Expose from Ex Cia Agent on Corruption


Proof of Covert Operations used against Civilians



  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT) 
    Blanket coverage of all electronic communications in the US and the world to ensure national security. The NSA at Ft Meade, Maryland has had the most advanced computers in the world since the early 1960s.


    NSA technology is developed and implemented in secret from private corporations, academia and the general public.


  • Signals Intelligence (SICINT) 
    The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and track persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves.


    The NSA/DoD [Department of Defense] developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether manmade or organic, that have electrical activity.


  • Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT) 
    The NSA has records on all US citizens. The NSA gathers information on US citizen who might be of interest to any of the over 50,000 NSA agents (HUMINT). These agents are authorized by executive order to spy on anyone. The NSA has a permanent national security anti-terrorist surveillance network in place. This surveillance network is completely disguised and hidden from the public.

    Tracking individuals in the US is easily and cost-effectively implemented with NSA’s electronic surveillance network. This network (DOMINT) covers the entire US, involves tens of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously . Cost-effective implementation of operations is assured by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs. NSA personnel serve in quasi-public positions in their communities and run cover businesses and legitimate businesses that can inform the intelligence community of persons they would want to track.


    NSA personnel in the community usually have cover identities such as social workers, lawyers and business owners.


  • Individual Citizens Occasionally Targeted for Surveillance by Independently Operating NSA Personnel 
    NSA personnel can control the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the US by using the NSA’s domestic intelligence network and cover businesses.


    The operations independently run by them can sometimes go beyond the bounds of law. Long-term control and sabotage of tens of thousands of unwitting citizens by NSA operatives is likely to happen.


    NSA DOMINT has the ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health.

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Proof that the CIA and Hit Squads have weapons that simulate heart attacks and Cancer

In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack. This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol.

The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark. Once in the body the poison would melt and be absorbed into the blood and cause a heart attack! The poison was developed to be undetectable by modern autopsy procedures.

Can you give a person cancer?

If cancer in animals can be caused by injecting them with cancer viruses and bacteriait would certainly be possible to do the same with human beings!

In 1931, Cornelius Rhoads, a pathologist from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, purposely infects human test subjects in Puerto Rico with cancer cells; 13 of them died. Though a Puerto Rican doctor later discovers that Rhoads purposely covered up some of the details of his experiment and Rhoads himself gives a written testimony stating he believes that all Puerto Ricans should be killed, he later goes on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Fort Detrick Maryland (origin of the HIV/AIDS virus, the Avian Flu virus and the Swine Flu / A-H1N1 virus), Utah and Panama, and is named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, where he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients.

The answer to the question – Can you give a person cancer – is yes.  After nearly 80 years of research and development there is now a way to simulate a real heart attack and to give a healthy person cancer. Both have been used as a means of assassination. Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish an assassination induced heart attack or cancer from the real thing.

Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral haemorrhage a “natural cause”? Not if government agencies have found a way to influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation. Neurological research has found that the brain has specific frequencies for each voluntary movement called preparatory sets. By firing at your chest with a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so-called heart attack.


Is the Scottish Rite involved with EARONS?


The UGLE Angel’s son is known among men by the names of Nyphilim God, Apollo, Apollion,the Baphomet, and He Goat Nyphilim King Of Greece. This deity is head of Scottish Rite, the Italian Mafia, and also the brother of Michelle Bowling. All of these secrets were revealed to me in 1996 when I made their acquaintance through the UGLE and Scottish Rite. These secret degree initiates worked with Anton Lavey in order to build a cocaine pipe line and distribution network that encompasses the globe. The first Church of Satan intentionally located its pipeline near the Mexican border to enable the pipeline.

