Bone Fires ( bon fires) or the art of hiding human and animal sacrifice

Bone Fires ( bon fires) or the art of hiding human and animal sacrifice

bone fires


Ever since human and animal sacrifice were started they have used “fire” to hide the evidence.

Archeologically on sites that have practiced” sacrifice” that have been discovered, their usually was a fire pit discovered that would be used to hide evidence. It is part of the ceremony of high level magic to hide and destroy evidence. And since lying is part of “magic” and all of the religions associated with, it goes with- out saying that being secretive about the process goes hand in hand.

And since every cult is different with some practicing “sacrifice” and others not, it can be very confusing to the world as they watch in.

The ones that do practice “sacrifice” almost always have a doctor and a funeral director working for the group.

In the mafia this also is a common practice and many times a hit (murder victim) will be buried along with a paying customer, and often times double buried.

In the realm of “satanic sacrifice” the bodies of babies that are bred, or other victims are usually cremated.

While some groups prefer to kidnap “sacrificial victims” as this increases the traumatization, others breed. A doctor will many times be used to help “Breeders” produce babies for blood rituals.

A huge part of this process is disinformation. You will notice on the internet where ever any one is making claims of how many “children” are going missing or ”victims” a disinformation agent will disclaim or try to make it sound ludicrous.

How than do we know it is real? By the amount of victims who are victimized by being a part of it, and also witnessing actual events.

Even those victims have been re-victimized by disinformation tactics meant to cover up what they are really doing.

It is very real and the amount of victims is staggering.

Here is a Quote from Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley — initiated to the highest levels of “Freemasonry” and high priest of the Golden Dawn, said: “A white male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim.”

Yes there are some groups who can by using “incantations” summon lower level evil spirits but any serious “Black magician” has to use blood. It is all part and parcel of the attainment of power.

So does it not make sense that disinformation and cover up would be a huge part of this?

And then to go a step further that they would cover up what they are really doing?