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Kenneth Anger the man who admits to using stolen money from the Peugeot Kidnapping but blames his leading ladies boyfriend and talks about it like it is an amusing lark

The Octogenarian is equally nonchalant talking about his friend musician Bobby Beausolei, who ended up in the Manson family and completed one of his soundtracks in jail; or his film version ofThe Story of O which, unbeknown to him, was largely funded with ransom money from the infamous Peugeot kidnapping. His life and career seem to have been a series of ridiculous coincidences, which perhaps explains why he practises the occult (or maybe why we should?). Anger was peripherally involved in every major counter-culture movement in the mid part of this century. In the late 40s he befriended Surrealist filmmaker Jean Cocteau, who got him a job at the Cinémathèque Française working alongside the future directors of the French New Wave; he befriended Dr. Kinsey, the driving force behind the sexual revolution in America; he lived in Haight-Ashbury when the hippies moved in, then spent some of the late 60s in London hanging out with The Stones, Marianne Faithfull and finally Jimmy Page, who he met at an auction of Alistair Crowley memorabilia.

 Anger would later relate that the money provided for the film had been a part  to the kidnappers of EricPeugeot, heir to the Peugeot car company fortune. 

excerpt from newspaper article

Anger next journeyed to Crowley’s Thelema Abbey, the Sicilian “monastery” where the magus conducted his sexual rituals. The place was scarcely more than an abandoned shanty (Crowley and his cronies had been deported in the early Twenties), but Anger helped to renovate the house, uncovering erotic frescoes and the temple room’s magic circle. His half-hour documentary, Thelema Abbey, was sponsored by Picture Post and broadcast on British television in 1955, but disappeared when the magazine folded. Plans for a 1961 film of Pauline Reage’s Story of O were scuttled when Anger discovered that the funds furnished by the lead actress’s boyfriend derived from the ransom payment to automobile heir Eric Peugeot’s kidnappers, and the actress’s father–Charles de Gaulle’s Minister of Finance–learned she wasn’t off taking harpsichord lessons after all. Legend locates the twenty minutes Anger shot as being literally underground, though apparently this extends no further than the archives of the Cinematheque Francaise, and the book would have to wait fourteen years for Just Jaeckin’s softcore adaptation. Anger’s primary endeavor during this period was the work for which he is most infamous, Hollywood Babylon (1957; revised U.S. edition 1974).

1950 Jean Cocteau
Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau (French pronunciation: [ʒɑ̃ kɔkto]; 5 July 1889 – 11 October 1963) was a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker. His circle of associates, friends and lovers included Kenneth Anger, Pablo Picasso, Jean Hugo, Jean Marais, Henri Bernstein, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, Erik Satie, María Félix, Édith Piaf and Raymond Radiguet.
Jean Cocteau who worked with Kenneth Anger in the 1950s worked with Michele Morgan who originally owned 10500 cielo drive that Tate and Polanski rented.

Jean Cocteau was one of Kenneth Angers lovers and worked with Michele Morgan who lived at 10500 Cielo Drive before Sharon Tate

here is a picture of them both in Petti Coats….Sharon Tate looked a lot like Michele Morgan

Michele Morgan

Lucifer Rising

The so-called ‘satanic’ influence on the Stones was through the avant-garde filmmaker, Luciferian and Tinseltown gossip-queen Kenneth Anger. He had become interested in the band’s career and particularly in guitarist Brian Jones and his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg, a German film actress and model. Jones had some unusual interests, and both he and the pop singer Robert Palmer were fascinated by the master musicians of Joujouka in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in North Africa. These musicians claimed to be still practising the ancient rites of the goat-footed god Pan. Jones went so far as to travel to North Africa to record an album of the tribal music performed by this pre-Islamic cult.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Robert Palmer described how he had witnessed one of these rites to Pan. He said the dancing tribesmen appeared to be in an ecstatic trance with their eyes rolled back in their heads. Palmer said that when “the power came down” the dancer was suddenly “not there.” In fact “something else” was looking out of his eyes, which began to “glow like ruby lasers” (Rolling Stone, 23 March 1989).

