Stories of Satanic ritual abuse

  Ritual Rape of the Child reflections of Satanic ritual abuse victims Rape is a devastating crime to the psyche; the body that God gave just to you is taken over by some one else without your permission. Your sense of self is violated; and you feel fear that your life maybe the next thing […]

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Jean Cocteau Rosicrucian

I first came across this mural some years ago when reading ‘The Templar Revelation’ by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.  A small black and white photo was included in the plates section, clearly depicting a dark sun at the crucifixion of Christ.  This mural was created by the artist and esoterist Jean Cocteau, and it […]

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Anton Levay link to Richard Ramirez

The Police need to investigate the links with the COS ( Church Of Satan) and unsolved murders. There is a strong link also with serial killers. Ramirez biographer Philip Carlo noted that Richard visited Satanic High Priest Anton LaVey and even stayed with The Black Pope at the Church of Satan headquarters for over a week […]

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