1970 Dragon card

Is the 1970 Dragon Card a reference to a Mule Motor Bike” An Ass is a Mule

In 1970 they were converting Truimph motor bikes into twin engine ‘Drag Bikes” there also was a world famous “Dragon Rally”. Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider” was making choppers out of vintage motor bikes. Dregon could be a reference to “Drag racing”.

Easy Rider was one of the most popular movies of it’s time and influenced a lot of Bikers. Including using Dragon art work on there bikes. It brought a surge of interest to modifying bikes and doing custom choppers which became a huge industry.

It says on card about a “Bomb blast” was this a reference to the “Hells Angels”and there “BomberHistory”of the 85th Fighter Squadron and the 552nd Medium Bomber Squadron.

Charles Manson was trying to recruit the Motor Bike clubs into Helter Skelter. Was the newspaper extortion threats a way to gain favor with them?  There was a huge alignment.

Run to the Redwoods”  Jeff McCann’s run featured in 1974 Custom Chopper magazine…Squeaky Fromme was called “Red” and her job was to fight for the Redwood trees.

A ” Mule motor Bike’ and a “Dragon Motor bike”

the trump motor cycle was made in england the flag is the uk flag uncanny how it looks similar to Zodiac symbol and could be a reference to something?