Aleister Crowleys link to Landulf




The common thread with all of the Zodiac was Aleister Crowley. He in part was influenced by Trevor Ravenscroft, The Thules societies

DietrichEckart who traveled as an initiate into human sacrifice and torture to Caltabelotta. It was here that they reinvented and mixed the Gnostic sex magic of  Aleister Crowley with the hardcore satanism of Landulf. Which was based on Arabian Astrological magic.


Aleister Crowley after studying the castle of Landulf II at Caltabellotta created his own Sacrificial monument at the Abby of Thelema at Celafu in 1921.


Landulf II

According to Echempertus, a contemporary chronicler, he had discovered the Temple of Erix at which priestesses had once guarded the Oracle of Venus. And here, in the mountains above Palermo, the ancient Phoenician City that became the chief town of Sicily under the Arabs (831–1072), Landulf made his base from which to plot treason against Christendom, against humanity and against God. Here the Black Adept practised a particularly powerful form of Black Magic involving human sacrifices and unimaginable sexual perversions … the so-called Death Magic of antiquity. This Ahrimanic inspired occultism had ancient lineage which Landulf had researched during his sojourn in Egypt. Among the tortures Landulf practised was the cutting open of the stomachs of sacrificial victims and slowly drawing out their entrails. The Black Adept, the demonically possessed Adolf Hitler, and his occult group, the Thule (Thulegesellschaft) also performed similar rites using Communist enemies and homeless people kidnapped off the streets of Munich and Berlin.