Was there more than one writer for the Zodiac?

We are not accusing any one of anything..we are just presenting evidence as we have found it.

You can draw your own conclusions. On the team of investigators that supply evidence for this site is a handwriting expert.

They have concluded that there is more than one letter” writer” with the Zodiac.

In 1974  a letter was sent to the Sanfrancisco Chronicle which is now called

“The Red Phantom Letter” we believe the word Phantom means a cell group.


In 1974 Squeaky Lynnette Fromme was the head of the Manson family and her name was “Red” after the California Redwood trees.

After leaving Stockton, Fromme moved into a Sacramento apartment with fellow Manson family member Sandra Good. The two wore robes on occasion and changed their names to symbolize their devotion to Manson’s new religion, Fromme becoming “Red” in honor of her red hair and the redwoods, and Good, “Blue”, for her blue eyes and the ocean; both nicknames were originally given to them by Manson.[3]


Here is a comparison of the Red Phantom letter to her hand writing and we would ask you to draw your own conclusion.

Is the Manson Family more involved in these un solved cold cases than originally thought? Does this spell

“Red Priest Manson Family?

SQUEAKY FROMME RED PHANTOMred lynnette more printing1squeaky compared to red phantom