Kenneth Anger believed that Anita Pallenberg and Brian Jones, who was to drown in mysterious circumstances in the swimming pool of his Sussex mansion, were witches. Allegedly, Jones showed the filmmaker an extra nipple he had on his inner thigh and told him: “In another time they would have burned me [as a witch].” Extra nipples were regarded by witch-hunters as a sign of the Devil’s Mark. A friend of Anita Pallenberg, Tony Sanchez, believed she kept her drug stash hidden in an old carved wooden chest in her flat. One day he looked inside. Instead of drugs he found it contained bones and pieces of fur and skin from “strange animals.” Mick Jagger’s one time girlfriend Marianne Faithfull described how she and Pallenberg used to sit for hours reading aloud passages from Robert Graves’ book The White Goddess and studying the ancient Celtic tree alphabet.

In her autobiography Marianne Faithfull claims the gay Anger had a crush on the bisexual Stones’ singer which was not reciprocated. When the filmmaker’s sexual overtures were rejected he became a bit of a nuisance. One day he turned up at the couple’s house in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea and bizarrely threw several books by the 18th century poet and mystic William Blake through the window. Jagger responded in disgust at this stunt by burning all the copies of the occult works that Anger had given him by Crowley and the French occultist Eliphas Levi.

Despite this, Marianne Faithfull got involved in Anger’s experimental movie Lucifer Rising, allegedly financially sponsored by Anita Pallenberg, and with a score originally to be composed by Mick Jagger. Initially the Stones’ singer was to play the leading role in the film, but he got cold feet and backed out of the project altogether. In the first version, made in 1967, the lead was taken by his brother Chris Jagger. Marianne Faithfull became involved in the second version filmed in 1972 and she agreed to take the part of the demon-goddess Lilith.

Faithfull described the baby-slaying Lilith as one of the classic female archetypes and compared her with pagan goddesses such as Diana, Astarte, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Demeter. However, she added: “From the view of patriarchy, of course, she was the pure incarnation of evil” (Faithfull by Marianne Faithfull with David Datton, 224). Interestingly, the part of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris in the film was played by Donald Cammell, son of Charles Cammell, a friend and biographer of Crowley. The younger Cammell made his own films including the controversial Performance in co-operation with Nic Roeg. It starred Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg and the archetypal English actor Edward Fox. Donald Cammell committed suicide in the 1990s.

The shooting of Lucifer Rising took place in Egypt and Faithfull claims that as soon as the crew and cast arrived in the country it was obvious Anger did not know what he was doing as either a film director or a magician. At that stage in her life Faithfull was seriously addicted to heroin and admits she did not know what she was doing on the set either. The whole thing was a recipe for disaster. The last sequence of the film was a winter solstice rite shot at a Neolithic site in Germany. During it, Faithfull managed to fall off a mountain. She somersaulted and landed on her feet without sustaining any injury. This convinced her that her magic was stronger than Anger’s. In her autobiography she dismissed him as a “kitsch occultist” and “a witch out of a Hollywood tabloid.”


Charles Manson link to Smiley face murders

In radical environmentalism animals and trees , plants become more important than people. They could care less about suffering or pain of loss to a family and in there Psychopathic narrow view on life create violence and perpetuation of violence  instead of solution. The solution to the worlds problem with destroying nature is not depopulation and Eugenics but education.

The Manson Family through ATWA has grown to a point now where I am sure even the FBI does not know the number.

In revisiting the “Smiley Face Murders” which the police have largely discredited instead of solving one clearly sees the “Code Killer” at work.

This time it is clear this is “Radical Environmentalism”

So in the Zodiac murders they claimed they like hunting humans and killing them. ALl of these unsolved cold cases have this thread in common whether rape or murder. Is the Smiley face murders a way of killing done in Cold water to delay and remove forensic decomposition and also hide what would have killed them?

Whether poison or rope? Rope would tie into Witch craft and the Witches cradle….and would be impossible to find after time in frozen or cold water.

This was taken from God Like Productions blog I have placed a star beside what I added to show link to Manson Family.

There are several micro-patterns that appear within the Smiley Face killer map pattern. One of these appears in the lower lip of the face. Three of the victims in this lip died or vanished in 2005 and each had a father who was a police officer. This lower lip pattern also spells COP backwards.

