Was Darlene Ferrin killed because of her birthdate?

There seems to be an underlying thread of the number 11 in the Zodiac killings. Could it be a connection to the

“Angel of death” Joseph Mengeles?

Darlene Ferrin birthdate

03 17 1947    4+7=11

Josef Mengeles

03 16 1911

Morgan Dana Harrington

10 17 2009     2+9=11

Michael Aquino

10 16 1946 birth date    difference of 1 day  same as with other death dates

2011 would have been Mengeles 100th birthday

Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short who had same name as Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin

At age 19, Short travelled toVallejo, California to live with her father, who was working nearby at Mare Island Naval Shipyard on San Francisco Bay. The two moved to Los Angeles in early 1943, but an altercation resulted in her leaving there and finding work in the post exchange at Camp Cooke (now Vandenberg Air Force Base), near Lompoc, California. Short next moved to Santa Barbara, where she was arrested on September 23, 1943, for underage drinking. Following her arrest, she was sent back to Medford by the juvenile authorities in Santa Barbara. Short then returned to Florida to live, with occasional visits back to Massachusetts.


Elizabeth Short

03 17 1947 death date   4+7=11

Josef Mengeles

03 16 1911

in the” Knights kadosh Symbol cipher” 0=A …. B=1

so it would make everything 1 ahead. So if that is the case 16 would be 17.