Code killer Link to 1940’s unsolved cold cases

here were a number of similar murders that were never solved in Los Angeles during the 1940’s;

7-26-43 Ora Murray 42 found nude, bludgeoned to death dumped in golf club parking lot after 2am, after a night of drinking and dancing in downtown bars.
10-12-44 Georgina Bauerdorf 20 (a friend of Elizabeth Short’s) found nude strangled in her own apt. bathtub, after apparently being followed home from the Hollywood servicemans club.
1-15-47 Elizabeth (Beth) Short aka Black Dahlia 22, found nude, bludgeoned to death dumped in vacat lot on downtown LA Hollywood border, after leaving downtown LA Biltmore hotel with no apparent place to stay the night. Her body was also cut in 2 at the waist, she’d been sexually assaulted, and also tortured.
2-10-47 Jeanne French 40 found nude vacant lot bludgeoned, beat to death, strangled, signs of torture, after being seen in downtown/hollywood bars with brown haired man, a message written in lipstick possibly referring to the Short crime written on body.
3-12-47 Evelyn Winters 42 found nude, bludgeoned to death in vacant lot 2 miles from downtown, strangled, last seen in bars the night before.
5-11-47 Laura Trelstad (Telestad) 37 found nude strangled with strip of cloth, bludgeoned, dumped in vacant lot near oil rigs, after being last seen intoxicated bars Long Beach.
7-8-47 Rosenda Mondragon 20 found nude strangled with stocking signs of torture, dumped side of street 1 miles from Winters scene.
6-13-49 Louise Springer 28 abducted with her car while waiting in a downtown parking lot, found 2 days later in car bludgeoned, strangled with a cloth strip, sexually assulted/tortured.
8-11-49 Jean Spangler 27 starlet a onetime roomate of Beth Shorts, body never found, after going on date with new man, and being seen in bars with a brown haired men, or 2 men, purse found on street at Hollywood’s Dell park.
8-18-49 Mimi Boombauer known as ‘the happy widow’ after going out on date to nightclubs, body never found, purse left in Wilshire phone booth with note written in lipstick
certainly looks like Los Angeles had a serial killer on the loose in the 1940’s

2-14-48 Viola Norton 36 (survived) abducted from sidewalk 1:30am Alhambra after bars, by 2 men in a car, beaten, bludgeoned, slashed, dumped for dead blocks from Short scene.
Ora murray deserved to live