The Truth About Aleister Crowley


For all of you out there who worship Aleister Crowley like he is a God…sometimes the truth is a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT than fantasy…and if you are involved in Black Magic there is a price to pay and it will bite you in the butt….

1. Aleister Crowley was brain damaged from an accident as a child.

2. His behavior throughout his life was one of a psychotic. He did many sick and disturbing things.

3. He had no magical powers. If he had he would not have wound up a drug addict in a flophouse.

4. Becoming a drug addict, demonically possessed, a pedophile, contracting syphilis, sponging off people, and dying in a flophouse are not desirable things. A person who is involved in these things is not someone you base your religion on.

5. Crowley was obsessed with sex and strongly influenced by Satanism.

6. His occult teachings did not make him a better person. They made him a psychotic weirdo. People who follow his teaching can hope for the same.

7. His grandson did not follow in his footsteps, but became a Christian instead.Crowley suffered from sexual deviations, which he wrote about extensively. He was bisexual, and a pedophile. In fact all throughout Crowley�s writings is an obsession with sex. He was obsessed with sex to the point he might be described as a pansexual; a person who see sex in everything. He often paid prostitutes to have sex with him, from which he contracted V.D. He seemed to be willing to try anything sexually.

    Crowley developed an interest for the occult at an early age. He started reading books on occultism such as Mather’s Kabbalah Unveiled, and the infamous Book of Black Magic and of Pacts by A.E. Waite, and claimed at age 14 he even made a pact with the devil. He attended Cambridge University after he finished public school, but dropped out before graduating. He fancied himself a painter, a poet, and above all a “magickian”.