If it was because he was born in 1875 the first Jack the Ripper murder was done on Friday 31st August 1888

that would have made him 12 to  13 yearsold when he started killing. Little was known about child killers at that time for more information please check out this link

it is very interesting to note that the 1940’s killings of Black dahlia and Red lipstick murders of Hollywood and

Los Angelos were almost identical in there use of threatening letters and mutilations. This was at the same time Aleister Crowley was establishing a Los Angelos coven through Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard who founded Scientology.

In fact if you look at some of the Black Dahlia it is very similar to the threats of the Zodiac killer. Were the covens doing this to cover up there ritualistic murdering? Was it a way to dupe the public so instead of investigating them it would waste public Tax dollars on wild goose chases? Is this the true motive behind these murders is Ritual sacrifice..the most powerful entities come when summoned with human blood in there psychopathic minds.

Also was this a bizarre way to advertise movies? little hidden clues everywhere? David Farraday murder the death date 1220 1968 matches the room number of Fatty Arbuckle. The St Frances Hotel was where Fatty  Arbuckle’s demise of his career took place after the death of a woman written in” Hollywood Babylon” Kenneth Angers gossip book. Interesting how  Paul Stine cab that picked up the Zodiac killer was at this Hotel.

Interesting how “Fireworks” movie  makes reference to Christmas , Navy and fourth of July same as Zodiac killer murder dates.. Interesting how Jack Parsons wife Marjorie Cameron

( Kenneth Angers friend) was a code expert in second world  war.

Inconvenient Truth #32: Jack Parson’s and the Occult.

We are not accusing anyone of anything..this is being published for public interest. You judge yourself.

Steve Hodel has website with more information on Black Dahlia link dahlia link3blackdahlia link 2Dahlia similarities 1