Bruce Davis getting paroled? where is the justice for Ferrin, Lass and Doreen Gaul?

I was very surprised to hear about Mr Davis being allowed to be paroled hence this last post. I have found more information of Mr Davis’s involvement with the Zodiac and other killings.

Charles Manson was arraigned on Nov 21st 1969 the same day these 2  Doreen Gaul and James Sharp were found in a dark alley in LA. Coincidence?

What about Darlene Ferrin and Donna Lass?

Mr. Davis worked as an enforcer for the “Manson Family” and subsequently the “Church of Satan”.

I would like to ask this man who is supposedly a Born again Christian the question” If God did not spare the martyrs ( Fox Book of Martyrs ) why would he spare you”?  Fake grace does not spare you from your accountability.  Part of a real true apology and one that is required in Biblical restitution is that you come clean publicly for “ALL” your sin. Just because you say you are a Christian and have education in religion does not make you a Christian.  Telling the truth does. Coming clean does. So it is time Mr Davis for you to come clean about everything and also your involvement with the Church of Satan.

Wren Mr Davis has been directly asked he always says that he has not been charged.

DO you really think that spares you Mr Davis?

SO let’s revisit some of these cases that you are linked to

Lets start with Doreen Gaul the” Ha Ha” is also similar to the “Bleeding Knife of Zodiac letter” (Please see other post) and could be the initials of Anton Levay. You also left you and Tex Watsons initials in Theban and Illumati cipher code on letter.

You had dated her even though you denied it. She was a Scientology student  and part of your Job for the Manson Family was being an enforcer. The Church of Scientology was moving drugs . Was this letter really about threatening the Church of Scientology and its head LRON Hubbard? The Church of Scientology is famous for having its own mafia and since Doreen Gaul was expressing an interest in leaving was this about threatening them?  were you playing both sides of the field and working as an enforcer for both sides? was this an opportunity to make it up to them for your drug use?

L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., said in a 1983 Penthouse interview:

“I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in our house! What a lot of people don’t realize is that Scientology is black magic spread out over a long time period. It’s stretched out over a lifetime and you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology and it is probably the only part that really works. Also, you’ve got to understand that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan.”

SO was this about killing 2 birds with one stone and getting rid of someone who was dating someone else ( A Black man) and also threatening to leave the organization? Also though about an alignment of the drug trade so a threat to LRon Hubbard? Was this also a retaliation of Manson being arrested. Were you paid well for the hit? You and Tex Watson?

What about the truth of this next case what about John Philip Haught?

Were Darlene Ferrin and Donna Lass chosen because Darlene Ferrin wanted out of the Church of Satan  and Lass was a sacrifice? Donna Lass picked because of her name and birthdate? Was Darlene Ferrin threatening to go public about the Blood Sacrifices that were happening and the fact she witnessed them murdering people?

were you attempting to summon a high level demon  through blood sacrifice to hide you and give you wealth and fame? Was that the ritual you preformed that week end on Donna Lass?

It is well documented that the Manson  family were involved in  blood sacrifice.

your birth date is one day before Donna Lass’s missing date.

Bruce Davis birth date

10 05 1942

Donna Lass death date 10 06 1970

she went missing at 1:30 am I included above  a reference of the Knights Rose of Cruix cipher  to show how 0 is A so really it would have been for your birthday.  Please see link  to Rosicrucian in following link

In these ciphers you can always move one up a day(number) or back a day(number) and that is acceptable. Even in Freemasonry. Since you all were leaving your birthdates in the death symbols this was your signature of the death date.

Darlene Ferrin death date 05 05 1969 her birth day is the same as yours Bruce

Bruce Davis DOB   10/05/1942

05 05 1969= 5+6+9=20

10 05 1942= 1+4+2=7

20+7=27 age of Bruce Davis at time of death of Darlene Ferrin

Mathematically these are impossible unless of course it was premeditated.

and if you add upDonna Lass birthdate

11 3 44     1+1 +3 +4 +4=13 another  important factor for sacrifice

Darlene Donna  D   D maybe for Davis? Please see above for how Both Donna Lass and Darlene Ferrin fit into the Church of Satan or Zodiac logo.

If you cesar shift the first initial of there first names by 1

Cesar shift 1 C for Church

Ferrin F=S   Church of Satan

please see above for how F and L fit Zodiac anagram

SO than was Z the arms or enforcement of the Church of Satan and Manson family? were you the Enforcer for the Manson family

you and Tex Watson?

I found your name on 34o word cipher it spells “Bruce Davis is Zodiac”. Is that why you and the family had X’s on your foreheads? was it for Z=x for enforcer? “The demon Slayers” how many people were killed or beaten and tortured as an enforcer for the Manson family? how does your involvement and now being a Christian excuse you from this?

I also found your name in some of the other Zodiac ciphers. So Bruce you might think because you are all the sudden a born again Christian that you are scott free. That you served 40 years and are a good boy but let me tell you this. Unless you come clean and expose all of this you will be accountable before God. All of this every bit of it. And don’t think for one minute you are safe…they will kill you just like they did the others…why  because you and Tex Watson are the weak links.

You need to come clean 40 years does not bring all of these people that were killed back. There lives were just as valuable as yours and your families. They had a right to there lives. All of them.

What a travesty of Justice.