Clay street link to 1978 Zodiac letter

 I am in control of all things letter 1978

I am the ZODIAC and I am in control of all things. I am going to tell you a secret.I like friction tape. I like to have it around in case I need to truss someone up in a hurry….I have my real name on a small metallic tape. You see, while you have it in your possession, I want you to know it belongs to me and you think I may have left it accidentally. I am athletic. It could be swim fins, or a piece of scuba gear. But maybe you play chess with me. I have several cheap sets in closets allover. I have my name on the bottom of the lid with the scotch tape….My tape is waiting for me all over California. Do you know me? I am the ZODIAC andI am in control.

Is it possible that the small metallic tape they are talking about is Teflon?

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene was discovered on April 6, 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett at the DuPont research laboratories (Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey). Plunkett was working with gases related to Freon® refrigerants when upon checking a frozen, compressed sample of tetrafluoroethylene, he and his associates discovered that the sample had polymerized spontaneously into a white, waxy solid to form polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE.

PTFE was first marketed under the DuPont Teflon ® trademark in 1945. The molecular weight of Teflon can exceed 30,000,000, making it one of the largest molecules known. The surface is so slippery, virtually nothing sticks to it or is absorbed by it. No wonder Teflon was choosen to be used on non-stick cooking pans.

Chemical Description of Teflon
Teflon is a colorless, odorless powder, a fluoroplastic with many properties which give an increasingly wide range of uses.

PTFE is used in manufacturing plastic chess sets.

1978: Teflon-coated fiberglass developed in the 1970s as a new fabric for astronaut spacesuits has been used as a permanent roofing material for buildings and stadiums worldwide. (By the way, contrary to urban myth, NASA did not invent Teflon.)

It also is used in Scuba suits and gear.

it also was used for motorbikes and in motor bike helmets and also riding gear. Teflon Tapes, Gaskets & sealants.

SO how Does this link?

the Original magic lantern circle for the Church Of Satan  met at

630 Clay st

remember there was a “Hood” used in Lake Berryassa  Slaying that also was used in Black mass ceremony with the COS

on the car door of the 1970 lake berryassa it reads


If you reverse the lettering of 2769 it spells Clay st which is the address of “The Magic lantern meeting”

this is similar to the Exorcist letter  and seems to be part of the “Code Killers” tricks


SO there also is an Freemason  element to this.

Henry Clay( Clay ST Magic circle meetings) was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and Grand Orator for the G.L. 1806-09. Very good friends to the Illuminati Dupont’s which of course is behind Teflon.

Paul Stine was killed on the corner of Maple st and Mason st.

The house Kenneth Anger( Magus to the Church of Satan) lived at time was the Russian Embassy which was designed by “Willis Polk” another high level Freemason.

There is a huge connection between the Freemasons and Church of Satan.

So in the 1978 Zodiac letter was he referring to how there was a huge alignment of all of these underground allegiances.

1978 was the time when everyone was gearing up to The Computer Era. This ultimately aligned into gambling and the sex trade ( pornography) etc…

Interesting fact Magnesium is an important element in the computer industry. Many people feel the real reason behind the Afghanistan war is  because it is the worlds largest supplier of Magnesium.

Magnesium/Teflon/Viton (MTV) is a pyrolant. Teflon and Viton are trademarks of DuPont for polytetrafluoroethylene, (C2F4)n,

it is explosive and is used in Missile defense in the explosive aspect of the Missiles…..John Whiteside Parsons was one of the original rocket designers in California and one of the original NASA. JPL or Jet Propulsion lab’s. Interesting how it could tie into the 1978 letter. I am in control of all things? maybe a reference…..