Columbus, OH – Anthony Luzio Jr, 25 (father was cop)            cope

*TURN P  UPSIDE DOWN   CODE>>>> Code killer

Oakwood, IL – Ryan Katcher, 19 (father died before son)
Peoria, IL – Keith Ryan, 22 (father was cop)
East Dubuque, IL – Matt Kruziki, 24 (father was cop)

The following is a list of towns represented on the map as suspected Smiley Face victim locations. Many of these towns have had multiple similar deaths that fit the victim profile.

Duluth, MN
Hinckley, MN
Marshall/Taunton, MN
Minneapolis Metro Area, MN
Moorhead, MN
New London, MN
St. Cloud/Collegeville, MN
Eau Claire, WI
La Crosse, WI
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Ames, IA
Chicago, IL
East Dubuque, IL
Oakwood, IL
Peoria, IL
South Bend, IN
East Lansing, MI
Ravenna, MI
Athens, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Toledo, OH
Bellevue, KY
Ridley Township, PA
Albany, NY
Canton, NY
Cortland, NY
Ithaca, NY
Kingston, NY
New York, NY
Potsdam, NY
Middlebury, VT
Beverly, MA

Word Patterns

One thing that accidents don’t do is spell out words. The following is a list of words spelled out by the Smiley Face killers. The words are spelled by using the first letters in the names of the towns where the victim died or vanished and go in order by date.

ARM:            *In the “Zodiac Killer Halloween Skeleton” Arm is K. K is the symbol in Aleister Crowleys realm of “Magick”. K is a sacred number and since this is obvious that they are using “ Magick” in their blood sacrifice this aligns to  Aleister Crowley and his teaching’s.
ALBANY, NY – Josh Szostak, 21 (12-23-2007)
RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, PA – Thomas J. Booth, 24 (01-20-2008)
MIDDLEBURY, VT – Nicholas Garza, 19 (02-05-2008)

A smiley face was found in all three of these cases. Notice that the first letter in the names of the towns spell out the word ARM. This was the location of suspected Smiley Face victim Brian Shaffer’s tattoo. Shaffer vanished from Columbus, Ohio in 2006. The ARM word begins in the exact town (Albany) that was crypticly linked by street names (Pearl, (Jam)es, Columbia) to the Pearl Jam tattoo on Brian’s arm. The Pearl Jam group once mentioned the Shaffer case at one of their concerts


CHICAGO, IL – Brian Welzien, 21 (12-31-1999)
OAKWOOD, IL – Ryan Katcher, 19 (11-05-2000)
LACROSSE, WI – Patrick Runningen, 23 (03-01-2001)
DULUTH, MN – Ken Jason Christiansen, 19 (04-13-2001)

One repeated pattern of the Smiley Face killers is that the killer takes various details from newspaper articles about his victims and incorporates it into other deaths and cryptic clues. On 04-13-1999 Jeffrey Geesey (age 21) died in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The very next day Nathan Andrew Edberg (age 21) vanished from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and is still missing. On 07-16-1999 the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on Edberg’s disappearance. The following is the first line of the story:

“A bartender at Decoy’s Bar and Grill remembers the cold, drizzly night Nathan Edberg vanished.”

The very next suspected smiley face death in December of 1999 happened in Chicago and is the beginning of the COLD word.


PEORIA, IL – Keith Ryan, 22 (04-12-2005)
ITHACA, NY – Dan Pirfo, 19 (04-24-2005)
RAVENNA, MI – Todd Geib, 22 (06-12-2005)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Josh S nell, 22 (06-12-2005)


pire (using Raguileo Alphabet)

  1. snow             >>>>>>                                                                                 SNOW
  2. hail


COLUMBUS, OH – Anthony Luzio Jr, 25 (07-04-2005)
AMES, IA – Jacob B. Hobson, 27 (07-19-2005)
MOORHEAD, MN – Patrick Kycia, 19 (09-23-2005)
POTSDAM, NY – Albert Campbell, 22 (10-07-2005)

The very last victim in the CAMP word has the name Campbell. The Smiley Face killer has left repeated similar partial names in his clues. This is more evidence that the killer sometimes stalks his victims and even knows their names.

