Satanic ritual abuse claims

EMBATTLED child sex abuse advocate Liz Mullinar has alarmed supporters with disturbing claims about satanic ritual abuse in response to allegations against her Heal for Life centre.

In a statement yesterday Ms Mullinar claimed 10 per cent of abuse victims at Heal for Life, or more than 500 people, reported being victims of satanic ritual abuse.

In her only interview yesterday she told the Newcastle Herald  satanic ritual abuse was where children were sexually assaulted ‘‘in the name of Satan’’, then told ‘‘You are bad, you are evil, and you belong to Satan’’.

‘‘For me, because this is my truth, I’m not going to deny it because it sounds just too bizarre,’’ she said.

‘‘If it’s in the name of Satan, I can tell you it does terrible things to your head.

‘‘It’s a group of people who sexually abuse children, do it in the name of Satan and that’s what they call themselves.

‘‘It’s not a big deal. It’s just the way it is.’’