Who do they really serve?

  X” MARKS THE…ANTICHRIST There is also significant indication of the letter “X” being an actual occult symbol for the Antichrist. Recall one of occultism’s central, most prominent symbols–”the Skull and [X-shaped] Crossbones”. Another favorite (and directly related) symbol of Luciferians…the ”crossed out cross”, whereby the “Christian” cross is literally crossed out with an “X” shape. Dr. Cathy […]

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This is Obviously the Manson Family

Charles Manson called  his cult members Slaves….. The Zodiac Killer claimed he was collecting slaves for the after life in Paradise. Charles Manson believed he was both Satan and Jesus and through his relationship with sex Magick and Aleister Crowley also believed that being a magician or Priest he would have power in the after […]

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Bruce Davis getting paroled? where is the justice for Ferrin, Lass and Doreen Gaul?

I was very surprised to hear about Mr Davis being allowed to be paroled hence this last post. I have found more information of Mr Davis’s involvement with the Zodiac and other killings. Charles Manson was arraigned on Nov 21st 1969 the same day these 2  Doreen Gaul and James Sharp were found in a dark alley […]

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“Peek through the pines” Zodiac Killer Card solved

March 22 1971 “Peek through Pines” card sent to Chronicle newspaper. Above under card  Illuminati Cipher Alphabet First off there is a 12 in Card    1+2=3 ab  c  defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz uv w xyzabcdefghijklmnopqrst  Zodiac alphabet cipher  C for Charles     reverse w=M  Manson also if you count down 12 on Illuminati cipher=M for Manson The Family considered Charles Manson […]

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The Manson File

The Manson file. There is way too much information to share, but I’ll let you know some of the changes to what we already know. I am just saying what is in the book. These are not my words! Hinman – It was all about recouping the $$ for the bad mescaline. The Straight Satan’s […]

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The Zodiac Killer Cover up

Did William Joseph Grants wife have an affair with the Judge.  Who than  to cover up the affair hid key pieces of evidence and allowed Grant to get away with murder? Or is this a synopsis of a book designed to make money? At whose expense?  Justice and the victims remember Grant was cleared early in the […]

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