*If you take Camp and remove M and A that leaves CP reverse  P C Priest Charles  Priest Charles Manson

And if you add the MA to the word Nemec by removing the N it spells Man>>>Snow Man

Which we have proved spells Manson.

This leaves CM EE that could be environmental and Eco system

Charles Manson Eco system and enviroment                                                                                                           Man

NEW LONDON, MN – Daniel Lee Newville, 18 (08-01-2002)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Craig Burrows, 23 (09-29-2002)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Chris Jenkins, 21 (10-31-2002)
EAU CLAIRE, WI – Michael Noll, 22 (11-06-2002)
COLLEGEVILLE, MN – Joshua Cheney Guimond, 21 (11-09-2002)

using initials of first letter of Towns of suspected murders I found

Charles Manson Secret Pal I’m back


Manson family tapes could shed new light on murders, LAPD says

Los Angeles Police Department detectives hope that audio tapes from more than four decades ago could shed new light on the Charles Manson murder spree.

The LAPD has been fighting to review the tapes for months.

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Texas has ruled that LAPD can have access to taped conversations between one ofCharles Manson‘s most fervent followers and his late attorney to see if it can help solve more murders.,0,4380310.story

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Charles Manson handwriting matched to “Dripping Pen” unsolved Zodiac letter.

Was there any coincidence that the ciphers used by Zodiac killer were also Illuminati and Free mason alphabets and also ciphers?

After years of work the group behind this website of amateur and professional private investigators have linked the “Dripping Pen” unsolved Zodiac letter to Charles Manson.

We believe that the Church of Satan which Aleister Crowley started in Los Angelos before his death of which Kenneth Anger was a magus  and also Anton Levay were involved.

We believe the Church hired the Manson family to do hits for them of which Sharon Tate and all those involved in the murders including the La Bianca family were involved.

We believe the Police need to re open a lot of the older unsolved cold cases because the Manson family was far more involved than what they have been charged with.

We also believe that the Manson family whom at the time of the Zodiac killings over a 100 members were lose but still under command of the higher ups in the family. We also believe that Charles Manson had ties to the Lucchese family and also worked for the mafia and helped form underground allegiances for drug running and also killing.

please check for your self….

handwriting of manson matchescipher used in ZOdiac killer same as used in Freemasonry


Was there more than one writer for the Zodiac?

We are not accusing any one of anything..we are just presenting evidence as we have found it.

You can draw your own conclusions. On the team of investigators that supply evidence for this site is a handwriting expert.

They have concluded that there is more than one letter” writer” with the Zodiac.

In 1974  a letter was sent to the Sanfrancisco Chronicle which is now called

“The Red Phantom Letter” we believe the word Phantom means a cell group.

In 1974 Squeaky Lynnette Fromme was the head of the Manson family and her name was “Red” after the California Redwood trees.

After leaving Stockton, Fromme moved into a Sacramento apartment with fellow Manson family member Sandra Good. The two wore robes on occasion and changed their names to symbolize their devotion to Manson’s new religion, Fromme becoming “Red” in honor of her red hair and the redwoods, and Good, “Blue”, for her blue eyes and the ocean; both nicknames were originally given to them by Manson.[3]

Here is a comparison of the Red Phantom letter to her hand writing and we would ask you to draw your own conclusion.

Is the Manson Family more involved in these un solved cold cases than originally thought? Does this spell

“Red Priest Manson Family?

SQUEAKY FROMME RED PHANTOMred lynnette more printing1squeaky compared to red phantom










Found Something Huge

if you look at the 4-teen on second Halloween card


 if you count 4 starting right to left UVWX on the zodiac alphabet is X
remember Zodiac alphabet
a b c d e f g h i  j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
u v w x y z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n op q  r  s  t
 add X to first half of Teen and you are left with XTE or TEX  and  than you are left with E N last half of word
E=W symbol cipher alphabet
and N=D symbol cipher alphabet his full name was Charles Denton Watson
so it would be TEXDW or Tex  Denton Watson
so when you look at the bones because it says you will see it in the bones it spells T and the pelvis is a W
Tex Watson
Tex Watson has been linked to a lot more crimes than what he has been charged with and I think it is time the police reopened some of these cold cases.