“Charles Manson now” Book claims Tex Watson and Susan Atkins were high up members of “COS”

“Charles Manson Now” by Marlin Marynick is a autobiographical tale of the author’s misadventures trying to meet and befriend the most infamous man ever, Charles Manson. The book is also an attempt to show Manson as he is today and the thoughts of his closest friends on the inside of the prison system, as well as the outside, and ends with the meeting of Marynick and Manson inside Corcoran Prison in California.
Was Tex Watson and members of the Manson family way more involved in being an off shoot of the Church of Satan?
If this is true it might explain Tex Watsons being involved with Christianity as most Satanists have infiltrated into the
Christian Church and hide behind it. After all if Tex Watson really was a true Christian he would repent to the police of his
involvement and come clean of all the cold cases he was involved with..
Excerpt from book
Marlin from this point makes friends with a couple friends of Manson inside Corcoran and talks to his friend Stanton LaVey (adopted son of Anton LaVey) about The Manson Family’s ties to the Church of Satan.
Stanton, for his part, comes across as quite possibly insane, and a bit of a pompous douchebag. He speaks about how the Church of Satan follows him around in helicopters everywhere he goes and how there is a Satanic plot to control America.
He doesn’t really give a whole lot of details, supposedly for fear of his life, but does say that the Manson Family is an off-shot of the Church of Satan (family members Tex Watson and Susan Atkins were both former members of the Church of Satan), and that the killing of Sharon Tate and her family was ordered by the Church. Stanton also claims that Richard Rameriez had ties to the Church of Satan and was doing their bidding.
This part of the book is the hardest to digest. It sounds like something out of a paranoid 1970′s horror flick, but it also for some reason comes across as very sincere. Either Stanton is telling the truth or he’s a paranoid schitzophrenic. One of the most interesting things though is that Stanton flat out admits that the Church of Satan is about the worship of the dark lord. A lot of apologists for Satanism try to say it’s about the worship of “self” or the “earth”. It should be noted that according to Christian texts that Satan is about the worship of self and indulging in behaviors that are contradictory to God’s teachings and basic common sense. Satan appeals to the ego, tricking people into beliefs and habits that are destructive to them. Satanism espouses the same viewpoints as the villian in Christian texts, and is exactly why it takes it’s name from him. It’s not “Earthism” or “Selfism”, it’s “Satanism”. What it worships is flat out stated in the name.