was Paul Stine a Satanic hit?

There is lot’s of information out there about Paul Stine victim of the Zodiac killer. He was murdered on

October 11, 1969.

Aquino lived at 2430 Leavenworth
St. San Francisco,
this address is 373 ft from Washington st Sanfrancisco
Interesting is that atty Robert E Tarbox (DOB: Sep 8th, 1927) and satanist Michael A Aquino share the same address in San Francisco.


Remember Aquino was a priest with the Church of Satan

Robert Tarbox claimed the Zodiac confessed to him and was a merchant Marine.


We are not accusing any person of being the Code killer just pointing out how dates seem to fit which is mathematically impossible. Unless of course it was premeditated.  One has to remember that a Priest’s name and birth date might have been used to offer a sacrifice.

Did the code killer leave a clue in  Paul Stine  Death date?

Kenneth Anger was born in 1927 as well as Robert Tarbox. What happens when we put Michael Aquinos birthdate with Paul Stine death date?