Puce or “Blood” red

All of them are all linked together 

Maya Dern was with Anger and Harringtons film company called Creative Film Associates (CFA). CFA was founded to distribute experimental films or “underground films” such as those of Maya DerenJohn and James Whitney, as well as Anger’s and Harrington’s.[17]


Marcel Duchamp and Maya Deren

did a movie in 1943 called ‘Witches Cradle”

Maya Deren studied Voodoo and Voodoo rituals and Marcel Duchamp was an alchemist and a member of “The Saturn Death Cult”

n December 1946, Beth BLACK DAHLIA took up “temporary” residence in San Diego with a young woman named Dorothy French. She was a counter girl at the Aztec Theater, which stayed open all night, and after an evening show, she found Beth sleeping in one of the seats. Beth told her that she had left Hollywood because work was hard to find due to the actor’s strikes that were going on. Dorothy felt sorry for her and offered her a place to stay at her mother’s home. She meant that Beth could stay for a few days, but she ended up sleeping on the French’s couch for more than a month.  ( kENNETH ANGER DID A MOVIE ON AZTEC SACRIFICING AT THIS TIME)




Puce is Blood Red

Puce moment

lipstick killer

Marcel duchamp art work