Was the Jon Benet Ramsey case a Satanic sacrifice?

The Satanic Ritual Abuse and Illuminati Mind-Control Sex Slave of JonBenet Ramsey

Many children are programmed to serve as sex slaves for pedophile politicians and heads of state; as the JonBenet Ramsey investigative team is well aware, the case includes aspects of possible mind-control and cult activity. The name “JonBenet” is very similar to an Illuminati term for the Devil – “Jonbet”.

As usual, the corporate media has gone to great lengths to divert public awareness in the Ramsey case away from the possibility that this was a satanic ritual sacrifice, not the work of a lone intruder. There are anomalies in the case which have been ignored by the media establishment: forensic evidence of regular sexual penetration by a male adult, failure to notify the public the nature of the biological fluid found on and near JonBenet’s body, and the remarkable similarity between the ransom note and the handwriting of John Ramsey. And what about the claims of investigative journalists that John Ramsey’s company, Access Graphics (now owned by Lockheed Martin) was linked to the kiddieporn industry, and had alleged connections with Amsterdam’s red light area? Was it just a coincidence that the Ramsey’s much publicized press conference was held on May 1st., which is Beltane in the occult calendar? Or that the child’s death occurred on a night that the Illuminati conduct their sacrificial ritual known as The Last Bulb on the Christmas Tree?

The close relationship between the Boulder District Attorney and the law firm hired by the Ramsey’s, eventually forced the Boulder police to withhold evidence from the D.A.’s office. Shortly afterwards, the police computers were hacked into.