Did the Manson family work for the Illuminati?

There has always been a huge Free mason connection…Scottish rite and Illuminati connection to all of these un solved cold cases.

We believe that the people involved with perpetrating these crimes were into Aleister Crowley and maybe even believed they were the power of three or were high up into the God head.

Each of the 22 pathways, or more properly channels, that connect the spheres, or Sephiroth, has in the Golden Dawn system of magic a specific Hebrew letter, and each Hebrew letter has its own number value. When the numbers of the Hebrew letters of the pathways traced by the Flaming Sword are added together, they total 777, provided that the gap between the third sphere, know and Binah, and the fourth sphere, known as Chesed, is assumed to equal 3. This must be done since there is no path on the standard glyph of the Tree that connects Binah with Chesed, yet this is one leg of the Way of the Lightning, or Flaming Sword.

Why 3 for this gap? Crowley’s thinking was that since the three highest spheres, known as the Supernals, represent Arikh Anpin, or God the Father, and the lower spheres represent Zauir Anpin, or God the Son, the number of the existing pathway that links the two specific Sephiroth associated with these aspects of divinity should be used for the leg of the Way of the Lightning that joins the Supernals with the lower spheres.


The number 777 was sacred to Aleister Crowley


The Zodiac Killing’s had seven attacks 7

7 to represent the divine perfection

the murders took place in months for sacrificial demands from the Illuminati.

The 13 families of the Illuminati were most likely behind these murders.

6  represents the six members of the Manson family members involved with the murders


 13‘ represents the state of divine perfection, self-achieved perfection, and Illumination
+1 would be a high level Magus =14
which maybe was why there is a 14 on the hand in the Halloween Skeleton.