They have established a pawn tiered system that includes:

Tier 1: Secret 100th Degree Masters

Tier 2: Mafia

Tier 3: Prince Hall Black Freemasons

Tier 4: The common class street dealer

I was introduced to Gambini family friends in 1996 while mastering secret degrees 96 through 100. Many are told for protection in distribution that they will need to make tax deductible donations to the Church of Satan. Donations to a non profit are another way they launder the drug money from their  cocaine network. Michelle Bowling and her brother Apollo/George were the sales people who pitched these deals to me. “Don’t dance in darkness”…. Ronnie James Dio


in the witness statements of the Earons one of the 2 men seen in Maggiore shooting had a brown coat with a dragon on it. It was rumored on Military base that Maggiore was an drug  informant. It was also rumored there was a $300 million dollar heroin ring in operation with Mathers Airforce base.

Lyman Smith who was one of the shooting victims also ran a business called the Bull-Shippers that used planes to transport Bulls to and from other countries.. Could they also have been smuggling drugs?

There is a thread running through the Zodiac of drugs too. David Faraday was a rumored drug informant. Darlene Ferrin rumored to have been involved with drugs and selling of drugs. Paul Stine was rumored to have witnessed something on his taxi runs maybe heroin smuggling?

Notice in Earons sketch the Dragon on collar of Earons costume. It is also on Military police badges as shown below. Notice the armour of the Scottish Rite


Symbols of the Illuminati and organizations that form the Illuminati

Was “the sketch of the Earons Rapist” a military man?




First off this is not being disrespectful to all of the honorable military soldiers both past and present who with out … our country would not be in such safe regard. This is about those who turn rogue. With all of the talk being about the Aurora gun shooter being a Manchurian candidate is there a reference with the mask as being similar to the Joker?

Is there a pattern with these historical cold cases that show an ongoing Military experiment on the American people. Remember the Earons created fear and destroyed and victimized countless people.

First off was there a Zodiac reference ” By Gun” ??? look at all of the skeletons on rings and Military insignia. This is similar to Zodiac Halloween Card.

The biggest clue that this is a military man is the guns on the belt buckle. 1860’s era, percussion style, 44 Colt revolvers.

these particular ones could be a reference to  Colt Model 1860 Army percussion revolver or Colt Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver.


How did these 1911s come into Nazi Germany’s possession? Before WWII the Kingdom of Norway chose the 1911 as their new sidearm with a few minor changes. Dubbed the Norwegian Model 1914 it was pretty much the same pistol as the American 1911 but with a different slide stop lever design to make it easier to operate as well as different hammer checkering. The Norwegian military officially adopted the “Kongsberg Colt” in August of 1914 and production started at the Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk in Norway. Germany occupied Norway starting in 1940 and took control of the Kongsberg factory which continued to make the 1911s for Nazi use, now called the Pistole 657(n). Only 920 of these pistols were ever Waffenamt-marked, making existing examples very rare and highly collectible.


notice again the reference to the number 11 which is besides being Joseph Mengeles birth date and number stamp a recurring thread in these unsolved cold cases. Maybe a number that is left as a reference that this is a military operation or training.  Or maybe who ever was involved with this was obsessed with Nazi SS symbols and was into collecting military paraphernalia.  Take a look at some of these military and Nazi rings and guns.

The green beanie hat would be pulled down and looks exactly like Earons sketch hat. Also notice the SS Nazi military rings were all made of silver and also the ring is worn on the finger that the military wear there rings. Notice the nazi ring with the Norse or Viking very Zodiacish. Also note on Earons sketch the wrist band. Para chord wrist bands were id bracelets were worn exactly like wrist on Earons sketch.

The Bull on arm of sketch is  the Corna is the ‘horns of the bull‘ – the horns of Satan.

Maybe a reference to someone who worships Satan or Lucifer? I included some other military rings because one has an X on it which is very Zodiacish also.

I would say that who ever is behind the Earons rapes and murders is a military man who was obsessed with Nazi military paraphernalia I also wonder if the ERAONS wasn’t a MK Ultra experiment again on the general public. Maybe training  “Warriors” for special operations?