The Church of Satan link to 1966-1969 cold cases


Sharon Bubes, Evanston, IL – Attacked in her bedroom with a hammer, 6/30/66

Valerie Percy, Kenilworth, IL – Murdered in her bedroom by hammer and long 10 – 12 inch knife, 9/18/66

Bricca Family, Cincinnati, OH – Found bound with household objects and murdered in bedrooms by knife, 9/27/66

Sims Family, Tallahassee, FL – Bound with household objects and murdered, 10/22/66

Cheri Jo Bates, Riverside, CA – Murdered at campus library by short 3 inch knife, 10/30/66

Confession letter in Cheri Jo Bates murder, Riverside, CA – probably placed in mailbox on 11/28/66

Robison Family, Good Hart, MI – All family members shot by .22, mother beaten with a hammer, 6/25/68

Betty Jensen and David Faraday, Benecia, CA – Couple shot by .22, 12/20/68

Cecelia Shepard, Lake Berryessa, CA – Bound and murdered by long 10 – 12 inch knife, 9/27/69

Betsy Aardsma, State College, PA – Murdered in campus library by short 3 inch knife, 11/28/69

Joan Webster, Boston, MA – Harvard grad student abducted and killed, 11/28/81

First off a notable event occurred On Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966,  the Church of Satan was started. Under the influence of Aleister Crowley whom also was involved with blood sacrifice and pedophilia and Necrophilia.

There is evidence and witnesses that say Valerie Percy and Linda Bricca knew each other, and they both came from the same upper class social circles in suburban Chicago.

Valerie Percy, Cheri Jo Bates, Celia Shepard, Betsy Aardsma, Joan Webster – each young woman was a college girl.

Percy, Bricca, Sims, Bates, Robison, Webster – in each case the father had multiple connections to the world of business, high tech, computers, government and/or defense contracts.

Dr. Sims was a government official for the State of Florida Education Department and ran the computer division, and apparently was a top “nationally recognized” computer expert.

Charles Percy was the Republican nominee for US Senate, and CEO of the high tech company Bell & Howell, that made camera’s and computer like business machines.

Mr. Bricca worked for the high tech chemical company Monsanto.

Mr. Robison was a magazine publisher and looking to do a major expansion at a rural airport to create “computerized warehouse operations” and cultural centers. He then wanted to expand this idea across the country.

The Sims family being bound with stockings, mens ties and socks in their mouth matches exactly with what a Ohio detective told me was done to the Bricca family.

The father of Cheri Jo Bates worked at the Naval Weapons Facility. The father of Joan Webster was ex CIA, and was at the time the Vice President at IT&T, Defense Technologies Group.

Sharon Bubes, Evanston, IL

death date 6/30/66=6 remainder

COS           5/30/66   =5 remainder 6-5=1   exactly 1 month from start of COS or 6+5=11 Angel of death

Valerie Percy, Kenilworth, IL

death date 9/18/66 = 9  1+8=9 reverse 66 there is a route 66 in Zodiac is this a symbol of the church of Satan?

Birth date 12/ 10/44 remember Betty Ford Michael Aquinos mother was born

01 /21 /12 if you reverse it  matches

Bricca Family, Cincinnati, OH 9/27/66   2+7=9 reverse it 666 or 66 again same as Zodiac route 66

Sims Family, Tallahassee, FL  10/22/66 =10 2+2=4 add to end 6 =46 that leaves> 1 6 or 16 >10 16 1946

Cheri Jo Bates,            10/30/66= remainder 10

church of satan         04/ 30 /66=remainder 4    10-4=6 months 10 +4=14 please see link of Aquino’s connection to the number 14

10/30/66=remainder 3,6

10/16/46=remainder 1,6 and 4 lets rearrange these differently there is a 4 and a 6 46 30-16=14 so there is 46 and 14

CJB BD    02/04/48= remainder 2+4+8=14

MA BD  10/16/ 46 =1+1+6+6=14 please see link to how Michael Aquino fits into the letter 14

confession letter mailed remember 11 is the number of angel of death

11/28/66= remainder 2+8=10 +6=16

MA DOB 10/16/46=remainder 6 4 reverse 46

Robison Family, 6/25/68= remainder 2+5 +8=15 or 8+6=14 6+2+5=13

MA DOB                 10/16/46= remainder=1+1+4=6    15+6=21 birthday of Betty Ford Aquino and 21 was age of MA at time

Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday murder

 12/20/1968=remainder 6+8=14

Tex Watson DOB      12/02/1945= remainder 4+5=9    14+9=23 age of Tex Watson at time of killings

Cecelia Shepard      9/27/69    9 2+7=9    reverse 666 was she killed for her initials CS Church of Satan?

Darlene Ferrin       05/05/1969= remainder= 5+6+9=20

Bruce Davis DOB   10/05/1942= remainder=1+4+2=7    20+7=27 age of Bruce Davis at time of death of Darlene Ferrin

Betsy Aardsma,     11/28/69  it was thought that the killing might have been from a military man possibly trained in Vietnam because of how knife wound was inflicted. It seemed like a trained person because of its precision.

first off there is an 11 symbol of Angel of death

BA DOB  o7, 11, 1947 11 symbol of angel of death


10 16  1946=1+6=4=11

Joan Webster 11/28/81 again the number 11 symbol of the Angel of death

interesting thing when you put Betsy Aardsma against Joan Webster

11/28/69= remainder 69

11/28/81=remainder 81   81-69=22 the age Michael Aquino was at time of murder

Donna Lass  DOB 11 03 1944 notice the 11 symbol of the angel of death  11+3=14 If you add them all up except 19 it is 13

Cecelia SHepard DOB  01 01 1947 notice 4=7=11 Angel of death 01 01 =11 So it is 11 11