Code Killer link:Georgette Bauerdorf

GB numbers

Jack Whiteside Parsons

10 02 1914   1+ 0+ 0+ 2 +1+9= 18 1+8=9

L Ron Hubbard

03 13 1911  0+3+1+3+1+9+1+1=28 2+8=10


Georgettes birth date was

05 6 1924  5+6+1+9+2+4= 27   2+7=9

09  21, 1945 4+5=9 


To the Los Angeles police–

Almost a year ago Georgette

Bauerdorf, age 20, Hollywood

Canteen hostess was murdered

in her apartment in West Holly-


Between now and Oct. 11–a year

after her death–the one who

murdered her will appear at the

Hollywood Canteen. The murderer

will be in uniform. He has since

he committed the murder been in

action at Okinawa. The murder

of Georgette Bauerdorf was Divine


Let the Los Angeles police arrest

the murderer if they can–

‘Go Slow’

Man Killer Says

Black Dahlia Case

Was the Code Killer leaving hidden codes as amulets in the death dates and birth dates of the victims?

was this the mark of the “Saturn Death Cult”

L Ron Hubbard was a military man and supposedly served in Japan