The Made up Myth of the Zodiac Killer

“zodiac”, comes from a greek word meaning “The circle of

Animals” – “Animals” referring to all living creatures.

was this a reference to it being involved with ATWA and the Eco terrorist groups of this time.

The Zodiac was never one person.

It was a series of events that was staged.
An interesting phenomena was happening at the time of the Zodiac murders.

Yellow journalism or the yellow press is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

The Hearst family owned a lot of the media. Including “The Sanfrancisco Chronical” which was in rivalry with the “Sanfrancisco Herald”

The sale of newspapers before the Zodiac murders was so desperate that they had to split the sales of the paper. There was a signed agreement of which newspaper had the morning the other the evening. After the Zodiac sales jumped and the newspapers made a profit.

The 3 newspapers of San Francisco were the San Francisco Chronicle owned
by Hearst trust.
The Sanfrancisco Examiner and the Sanfracisco Times herald.

The Hearst family from its practice of “yellow journalism “have destroyed many people and there careers. All for the sake of profit and political and corporate manipulation.
Manson was involved prior to the Zodiac murders and is involved with the  Aryan brother hood .
Many bike gang members are also involved with the  Aryan brother hood.  Bruce Davis and Bobby Beausaliel
were involved in these Biker  groups.
This group had its own form of ciphers to communicate in the prison system in California.
They were all so involved in the drug trafficking. This was demonstrated in the letters of the Zodiac Killer.
I find many references to drug activity involving some of the victims.
The Zodiac killings were planned hits made to look like a serial murderer;
regardless of what people think, the movie “Invocationdemons brother” is Anger depicting
the Zodiac killings.  Kenneth Anger was involved with the bike gangs and Manson members.
 There may have been Two writers invovled in Zodiac letters.
MURDERER #1 STOCKY MAN AGE 20 TO 30 Stine Murder
 Darlene Ferrin had information
 she was going to tell Paul Lee  Stine on July 5th 1969 something about this .
She was killed for that reason, Paul Stine was killed because she had talked to him.
We believe that the myth of a serial killer called Zodiac was a huge public con perpetrated by an alignment of people.
This is why it has never been solved. We are going to start to provide evidence we have found to prove what we have said.
Please stay tuned as we provide evidence of
The Zodiac Manson evidence revealed